Guide to lead acid motorcycle battery knowledge and characteristics

Ordinary lead acid motorcycle battery is a kind of electrode mainly made of lead and its oxide, electrolyte is a battery of sulfuric acid solution, with the characteristics of weight, large size, high safety, with high recyclable and usable value, is the mainstream battery occupying 70% of the market share of two-wheeled electric vehicles.
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Lead acid motorcycle battery structure

It is mainly composed of positive plate, negative plate, electrolyte, separator, battery tank and safety valve. Under normal circumstances, the nominal voltage of the battery is 2V, and the terminal voltage of the battery is 2.1V. The single floating charging voltage of the valve-controlled battery for communication is 2.23-2.25V, and the average charging voltage is 2.3-2.4V. It usually consists of 24 batteries in series-48V battery pack. And you can click to learn more about motorcycle battery acid.

Working principle of the lead-acid motorcycle battery

“Bipolar sulfate theory” can best explain the working principle of lead acid battery. When lead acid battery discharges, the active substances of the cathode and anode become lead sulfate (PbSO4), and return to the original state after charging, that is, the cathode is converted to lead dioxide (PbO2), and the anode is transformed into spongy lead (Pb).


Characteristics of lithium ion vs lead acid motorcycle battery

lithium ion motorcycle battery characteristics are as follows:

  1. High energy density: Compared with lead acid motorcycle battery, lithium-ion batteries as lightweight motorcycle battery have a higher energy density, so they can provide a longer working time for the device.
  2. Long life: LiFePO4 motorcycle battery can be charged many times without damaging their performance, and usually have a long life.
  3. Light weight: Lithium-ion batteries are lighter than the power they provide, making them the first choice in weight-sensitive applications such as mobile devices and laptops.
  4. No memory effect: Lithium-ion batteries have no memory effect, meaning they don’t need to be fully charged and discharged to maintain their best performance.
  5. High-speed charging and discharging: Under appropriate conditions, lithium-ion batteries can achieve high-speed charging and discharging.
TYCORUN 72v 50ah motorcycle battery

Lead acid motorcycle battery characteristics are as follows:

  1. Mature technology: Lead-acid battery is one of the most widely used power storage methods in the market at present. The technology has been very mature, and it has been widely used in automobiles, UPS, electricity and other fields.
  2. High reliability: Lead-acid batteries have the advantages of high reliability, good durability and low cost, so they are an affordable choice.
  3. Good stability: The lead acid motorcycle battery can work at different temperatures, and has a strong resistance to mechanical vibration and impact
  4. High safety: Lead-acid motorcycle batteries do not involve too many complex chemical reactions, so their safety risks are relatively small.
  5. Cheap prices.


From the price comparison

The penetration rate of lead acid motorcycle battery is higher than that of lithium batteries, a big reason is that lead acid motorcycle battery is relatively cheap. And the lead acid motorcycle battery recovery price is higher. If you only look at the price, the lead acid motorcycle battery wins!

From the technical comparison

Due to the high penetration rate of lead acid motorcycle battery, it is widely used. The lead acid motorcycle battery technology is relatively more mature. Performance is more stable, but also not easy to spontaneous combustion!

From the longevity contrast

The life of lead acid motorcycle battery is generally 2-3 years, while the long life of lithium battery is generally 4-5 years. In this way, the lithium battery will win!

From the weight contrast

Comparing the first three items, lead acid motorcycle battery seems to be very good, so why did lithium batteries start to occupy the market again? The original lithium battery weight is relatively heavy, the electric car is a metal structure, its own weight is relatively heavy, plus lead acid motorcycle battery more bulky! Lithium battery for the elderly, women weight is more light!

And you can click to learn further about lead acid battery vs lithium ion.


Why not use lead acid battery for high-speed motorcycle?

Lead-acid battery has a history of 160 years since its invention. Its technology is very mature and widely used in various fields, among which the most is the low-speed two-wheel, three-wheel and four-wheel vehicle industry.

It is not only cheap, but also can meet people’s daily transportation, but the problem comes, the real high-speed electric motorcycle, the speed of more than 100 but not lead acid motorcycle battery? What exactly is the reason? There are four main reasons.

  • Lead acid motorcycle battery energy density is too low

For high-speed electric motorcycles of more than 100 hours per hour, the motor power is basically more than 10KW, and the power consumption is 10 times that of ordinary electric two-wheelers. Due to the low energy density of lead acid motorcycle battery, it can not support the range of high speed electric motorcycle.

