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We provide you the best battery swapping stations solution of electric motorcycle battery

TYCORUN provides a complete set of solutions and business consulting for battery swap station, including independently developed battery swap software and management system, motorcycle batteries designed for battery swap and battery swap cabinet with intelligent cabinet control system, and all of these can be developed with customized ODM,OEM services.

As a manufacturer of battery swap station system and lithium ion battery with 16 years of professional experience, TYCORUN provides the most complete, professional, reliable and mature business model of battery swap station service in the current industry.


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Why choose a battery swapping solution


Why choose a battery swapping station solution

The battery swapping station is one of the most promising commercial sectors in the lithium battery industry.

The trend of the times

In today’s era of electric acceleration, the appearance and popularity of battery swapping cabinet is an inevitable trend. As oil prices rise around the world, electric motorcycles are replacing traditional oil-powered motorcycles because of their pollution-free, noise-free and low daily costs.

The battery swapping cabinet, as the power supply product, can effectively solve the charging problem of electric motorcycle, makes electric motorcycle better than fuel motorcycle in use experience, price and every aspect, and becomes the best choice for people. In addition, many governments have introduced policies to encourage electric two-wheelers .

For users, purchasing electric two-wheelers and choosing the service of battery swapping station solution can save money and is also convenient and fast. For governments around the world, electrification of two-wheelers is good for the environment and sustainable development, as well as reducing reliance on non-renewable resources.

Therefore, battery swapping station is a commercial hot spot in the current era of electric power.

Solving the unsatisfied needs of users

Compared with the traditional fuel motorcycle, electric motorcycle has a lot of advantages, but there is only one shortcoming, that is, it is not convenient to charge. It takes more time to charge a motorcycle as compared to fueling the motorcycle, and there may be security risks during charging.

Battery swapping solve the unsatisfied needs of users

For users who need to drive motorcycles for a long time every day, they have to prepare more than one fully charged electric motorcycle battery pack in advance to use them in turn, thus multiply the weight and cost of battery. With the increase of the use time, the battery will be faced with aging and replacement problem.

The battery swapping station is the best solution to these problems:

  1. First of all, after purchasing the monthly rental package of the battery swapping station, users can directly use the batteries of the battery swapping station, saving the purchase and maintenance cost of batteries.
  2. Secondly, the battery swapping station can directly provide the user with a fully charged battery, and can recover the used battery within one minute, no longer need to wait for charging.
  3. Finally, the battery swapping station cabinet has an intelligent cabinet control system to charge the battery uniformly and monitor the status of the battery in real time, which is safer than charging by the user and resulting better battery performance.

Therefore, the battery swapping station is quite a battery supply station, which can be used at any time. Users do not need to worry about the charging problem, and the motorcycle can achieve unlimited endurance.

Broad market

battery swapping market has a broad prospect

The target users for electric motorcycles is very large. Residents of many developing countries take electric motorcycles and electric bicycles as the main transport, and the governments of many developed countries are also introducing policies to encourage residents to buy electric two-wheeled vehicles. Therefore, the market of motorcycle for electric cabinets will be increasingly large now and in the future.

In addition, food delivery and express delivery industries in various countries have experienced rapid development in recent years. In addition to ordinary households, take-out delivery staff and couriers, due to work needs, have much greater demand for electric motorcycles than ordinary residents. They need to charge motorcycles at least twice a day, and the cost of purchasing motorcycle lithium batteries is high for them, so the demand for battery swapping stations will surge.

The components of the battery swapping system

The battery swapping cabinet we mentioned before is actually just a carrier of the battery swapping station system. In order to successfully operate the business model of the battery swapping station and ensure that users have a good and convenient battery swapping experience, a whole battery swapping system is needed. The battery swapping system includes two hardware, namely, the battery swapping cabinet and battery; and two software, namely, the user side battery swapping APP and the online management background.

