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Introducing electric motorcycles in the market aims to offer users a lightweight riding solution to make riding an easy-to-go thing. Handling conventional motorbikes was difficult because the heavy body parts increased the overall weight.

You know what’s the best thing?

Although electric motorcycles are still lightweight, manufacturers are looking for even better solutions to make these motorcycles even lighter. In this scenario, lightweight batteries are gradually replacing the heavy ones in motorcycles like flooded-type and all other batteries.

If you wish to learn more about lightweight motorcycle battery, then let’s continue reading this article so, hope you will be able to understand every detail regarding motorcycle batteries.

What is a lightweight motorcycle battery

As the name implies, a lightweight motorcycle battery is lighter than other types of batteries. The purpose is to keep the electric motorcycle easy to drive and handle for the user. The driving ability of the motor will also be affected by the weight of the vehicle, which will also affect the driving speed of the motorcycle. The lighter the weight, the faster the driving speed.

Lightweight motorcycle battery means that the battery volume is relatively small, and the energy density of the materials used is high. The most common high energy density batteries on the market are lithium-ion batteries – ternary lithium batteries and lithium iron phosphate batteries as well as lithium cobalt oxide and lithium manganese oxide batteries.

Is lithium lighter than AGM

Although lithium and AGM batteries are counted as lightweight, lithium-ion batteries are much lighter. We prefer lithium batteries for applications where portability is a huge concern.

Energy density is the energy amount that a battery can store in contrast to its weight. Lithium-ion batteries are low-weight, yet they possess higher energy density than AGM batteries, the energy density of AGM battery is 60-70 Wh/kg, while the energy density of lithium-ion battery is 220-325Wh/kg. They can provide high power for extended periods to electric motorcycles.


Advantage of lightweight battery for motorcycle

Using such a battery for a motorcycle brings several advantages. Are you interested to know what will happen after using such a battery in your motorcycle? Find out.

Lightweight batteries offer portability allowing the bike rider to take their bike on different adventurous paths. A heavy-weight battery will increased load, making it harder for riders to ride on rough roads.

Easy Battery Swapping
Due to light weight, you can easily replace your lightweight motorcycle battery from a battery swap station. the lighter the weight, the easier it is to charge the battery in the motorcycle battery swap cabinet, and the faster the battery swap process is.

Convenient handling
The electric motorcycle with a lightweight battery is convenient to handle for the rider.Usually need to check or test the battery, it can be easily taken out.

Longer cycling distances

The lightweight motorcycle battery with high density means small size and higher energy than other batteries, allowing the motorcycle to travel farther.

Which battery is the lightest

Electric motorcycles containing lithium-ion batteries weigh much less than motorcycles with other types of batteries like gel type or flooded type. Manufacturers design Lithium-ion batteries in a smart way, reducing almost half of the total weight of your e-motorcycle, ultimately allowing you to have an easy and adventurous drive if you desire.

Among all lithium-ion lightweight motorcycle batteries, the energy density is the highest, and the most widely used on motorcycles is the NMC battery, with an energy density of up to 325Wh/kg.

A lightweight battery allows better functioning and portability for the motorcycle rider. That’s why a lightweight lithium-ion battery is preferable for a better riding experience.


Why lithium ion battery is the best lightweight motorcycle battery

Lithium-ion batteries are used as motorcycle batteries not only because of their high energy density and light weight, but also because of their higher voltage compared to other lightweight motorcycle batteries.

In particular, the voltage of the NMC battery is 3.7v, which is small in size and provides relatively large power. More importantly, the lithium lightweight motorcycle battery has a large number of charge and discharge cycles and a long service life.

Therefore, lithium-ion batteries are the best lightweight motorcycle battery and the best choice to replace traditional lead-acid motorcycle batteries.

How much does a lightweight motorcycle battery weigh

Different lightweight motorcycle batteries can have different weights depending on their manufacturer and type. However, on average, a lightweight battery can be as light as you can think.

For example, TYCORUN’s 60v 30ah lithium battery is a good example of how light these batteries can be. It is about 13kg, which is one-third of the weight of the lead-acid battery. Especially this kind of battery can be used in the battery power station, because the battery in the battery swap station is mainly small and portable.

If you are interested, you can refer to TYCORUN’s power swap station battery product page

Choosing high-quality lithium motorcycle battery

Before purchasing a high-quality lithium battery, you must focus on some factors.

Before purchasing a lithium-ion battery, ensure it is compatible with your motorcycle type. Every battery has a different capacity, so only some will align with your motorcycle needs.


Whether the quality of the battery is ideal can be seen from the specification data of the battery, such as the voltage and capacity of the battery, the size of the resistance, and whether the discharge rate meets the required requirements.


From the appearance of the battery, whether the casing is hard and durable, whether it is waterproof and anti-collision, whether the size are within the ideal range.

Internal structure

If you can look at the internal combination structure of the battery, you can observe whether the cells inside the lightweight motorcycle battery pack are neat and stable, and whether the wiring is neat and simple. If the interior is complicated and messy, the battery safety and stability may not be so good.

Battery safety test

Before buying a battery, you can check which tests the battery has passed, such as temperature test, drop test, waterproof test, overcharge and overdischarge test, etc. If the lightweight motorcycle battery passes the main safety tests, it proves to be a good quality battery.

Charging requirements
Check out if you can use this battery on a battery swap station instead of charging it at a charging station or at home. The battery is the most important part of the power exchange cabinet and must be of high quality and high safety.

Where to get a lightweight motorcycle battery

Getting a lightweight motorcycle battery is possible on multiple platforms, but you must be aware of its quality and output. Some common methods for obtaining a lightweight lithium-ion battery include:

Multiple websites offer lightweight motorcycle batteries online for the ease of users. You can quickly and easily order a lithium-ion battery online and receive it at your doorstep within a few days.

Nearby Store
If you need a motorcycle battery immediately, you can purchase your desired battery at your nearby store. The benefit is that you can check the battery before purchasing and can even make an exchange if you find an issue with the battery.

Nearby Battery Swap Station
The most convenient, easy, and quick way to get a lightweight motorcycle battery is a nearby battery swap station. If you have purchased a plan through the battery swap application, you will need to visit the nearby swap station, and you can get a fully charged lightweight lithium battery within 5 to 10 minutes.

You will not have to recharge this battery on your own instead when the battery is out of charge, you can revisit the battery swap station and exchange your depleted battery.

How to find the best lightweight motorcycle battery manufacturer

Finding a lightweight motorcycle battery manufacturer is crucial to your electric motorcycle’s health because a lightweight battery doesn’t mean using a low-quality battery. The most convenient channel is to find a professional lightweight motorcycle battery manufacturer online, because there are many choices, which is convenient for comparison, or search for articles such as top best list, such as top 10 motorcycle battery manufacturers.

For customers with a large demand for batteries, it is necessary to find a manufacturer with battery experience. It is more reliable to find a manufacturer with a battery factory that has been deeply involved in the battery field for many years, such as TYCORUN ENERGY is the best lightweight motorcycle battery manufacturer introducing swappable lithium-ion motorcycle batteries. Having more than 16 years in the field, they specialize in providing:

● 48-volt, 60-volt, and 72-volt lithium-ion lightweight motorcycle batteries.
● Easy to swap batteries for a battery swap station.
● Customized battery swap station solutions.

The best lightweight motorcycle battery manufacturer is right here if you are still looking. Contact us to get swappable lithium ion batteries that will lighten up your riding experience.

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