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TYCORUN is a trailblazer in the two-wheel battery swapping solutions, backed by 16 years of power battery production and 6 years of practical experience in the battery swapping industry,unrivaled technology and expertise set it apart among battery swap companies.

About TYCORUN Battery Swap Company

TYCORUN is an innovative battery swap company deeply engaged in the development of battery swap products and business models. As early as 2017, TYCORUN began to self-develop battery swapping products and lay out the market, pioneered the battery swap product for two-wheeler and put it into actual operation. TYCORUN’s customer cases extend globally. Furthermore, TYCORUN stands at the forefront of innovation, having integrated the top resources across the entire battery swap industry chain. This strategic integration positions TYCORUN as a comprehensive solution provider, offering end-to-end services and products tailored to the dynamic needs of the clients.


What Defines TYCORUN as an Expert Battery Swap Company

Complete Solutions for Maximum Profit

Seasoned battery swap company go beyond offering individual components, providing a one-stop solution to maximize client profitability.

Rich Practical Experience & Successful Cases

Ensuring that the battery swap company possesses a proven ability to navigate operational challenges and deliver effective solutions.

Front-End Independent R&D Technology

Superior battery swap companies invest in cutting-edge technology to enhance the battery swap experience and streamline operations.

Quality and Safety Assurance

Premier battery swap company adheres to rigorous safety standards in the manufacturing,design and operation process.

Client-Centric Approach

Enables them to provide tailored solutions that align with the client's business plan, ensuring a mutually beneficial partnership.

What Defines TYCORUN as an Expert Battery Swap Company

What Can TYCORUN Battery Swap Company Provide

Not only hardware but also software, technical support, and strategic guidance and so on.


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Why Choose TYCORUN Battery Swap Company

Comprehensive Solution

Offering a comprehensive suite of solution, encompassing batteries, cabinets, motorcycles, software, tech services, and consulting. This eliminates challenges in coordinating protocols among different suppliers.

Non-Integrated Flexibility

TYCORUN empowers clients with flexibility by offering a non-integrated service. Providing a mature business framework, clients can selectively acquire individual product and service based on specific needs.

Customized Service

TYCORUN battery swap company goes beyond standardized offerings. The company provides customized battery swapping station products, adjusting functions, parameters, and software services to meet specific requirements.

Self-R&D intelligent System

With a self-developed APP and management platform, TYCORUN ensures a smoothly functioning system, rigorously tested for usability and customizable to market demands.

Profit Model Derived from Successful Cases

TYCORUN 's battery-swap solution is grounded in a mature profit model. With over 3000 customized modules successfully deployed, this model has proven to be a rare and sustainable profit generator in the industry.

16 Years of Professional Battery Manufacturing

Backed by a 16-year legacy as a expert power battery manufacturer, TYCORUN designed batteries specifically for motorcycle swap, leveraging extensive technical expertise and experience to ensure top-level safety and reliability.

Why Choose TYCORUN Battery Swap Company

TYCORUN Battery Swap Ccompany' s Technology

Tesla Aluminum Wire Welding Tech

Tesla Aluminum Wire Welding Tech

Ensures efficient heat dissipation & better safety

BMS with GPS & 4G Integration

Provide real-time tracking and monitoring capabilities

BMS with GPS & 4G Integration
Intelligent Cabinet Control System

Intelligent Cabinet Control System

Guarantee charging safety & optimal performance

Cloud Management Platform

Real-time monitoring & intelligent management

Cloud Management Platform

Want to Get Your Customized Product?

TYCORUN Battery Swap Company's Services

Technical Support Service
Personnel Training, Software
Upgrades, Technical After-sales Support
Battery Swap Business Solution
Feasibility Analysis, Profit
Mathematical Model, Business Plan
Customization Service
Product Functions and
Parameters, Software Services

Customizable Battery Swap Company's Products




APP & cloud management:

FAQ About Battery Swap Company

Battery swapping involves users placing a dead battery into a battery swapping cabinet and immediately receiving a fully charged battery to extend the vehicle's range.
Battery swapping stations are now gradually becoming common in China, India, and some other East Asian countries, developing mature business models and giving rise to many battery swapping companies.

Top battery swapping station companies in the world include:

  • ● TYCORUN (2 & 3 wheelers/scooters, China)
  • ● Gogoro (2 wheelers/scooters, Taiwan, China)
  • ● CHINA TOWER (2 wheelers, China)
  • ● Zhizu (2 wheelers, China), Immotor (2 wheelers, China)
  • ● ZTT (2 wheelers, China)
  • ● NIO Power (EV, China)
  • ● Aulton (EV, China)
  • ● Sun Mobility (2 & 3 wheelers, India)
  • ● Chargeup battery swapping (2 & 3 wheelers, India)
  • ● Yulu (2 wheelers, India)
  • ● Honda (2 wheelers, Japan)
  • ● Powerswap (EV, Sweden)
  • ● Ample (EV, USA)

Battery swapping services require users to pay a certain rent or purchase a package. Therefore, the battery swapping business involves investing a certain amount of capital, strategically planning battery swapping stations in target markets, deploying battery swapping cabinets, and collecting user rents to generate profits. With the accelerating global trend toward electrification and the booming on-demand delivery industry, issues such as range anxiety and charging safety are gradually becoming prominent, highlighting the enormous market and business potential of battery swapping.

