Swapping battery station for motorcycle-specifications and business guide

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We provide you the best battery swapping stations solution of electric motorcycle battery

TYCORUN ENERGY provides a complete set of solutions and business consulting for battery swap station, including independently developed battery swap software and management system, motorcycle batteries designed for battery swap and battery swap cabinet with intelligent cabinet control system, and all of these can be developed with customized ODM,OEM services.


As a manufacturer of battery swap station system and lithium ion battery with 16 years of professional experience, TYCORUN ENERGY provides the most complete, professional, reliable and mature business model of battery swap station service in the current industry.

Swapping battery station for motorcycle- specifications and business guide

  Main content:

    1. What is a swapping battery station
    2. Components of a swapping battery station
    3. How does a motorcycle battery swapping station charge batteries
    4. Advantages of tycorun swapping battery station
      1. Fire control
      2. Durable weather resistance
      3. Remote control
      4. Safe charging
    5. Specifications of a swapping battery station
    6. How to operate a motorcycle swapping battery station business
      1. Determining the specifications of the swapping battery station
      2. Calculation of the number of swapping battery stations required
      3. Layout of the swapping battery station outlets
      4. How to maintain swapping battery stations
    7. How to choose the supplier of motorcycle swapping battery station
      1. Mature solutions
      2. Battery supply
      3. Shipping solutions
    8. Can the swapping station be customized
    9. FAQs about battery swapping station
      1. How much does a battery swapping station cost
      2. What is the challenge with battery swapping
      3. What is the battery swapping policy
      4. What is the difference between battery swapping and charging

Electric motorcycles have become the first choice for most people to travel, but the range and charging problems of electric motorcycles have brought inconvenience to people’s travel, so motorcycle battery swap stations have emerged as the times require and become the focus of the market. What is a motorcycle battery swap station? Which companies are included in the  top 10 swap charging station companies ?This article will introduce the motorcycle battery swap station from the concept, components, advantages, specifications and other aspects of the battery swap station

1.What is a swapping battery station Why is the swapping battery station so popular

A swapping battery station for electric motorcycles/scooters is where their depleted batteries may be exchanged for fully charged ones. provides convenience for riders . This allows riders to continue their journey without waiting for the motorcycle to recharge or find a charging station. The battery swapping system is a better and smarter solution for urban areas with limited charging infrastructure but high demand for Electric motorcycles.

2.Components of a swapping battery station

A swapping battery station consists of various models with 5 ports, 8 ports, 9 ports, or 12 ports. The main part of them is a tall metal cabinet, which looks like a locker. The footprint and size of the cabinet depends on the number of ports. The inside of the power exchange cabinet is equipped with a charging interface, an intelligent charging system, an air cooling device, a communication module, a fire extinguisher, a waterproof and lightning protection device, etc. The exterior is equipped with a liquid crystal display (capable of voice broadcast), a camera, wheels and so on.

A door is optional to open and place the battery inside the compartment. They are usually made with SPCC steel and are fireproof. They come with an LCD panel to select or determine the condition of the battery.

3.How does a motorcycle battery swapping station charge batteries

The power exchange cabinet has a built-in charging system, and there is a charging cable in each cabinet to connect the battery and the cabinet together, which can uniformly charge all the batteries in the cabinet. Generally speaking, the charging system can be intelligently controlled to monitor the status and important parameters of the battery.battery swapping station charge batteries

4.Advantages of tycorun swapping battery station

① Fire control

The swapping battery station is equipped with S-type aerosol and high temperature warning function,and has a remote monitoring system for battery detection, maintenance and management It also has real-time monitoring of the temperatures and smoke detection in place to alert people.

②Durable weather resistanceAdvantages of Tycorun Swapping Battery Station

Tycorun’s swapping battery stations are IP54 certified to withstand Rain and water. But if, in any case, the flooding water does manage to trickle in, the swapping battery station will automatically shut off to prevent any disaster. It also features lightning protection and typhoon protection with an optional anchor to outlast storm.

③Remote control

Tycorun’s swapping battery station can be controlled intelligently and remotely . The battery’s data is collected in real-time and displayed over the Management platform. If any bad battery is detected, it will automatically lock it. It can also accommodate and show data of different batteries with different specifications with precision. And it can also be customized and developed according to the needs and regional conditions, and the language used.

④Safe charging

Top 10 battery swapping station manufacturers in China have rich industry experience and can guarantee safe charging. Swapping battery stations are very safe with 3 steps of protection to ensure that any and every situation is dealt with. It can supply 48, 60, and 72 Volts with dynamic power distribution to charge multiple batteries simultaneously. It also features protection against overcharging and uses smart charging to optimally charge batteries.

TYCORUN ENERGY swapping battery station features protection against overvoltage and undervoltage to the station itself and overcharging protection for the battery. Using the intelligent optimal charging curve to charge the battery scientifically can not only ensure the safety of charging, but also maximize the charging efficiency and maintain the optimal performance of the battery. It can be applied to charging on different voltage platforms (48V, 60V, 72V), and can also be customized on demand.Safe charging of Tycorun Swapping Battery Station

5.Specifications of a swapping battery station

Swapping battery stations come in a variety of specifications.TYCORUN ENERGY’s power exchange cabinet has four specifications, 5/8/9/12 ports. TYCORUN ENERGY 12 ports has 12 compartments, meaning it can store up to 11 fully charged batteries (you also need to leave an empty port to put the user’s exhausted battery).

