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FAQ About Battery Swapping Stations

As a company with over 10 years experience in battery swapping, we are happy to answer any questions you may have about battery swapping stations

The cost of a battery swap station includes the battery swapping cabinet body, a certain number of batteries (depending on the number of ports in the battery swapping cabinet), software development fees (software language, payment method), rent, electric charge, maintenance personnel and so on. It depends on the local situation and the actual layout of the electrical changing station.You can contact our sales staff to provide you with specific mathematical models and customized solutions

Yes, definitely! Compared with charging stations, the most obvious advantage of battery swapping station is that ①far more fast ②can save the cost of batteries.

Generally, the minimum charging time for a lithium ion battery is two hours, and since charging stations only provide charging facilities, users need to wait at least two hours at a charging station before the battery can be fully charged. Batteries and devices are also at risk of being lost if left unattended during this process. While the battery swapping station directly provides fully charged batteries, which can save a lot of time.

In addition, charging stations require users to use their own batteries, and as for the users of battery swapping station, they do not need to buy batteries, which can save a lot of costs.

Motorcycle batteries can be used for battery swapping stations, and the application scenario of battery swapping station will have higher requirements for batteries, which need to be strong and durable. TYCORUN ENERGY’s battery swapping station is used for electric motorcycles and e-bikes, and can provide 48v/60v/72v power battery pack specially designed for battery swapping cabinets, which can also be customized and developed according to demand. Meanwhile, TYCORUN ENERGY has a cooperative relationship with many well-known motorcycle companies, and the motorcycle API can be matched.

The battery swap can be completed in a few tens of seconds, giving the motorcycle unlimited power. In this respect, battery swapping stations are far superior to charging stations.

The user only needs to scan the code to log in to the account, and then click on the touch screen to replace the new battery, and put the dead battery into the cabinet and close the cabinet door. The door of the cabinet with a fully charged battery will open automatically, thus the user get a available 100% charged battery.

In today’s electric power era, with the drive of comprehensive electrization and emission reduction policies, battery swapping cabinets is an inevitable trend, and it will become the most commonly used and popular way of electric power replenishment in the future. Because the battery swapping station is convenient and fast, and can fundamentally solve the user’s mileage anxiety, completely achieve the separation of motorcycle and battery so as to greatly reduce the cost of car purchase. It can also ensure the safety of charging and follow the development trend of electrification. Thus battery swapping station business model has a huge prospect and wide profit space.