However, battery swapping cabinets and batteries are not only ordinary cabinets and batteries, but also contain many related accessories and performance design for battery swapping application scenarios, as well as intelligent charging systems. Two battery swapping software also need to be developed and adjusted according to the market conditions. The following will be a detailed introduction to each part of the battery swapping system.

components of the battery swapping system

Battery swapping cabinet

● Durable and strong

The TYCORUN ENERGY battery swapping cabinet is similar to the storage cabinet in appearance. The cabinet is a metal shell of 1.0~2.0mm, which is very strong, crash-proof and explosion-proof. Its waterproof rating reaches IP54, dustproof and rainproof, and it will automatically turn on power off protection and send early warning when encountering water and lightning strikes. There are rollers at the bottom, but also can be installed fixed footing. The battery swapping cabinet will also be equipped with cameras, touch display screens, speakers, fire extinguishers and other corresponding accessories.

● Intelligent cabinet control
The function of the battery swapping cabinet is very powerful. There are usually 5-12 ports in a battery swapping cabinet. Each port can charge the battery and has its own control panel. The wiring system is designed neatly. There is an intelligent cabinet control system in the cabinet, which can collect battery and cabinet data in real time and realize remote control and precise control.

It can safely charge batteries in the cabinet according to the intelligent charging curves of batteries of different specifications, dynamically allocate power, and intelligently detect and alarm battery faults. In addition, it can detect the condition of the cabinet and battery. If anything is abnormal, it automatically locks the cabinet and sends the alarm.

● Multi-protocol support
CAN/485 is supported. If TYCORUN ENERGY is selected as the supplier of the whole battery swapping system, then the protocol among the battery swapping cabinet, battery and software is interworking, and no further communication is required.

Swappable battery

The swappable battery is a kind of motorcycle power battery. In the application scenario of the battery swapping station, the swappable battery should have the functions of anti-theft, early warning, cloud communication, etc., and meet the requirements of strong crashworthiness, fast charging, high voltage, and good safety performance.

Only by choosing a professional battery manufacturer, can we ensure the excellent performance and quality of the swappable battery, and the battery can be durable and thus reduce the cost of battery maintenance and replacement.

motorcycle swappable battery is not just normal motorcycle battery

User side battery swapping APP

The battery swapping APP software is mainly provided for users to use. Users can register a member account through the APP to pay a deposit and buy a battery swapping package. When the battery needs to be used, the user can log in the app and search for the nearby battery swapping station outlet.

After locating the nearest battery swapping station, users can log in to their account by scanning the QR code on the cabinet, and then click the touch screen of the cabinet for battery swapping operation. Therefore, the battery swapping APP is very important for the user experience.

The following video will introduce how users use the battery swap cabinet and the battery swapping APP.


Online management background

The online management background is mainly used for agents to manage and monitor each outlet of the battery swapping station. The whole battery swapping station system of TYCORUN ENERGY is in a state of intelligent interconnection.

The related data of each battery and battery swapping cabinet will be reported to the management background in real time, so as to timely deal with anomalies and grasp the operation situation. The management background will sort out and display the user, revenue, battery swapping outlets, swappable battery, package orders, system warning and other information, and conduct corresponding data analysis, so as to facilitate agents to adjust and optimize the operation plan according to the actual operation situation.

The following video will tell you about battery swap management system in detail.


Cost and profit of battery swapping station solution

Cost and profit of battery swapping solution

TYCORUN ENERGY, based on more than 10 years of experience in the battery swapping station industry, summed up a complete set of battery swapping business mathematical model to calculate the cost and profit of the battery swapping system. Some parameters of the mathematical model are variable, so it can be calculated according to local conditions, according to the actual situation of the target market.

In general, the cost of the battery swapping stations includes the cost of the software and hardware mentioned above (the purchase cost of the battery swapping cabinet and battery, the development cost of APP and management platform), as well as the site rental fee, electricity fee, installation and maintenance fee, after-sales and maintenance personnel fee and so on. Revenue includes subscriptions and deposits.

Plan your battery swapping station solution

There are many factors to consider when planning a battery swapping station solution. Factors such as the number of electric motorcycles in the target market, the difference between prices of oil and electricity , the size of the local population, the average wage, the intensity of demand, and whether there are local competitors.

If the market conditions are mature, can you find a suitable supplier for battery swapping station? Can the relevant software be developed in a version suitable for the target market? And can you negotiate the protocol among battery swapping cabinets, software and batteries?

At the same time, the quality of the battery should also be good enough, so as to bring the user convenient battery swapping experience, but also save the cost of battery replacement and maintenance.

Therefore, it is best to find a supplier who has practical experience in the battery swapping station industry and can provide complete battery swapping solutions.