Specifications of TYCORUN swapping battery station

Cabinet size750(W)*540(L)*1800(H)mm400(W)*450(L)*1530(H)mm
Chamber Size260(W) *420(L) *200(H)mm260(W) *420(L) *200(H)mm
12 slots(
operating individually)
operating individually)
Communication Method
Touch screen 7 inch (Standard) 5 inch (Standard)
Input Voltage180~240VAC 50HZ100~240VAC 50HZ
Input Power9200W3200W
Max Power per bin900W
Operating environmentAltitude≤3000m, 0~55℃,
ProtectionLightning protection / dustproof and waterproof IP54 / water immersion power-off protection
Battery Health DiagnosisStandard, need battery BMS support
High temp
Standard, background warning function
Remote monitorStandard(Diagnose, manipulate online)
Chamber indicatorStandard(3 colors’ LED)
CommunicationStandard 4G/WIFI, optional GPS/BT
Swapping MethodScan QR / Reservation / Offline-swapping
CameraOptional (Outside with shelf)
RainshedOptional (Metal sheet with Painting)
DistinguisherS type aerosol
AppearanceCan be customized according to customer needs

Specifications of a swapping battery station

6.How to operate a motorcycle swapping battery station business

①Determining the specifications of the swapping battery station

Firstly,the client will determine the specifications of the swapping battery station according to look at common specs for local motorcycles how much demand there is and how much they are willing to invest. Secondly, battery swap demand, population density, and site rent are important factors that determine the location and location of battery swap stations.operate a motorcycle swapping battery station business

②Calculation of the number of swapping battery stations required

The number of swapping battery stations required is directly dependent on the demand. For that, we need to calculate how many batteries a single battery station can handle per day.

The number of ports must always be 1 more than the number of batteries so that the user may insert their depleted battery and get a new one. For this example, let’s take a 12-port swapping battery station. Only 11 ports can be used to hold the batteries. Assuming it takes 4 hours to fully charge a depleted battery, it can be swapped 3 times in a 12-hour shift. 3*11=33 batteries. Meaning it can charge 33 batteries a day.

Keep in mind that this is a hypothetical scenario and can be adjusted according to circumstances.

③Layout of the swapping battery station outlets

The layout of swapping battery stations depends on the demand of the area. Usually, densely populated areas are preferred. As for location, places near parks, factories, Shopping malls, etc. are preferred as the target audience is most likely to utilize this service in such areas.

④How to maintain swapping battery stations

Every company needs a human element to Maintain and fix problems of hardware or software of any type of business. The lithium batteries will degrade over time due to the constant charging and discharging cycles and need to be replaced. For that, the company is equipped with professionals to maintain and replace batteries regularly.The power exchange cabinet may also fail during use, and after-sales service must be provided.How to Maintain swapping battery stations
Another issue is regarding software difficulties. Customers can experience a problem with the subscription to the service. Users can call the hotline or communicate online to solve the problem.

7.How to choose the supplier of motorcycle swapping battery station

①Mature solutions

Pre-made solutions ready to be applied or adjusted is expected to ease the process. Having a dedicated team to Customize the cabinet, supply the batteries, and develop the app to interact with it, all at the same place, means less trouble for you to outsource these things separately.choose the supplier of motorcycle swapping battery station

②Battery supply

A good supplier will have their own manufacturing facility to develop batteries. The battery quality pruduced by the  top 10 motorcycle battery manufacturers is more guaranteed. This leads to better testing and advancement of technology. This benefits both the supplier and you since the batteries will be cheaper than if you had to buy them from a different supplier.

In addition, more importantly, the batteries produced by professional battery manufacturers are also safer and more durable, and are more suitable for motorcycles, because motorcycle batteries are power batteries, which have special requirements for battery voltage, current, energy density and other parameters. Finally, the battery needs to be connected with the battery swap cabinet and the software docking agreement to be used normally, which is why we recommend you to choose a supplier that can provide an integrated battery swap solution.

③Shipping solutions

Now that your swapping battery station is made and ready to be used, the only problem is how you will get it from the factory to the operating place. Check suppliers that ship to multiple countries, and you might find someone that can quickly ship your product at an affordable price to get your business running.

8.Can the swapping station be customized

Yes, the swapping battery station can be customized as per the client’s demands and needs. Client can print custom logos and choose how many ports they want in their swapping battery station. The interface type and software language can also be customized according to the region

9.FAQs about battery swapping station

①How much does a battery swapping station cost

The cost depends on the geographical location of the buyer/seller and the manufacturer but tends to be 3400$-4000$. The cost can also be significantly reduced if they are ordered in bulk.

②What is the challenge with battery swappingFAQs about battery swapping station

The challenges associated with battery swapping are as follows:
● High initial cost from a business standpoint.
● Need to hire technical maintenance personnel
● Because the failure of a station will affect multiple users.Therefore, regular maintenance by technicians is required.

③What is the battery swapping policy

The main motivation for adopting battery swapping is as follows:
● It’s cost-efficient. A mature battery swap station business model is able to recoup its initial investment and become profitable.
● It’s space efficient.
● It’s time-saving It only takes 1 minute to change the battery, and the rider can continue to drive the electric motorcycle

④What is the difference between battery swapping and charging

The difference between battery swapping and charging is simple. A normal 50Ah lithium-ion battery takes around 3-4 hours to go from 0 to 100. For motorcycle riders, instead of waiting 4 hours in today’s fast-paced world, you simply ‘swap’ your depleted battery for a newly charged one and pay a monthly subscription. The entire process takes 1 minute compared to 4 hours.

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