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TYCORUN 12 ports swap battery station 72V/60V/48V for electric motorcycle batteries



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  • Cell voltage

  • Customized

  • Sold separately

  • Charging ports

  • Waterproof

  • Charge rate

  • 4G internet

    on line

About This Listing

Features of TYCORUN 12 ports swap battery station


● With modular design
● Higher cost performance, flexible configuration
● More safer design (Dynamic safety fast charge, automatic monitoring and allocation, 24hbig data monitoring)
● More powerful & intelligent(Remote control, OTA upgrade,multi-platform support)
● Smaller area occupation, more suitable (72V/60V/48 full voltage platform charging and swap support)
● Customized appearance


TYCORUN 12 ports swap battery station can be uesd in electric motorcycle, ebike, electric scooter and other two/three – wheeled electric vehicles.


Specifications of TYCORUN swap battery station 12 ports

Specification Parameters
Cabinet size 750(W)*540(L)*1800(H)mm
Maximum size in port 260(W) *420(L) *200(H)mm
Number of battery ports 12 ports (individual control)
Battery communication RS485,CAN
Touch display Standard, 7 inches
Input voltage 100~240VAC 50HZ
Maximum input power 9200W/6500W(optional)
Single port maximum charging power 900W/1200W(optional)
Charge Voltage Platform 72V/60V/48V
Working environment Altitude≤3000m,0~55℃,
Dynamic Power Adjustment Standard configuration, dynamically output charging power according to charging strategy
Speaker Standard (built-in)
Protection performance Lightning protection / dustproof and waterproof IP54 / water immersion power-off protection
Battery Health Check Standard configuration, cabinet inspection
High temperature detection Standard, background warning function
Remote monitoring Support (need to cooperate with management background, remote diagnosis/cabinet control)
Indicator light Standard (Three Colors)
Communication Standard 4G/BT, optional GPS/WIFI
Swapping method Scan code to swap battery/reservation to swap battery/offline battery swap
Camera Camera (outlay,optional)
Fire extinguisher S-type aerosol
Fall prevention block Optional (X4)
Certification requirements Can be arranged according to market demand (consider certification fee & cycle)
Appearance Can be customized according to customer needs


  • Cell voltage 3.6V
  • Customized Yes
  • Sold separately yes
  • Charging ports 12
  • Waterproof IP54
  • Charge rate 0.5C
  • 4G internet on line

Features & Amenities

  • Smart control
  • Safe charging
  • Long life
  • Lightning protection
  • Dust proof
  • Water proof
  • Touch display screen
  • Battery health diagnosis
  • Internet available
  • Anti theft
  • GPS
  • Warning function
  • IC card

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