Plan your battery swapping solution

How to find a quality battery swapping station supplier

Here are some factors to consider when looking for a battery swapping station supplier:

  1. Rich industry experience. Business solutions can’t be be an armchair strategist. An excellent battery swapping station supplier needs to have many years of industry experience and have a number of successful customer cases.
  2. Provide a complete solution. Choosing suppliers that can provide complete battery swapping station solutions can better guarantee product quality, improve the efficiency of scheme implementation, and save the communication cost between multiple suppliers.
  3. Customized products are available. The battery swapping station itself is a product that needs to be customized, and only in the end can you get the best commercial effect.
  4. The ability to mass produce. The ability of mass production is the basic condition to test the strength of a supplier.

find a quality battery swapping station supplier

Why choose the TYCORUN ENERGY battery swapping station

TYCORUN ENERGY is one of the top 10 battery swapping station manufacturers in China, the following are the characteristics of TYCORUN ENERGY battery swapping station business model

Provide a complete set of battery swapping solutions
TYCORUN ENERGY provides a complete set of solutions, business models and related business consulting of battery swapping station, including the feasibility analysis of the battery swapping station market and target users in the early stage, the calculation of profit mathematical model, the hardware of the battery swapping system (battery swapping cabinet, battery, IC card……), and software facilities, battery swapping station outlet and after-sales personnel layout, and suggestions on actual operation according to the data in the later period, and specific analysis can be made according to the agent’s operation area and local conditions.

Saving protocol communication
A protocol communication is required between the battery, battery swapping cabinet and the software. Therefore, the normal operation of the battery swapping system requires not only the matching of product specifications, but also the communication of protocols. If the battery, battery swapping cabinet and the software are not supplied by the same supplier, the different suppliers need to cooperate with each other in communication protocols. However, TYCORUN ENERGY can avoid this problem by providing a whole set of battery swapping station services as one supplier.

■ Non-integrated sale
Most importantly, TYCORUN ENERGY simply provides the framework of a mature business model that we can dismantle, plan and set up according to local conditions and company needs. As a result, agents can purchase the hardware, software and services of the battery swapping business model separately as needed. For example, you can just order the battery swapping cabinets without batteries, or just order the batteries from us.

Why choose the TYCORUN ENERGY battery swapping station

■ Customized services
In addition, we can provide customized battery swapping station products according to the specific situation and requirements, product functions and parameters as well as software services can be adjusted and developed.

■ Self-developed APP and management background
It is also important to have appropriate intelligent software platform to control and manage the whole system to ensure normal operation.

Both parts need to be developed and validated for usability. TYCORUN ENERGY has independently developed battery swapping software and management background, which has been put into actual operation, and also supports customization according to agents’ requirements, including interface, display data and language etc.

■ Mature profit model
The battery swapping station solution needs to be based on local actual conditions, such as the number of target users of electric motorcycles/local population, local average income, size of take-out market and other factors, so as to ensure that the whole battery swapping station solution can operate normally according to local conditions and gain benefits. Therefore, it is very important to have a mature, market-proven, and adaptable battery swap solution.So far, TYCORUN ENERGY has successfully promoted 3000 battery swapping station modules, and its agent customers have covered all regions of China and Brazil, Thailand, Indonesia, Nigeria, Pakistan and other countries, which has rich experience in field operation. Our battery swapping station business model has been verified to be a rare and sustainable profitable one in the current motorcycle battery swapping industry.

■ 16 years professional battery manufacturer
TYCORUN ENERGY is also a high-tech lithium-ion battery manufacturer with 16 years of professional experience. Backed by two manufacturing facilities covering 30,000 square meters and a team of experts with extensive experience in lithium battery R&D, TYCORUN ENERGY has a natural advantage in the battery swapping station industry. It can independently produce motorcycle power batteries suitable for the application scenario of battery swapping station, and can mass produce 48v/60v/72v battery swapping batteries, providing reliable and safe customized battery swapping products and battery swapping solutions for global customers.

In addition, TYCORUN ENERGY has its own battery factory and technical team, which gives it a unique advantage in battery products and technology. It has professional technology of battery, battery charging control , as well as independent integration capabilities of software platform. We pay great attention to the realization of product functions and customer satisfaction in after-sales service.

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