According to the current battery cabin design of high speed electric motorcycle, lead acid motorcycle battery can be equipped with 72V45ah lead acid, but under the speed of 100 Km / h, its range is only 30 km at most. Even at a top speed of 50 km/h, it has a range of less than 70 kilometers.

  • Lead acid motorcycle battery is too large and occupies too much space

If replaced with a lithium-ion battery, its size and weight are greatly reduced. This also means that more space can be moved for the battery, the maximum pedal electric motorcycle can even fit 72V120ah of lithium battery, the range can immediately soar to more than 200 kilometers. Make the user experience greatly enhanced ah. And the weight of the vehicle is not as heavy as the lead-acid version, and it is more convenient to move.

  • Lithium motorcycle battery has more excellent charge and discharge performance

High-speed electric motorcycle has very high requirements for the charge and discharge of the battery, especially in the electric friction speed, the need to constantly conduct large current discharge, which is very difficult for lead acid motorcycle battery, different times, lead acid motorcycle battery charge and discharge is very unstable.


Therefore, when the high-speed electric friction is accelerating, if the lead acid motorcycle battery discharge current suddenly weakens, causing the vehicle to stall, which is very dangerous. But lithium-ion batteries can hardly have such a problem. At the same time, lithium battery also has more abundant discharge depth than lead acid motorcycle battery, which can support high-speed electric motorcycle to run faster, run farther.

  • Lithium batteries have more cycles

The cycle charge and discharge times of lead acid motorcycle battery is 500-600 times, and the lithium battery can reach 2000 times. Especially when DOD deep discharge, the speed of lead acid motorcycle battery attenuation is much greater than that of lithium batteries.

Perhaps in high-speed cycling, 100 cycles will drain 50% of lead acid motorcycle battery’s capacity. But even if the lithium battery is charged and discharged more than 1000 times, it still has 70-80% of the DOD charge and discharge depth. This is unmatched by the ordinary lead acid motorcycle battery.

Sum up:
The speed of low-speed electric vehicles is generally within 50 km/h, so the charge and discharge performance of the battery is not high, and the strength of normal use is low, lead acid motorcycle battery can basically cope with.

But when used in the high-speed electric motorcycle, lead acid motorcycle battery appears to be powerless, there is no stable and continuous large current output and long endurance guarantee, what is the use of such a high-speed electric motorcycle?


When should the lead acid motorcycle battery be replaced

What circumstances should be the battery change for an electric motorcycle? You can refer to these three criteria. In this case, the battery replacement must be close to the scrap degree, I think it is necessary, after all, the battery replacement not only costs money, the battery is also a pollutant, reducing the replacement is also a contribution to environmental protection, and to achieve the close to the scrap standard, there are three standards, including:

First standard: the battery cycle charge and discharge times have exhausted, battery has cycle charge and discharge times, such as lead acid motorcycle battery basically around 300~350 times, if frequent use and charging, once exhausted, battery life will quickly decline, appear a twist turn off two or three electricity, and battery is irreparable at this time, it is necessary to replace.

If the electric vehicle is used frequently, lead acid motorcycle battery is about 3~4 years, and the cycle charge and discharge times will be exhausted. Note: the charge and discharge times do not represent the charging times, but complete 0%~100% cycle, only once.

The second standard: the battery has experienced a long time of power loss, if the battery has experienced a long time of not using, not charging, will continue to lose power, a long time of power loss, the battery will be scrapped, but also irreversible, can only be scrapped for the battery.

If the electric vehicle is not used within half a year, the loss of the battery can be repaired and can continue to be used. However, if the loss exceeds half a year, even after repair, the storage capacity of the battery cannot meet the daily use.


The third standard: electric motorcycle has a serious bulge, even if the swollen battery does not lose power, the charge and discharge times are still a lot of, but if the battery appears serious bulge, this situation is not recommended to use, especially lithium battery, bulge represents the internal structure changes, it is easy to spontaneous combustion in the process of charging and discharge, hidden danger is very big.

Of course, if the lead acid motorcycle battery is only a slight bulge, you can still continue to use, but must find the reason for the battery bulge, with the experience of small experts, the bulge is not for long-term water shortage, or is caused by overheating, overcharge.

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