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72v 60ah lithium battery for two-wheeler battery swap station



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Features of TYCORUN 72v 60ah lithium battery for motorcycle battery swap station


● The battery pack uses Samsung-29E battery cell.

● The battery module contains a 2G module and a positioning system.

● The battery can be controlled remotely and turned off according to the actual situation.

● The batteries are suitable for individual rental or sale, and can be charged on a basis of days, months or number of times.

● ev battery swapping stations can identify the battery SOC and pop out the fully charged one to use.

● Can be customized


TYCORUN 72v 60ah lithium battery swappable are suitable for TYCORUN 8/9 ports swap station and can be uesd in electric motorcycle, ebike, electric scooter and other two/three – wheeled electric vehicles. There are also 48v/60v swap battery for you to choose from. TYCORUN ENERGY provide one-stop motorcycle battery swap system solution, including two/three – wheeled swap battery, battery swap cabinet with different specifications, and battery swapping system(APP and Cloud management platform),it can be customized or purchased separately. If you have any questions, please contact us, our experts in battery swap industry will be eager to help you.


Specifications of TYCORUN 72v 60ah lithium battery

Item Specification parameters
Battery pack model EV7260N-01
Cell model 3.6V 60Ah
Combination mode 20S1P
Typical capacity 60Ah (Standard Test)
Minimum capacity 58Ah (Standard Test)
Energy About 4320wh
Nominal voltage 72V
Shipment voltage 73V
Internal Impedance 200mΩ
Charging cut-off voltage 86V
Discharge cut-off voltage 56V
Standard charging mode Charge with a constant current of 0.5c (30a), charge to a constant voltage of 86v, and cut-off current of 0 01c(0 5A),Ambient temperature 25 ℃
Maximum charging current ≤40A
Standard discharge mode Discharge with a constant current of 0.5c (30a), discharge protection, and the ambient temperature is 25℃
Maximum continuous discharge current ≤60A
Product size 320*160*230mm
Weight About 22.5KG
Cycle life ≥ 1000 times (standard charge discharge mode), capacity ≥80%
Shell material SPCC:1.0mm
connector plug Font connector, Anderson connector, 6+2 connector
Operating temperature range Charging: 0 ℃ – + 45 ℃ (0.2C charge)
Discharge: – 10 ~ 60 ℃ (0.5C discharge)
Storage temperature 0℃~+45℃


  • Cell voltage 3.6V
  • Customized Yes
  • Sold separately yes
  • Waterproof IP54
  • Charge rate 0.5C
  • Series-parallel connection 20S1P
  • Cell type NMC
  • 4G internet on line

Features & Amenities

  • Smart control
  • Safe charging
  • Long life
  • Lightning protection
  • Dust proof
  • Water proof
  • Touch display screen
  • Battery health diagnosis
  • Internet available
  • Anti theft
  • GPS
  • Warning function
  • IC card

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