Currently, China's electric vehicle battery swapping stations are mainly constructed by three companies: NIO, Aulton, and e-energee. As of October 2023, NIO has completed 2,067 battery swapping stations, Aulton has completed 647, and e-energee has completed 234. Regarding battery swapping for two-wheeled vehicles, statistics indicate that there are over a hundred related companies in China, with some companies deploying thousands of battery swapping stations, making the overall quantity quite substantial.

There are some challenges with battery swapping:
  • ● Requires significant upfront capital investment, especially considering the high cost of batteries.
  • ● The entire system, including vehicles, batteries, and battery swapping cabinets, needs to be integrated and operated seamlessly.
  • ● Specific operational plans need to be formulated based on the local market.
  • ● There are maintenance costs in the later stages of operation.
    Batteries are susceptible to wear and tear and may be lost.
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Elevate Business with Expert Battery Swap Company

There are many Top 10 battery swapping station manufacturers, a proficient battery swap company is a comprehensive solution provider, delivering a spectrum of products and services to facilitate the seamless operation of battery swapping stations. The extent and quality of these offerings depend on the company’s expertise, industry experience, and the depth of its involvement in the entire industrial chain.

1. What can a battery swap company provide?

Battery Swap Products

A professional battery swap company offers complete battery swap products essential for the efficient functioning of swapping stations. These include:

  1. Batteries: High-quality and reliable batteries specially designed for electric motorcycle battery swapping, ensuring optimal performance and longevity.
  2. Cabinets: Robust and secure cabinets, equipped with features like crash-proof and explosion-proof design for safety.
  3. Motorcycles: Cutting-edge electric motorcycles compatible with the swappable battery system ensure seamless integration of the entire battery swap process.
  4. Software: Sophisticated software solutions that control and monitor the charging safety and battery swapping process, providing a user-friendly interface and ensuring operational efficiency.

Battery swap company provide battery swap products
Technical Support Services

A forward-thinking battery swap company recognizes the importance of ongoing technical support to guarantee smooth operations. These services typically include:

  1. Personnel Training: Comprehensive training programs for maintenance personnel to ensure they have the necessary skills to manage and maintain the battery swap infrastructure effectively.
  2. Software Upgrades: Regular updates and improvements to the software to enhance functionality, security, and user experience.
  3. Parts Procurement: Facilitating the procurement of spare parts, ensuring the availability of components necessary for maintenance and repairs.
  4. Technical After-Sales: Dedicated technical support after the sale, addressing issues, troubleshooting, and ensuring the continuous functionality of the battery swap stations.


An experienced battery swap company goes beyond product provision, offering tailored battery swapping station solution to meet the unique needs of its clients and agent. This includes:

  1. Profit Mathematical Model: In-depth analysis of the customer’s battery swapping business model and local market conditions to calculate a profit mathematical model. This aids clients in understanding the financial feasibility and potential profitability of their battery swap venture.
  2. Customized Solutions: Crafting solutions that align with the specific requirements of clients, considering factors such as local regulations, market demand, and operational preferences.
  3. Business Plan Assistance: Collaborating with clients to develop a comprehensive business plan that optimizes the deployment of battery swap stations, considering factors like site selection, target demographics, and strategic expansion.

2. Introduction about TYCORUN

Established as one of the earliest pioneers to delve into the two-wheeler battery swap industry, TYCORUN has been a trailblazer in revolutionizing two-wheeler mobility solutions with a wealth of experience. Boasting a robust foundation as a 16-year power battery manufacturer, TYCORUN possesses a unique advantage over its peers, showcasing a deeper understanding of batteries, battery swap technology, and customer needs. Its unparalleled expertise in professional technology and industry experience sets it apart in the field of battery swap company.
Introduction about TYCORUN battery swap company
As an industry stalwart, TYCORUN embodies a commitment to excellence, shaping the trajectory of the battery swap industry through its extensive experience and forward-thinking approach.

3. Characteristics of a professional battery swap company

Deep Industry Understanding

Professional battery swap companies possess a profound understanding of the unique characteristics and business prospects within the battery swap industry. This includes staying abreast of industry trends, technological advancements, and product updates. A comprehensive knowledge of market dynamics allows them to offer solutions that are not only current but also future-proof.

Rich Practical Experience and Successful Cases

A hallmark of professionalism in the battery swap sector is a track record of rich practical experience and a portfolio of successful cases. Having successfully implemented and operated battery swap solutions in diverse countries and regions demonstrates the company’s competence and reliability. Such experience instills confidence in clients, assuring them that the chosen company has a proven ability to navigate challenges and deliver effective solutions.

Front-End Technology

Leading battery swap companies invest in cutting-edge front-end technology to enhance the user experience and streamline operations. This includes upgraded software functions, efficient battery-swapping processes, and real-time monitoring capabilities. The integration of front-end technology ensures that end-users, as well as operators, have a seamless and user-friendly experience with the battery swap stations.

Independent Research and Development

Professionalism in the battery swap industry is often marked by independent independently developed battery swap technology. Companies that invest in in-house R&D teams demonstrate a dedication to innovation and product improvement. This capability ensure the reliability, safety, and efficiency of the battery swapping.Independent R&D battery swap software

Quality and Safety Assurance

Ensuring the quality and safety of battery swap products is a non-negotiable aspect of professionalism. Professional battery swap companies adhere to rigorous safety standards in the manufacturing,design and operation process. This includes safety features in battery design, secure cabinet construction, and robust monitoring systems to prevent and address any potential safety concerns promptly.

Client-Centric Approach

Professional companies engage with clients to comprehend their unique requirements, operational challenges, and long-term goals. This client-centric approach enables them to provide tailored solutions that align with the client’s business plan, ensuring a mutually beneficial partnership.

Complete Set of Solutions for Maximum Profit

Professional battery swap companies go beyond offering individual components. They provide a complete set of solutions that encompass not only hardware but also technical support, software, and strategic guidance. This comprehensive approach aims to maximize the profitability of clients by addressing operational efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and long-term sustainability.

4. Technology of battery swap company

TYCORUN battery swap company's technology
TYCORUN battery swap company is at the forefront of battery-swapping technology, employing innovative solutions to enhance efficiency, safety, and user experience.

Aluminum Wire Welding Process

TYCORUN battery swap company adopts the advanced aluminum wire welding process from Tesla’s methodology. This technique ensures efficient heat dissipation, contributing to the thermal management and safety of battery packs.

Battery Management System (BMS) with GPS & 4G Integration

The newly upgraded BMS integrates GPS & 4G technology, providing real-time tracking and monitoring capabilities. This innovation enhances control, allows for remote power management, and facilitates the automatic generation of comprehensive battery data reports.

Intelligent cabinet control systems

TYCORUN’s battery-swapping cabinets feature intelligent control systems, real-time monitoring of battery charging status, dynamic power allocation, and charging based on a scientific curve to ensure battery safety and maintain optimal performance. The cabinets are equipped with safety measures such as fire protection and intelligent air cooling, making them suitable for various outdoor scenarios.

Motorcycle Integration

As one of the top 10 motorcycle battery manufacturers in China, TYCORUN ensures seamless integration with motorcycles, offering various specifications. Clients can choose to use oil-to-electric motorcycle models or adopt a parallel battery design. This integration is designed to maximize compatibility.

Battery Swapping Platform

The independently developed platform connects batteries, cabinets, and motorcycles, allowing for intelligent cloud management and monitoring. It supports multi-language interfaces and regional payment options, offering a custom function and user-friendly experience.

5. Services of battery swap company

TYCORUN Battery Swap Company offers a comprehensive range of services to support the entire battery-swapping ecosystem. These services are tailored to ensure seamless operations, optimal performance, and a superior experience for clients and end-users.

Technical Support Services

TYCORUN’s technical support services encompass:

  1. Personnel Training: Comprehensive training programs for staff involved in battery swapping operations.
  2. Software Upgrades: Regular updates and enhancements to the software components of the battery swapping system.
  3. Parts Procurement: Assistance in sourcing and acquiring necessary components for the battery swapping infrastructure.
  4. Technical After-sales Support: Ongoing technical support to address any issues or challenges that may arise during operations.

TYCORUN battery swap solution

TYCORUN battery swap company goes beyond product provision to offer tailored solutions:

  1. Customized Business Plans: TYCORUN collaborates with clients to create business plans aligned with local conditions, ensuring the profitability of the battery swapping stations.
  2. Profit Mathematical Models: Utilizing industry expertise to calculate profit models based on local factors, battery swapping station cost and business plans.
  3. Feasibility Analysis: Assessing the viability of battery swapping stations in specific markets, considering factors like user demographics and demand.

Customization Services

TYCORUN battery swap company understands that one size does not fit all. The company provides customization options for:

  1. Product Functions and Parameters: Tailoring product specifications to meet the unique requirements of clients.
  2. Software Services: Customizing software interfaces, data displays, and language options based on client preferences.

Self-developed APP and Management Background

TYCORUN battery swap company offers proprietary software solutions, including:

  1. User-Friendly APP: A mobile application for end-users to interact with the battery-swapping system.
  2. Management Background: An intelligent platform for overseeing and controlling the entire battery-swapping network, supporting remote management and real-time monitoring.

Mature Profit Model

TYCORUN battery swap company provides a proven profit model based on:

  1. Local Conditions: Adapt the battery-swapping solution to suit the specific circumstances of each market.
  2. Market-Proven Success: Drawing from the success of over 3000 battery swapping station modules implemented globally.

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