The future of energy solution: LiFePO4 motorcycle battery

LFP is a short form name for LiFePO4 batteries and has many advantages over other batteries, such as having chemical and thermal stability and offering more safety. Now LiFePO4 motorcycle battery has replaced other batteries and gained popularity in the market.
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Which battery has the most extended lifespan?

When we compare LiFePO4 batteries and other batteries, such as lead acid batteries, it’s clear that the LiFePO4 motorcycle battery has a long lifespan and is capable of more than 2500 cycles without compromising performance and quality. TYCORUN lithium iron phosphate battery offers a long lifespan at a reasonable price. TYCORUN battery is known for its high-quality battery materials and superior performance in China.

What voltage should a LiFePO4 motorcycle battery be?

The voltage of the LiFePO4 motorcycle battery should be 3.2v. Normally, the voltage range is between the 3.2v~3.6v. However, the anode and cathode materials, electrolyte and production process are different, so the performance will also be different.

The lithium iron phosphate battery pack reaches the required motorcycle battery voltage of the equipment through the series combination of the battery cell. The battery pack voltage =N * series number. The commonly used lithium iron phosphate battery pack voltage is as follows:

36V LiFePO4 motorcycle battery

48V LiFePO4 motorcycle battery

72V LiFePO4 motorcycle battery

What are the specifications of the LiFePO4 motorcycle battery?

TYCORUN ENERGY As a LifePO4 motorcycle swapping battery station manufacturer, one-stop solution provider, so also provide 70v 30ah LiFePO4 motorcycle battery. The 70v 30ah can power the high-frequency motorcycle users such as delivery men and couriers.
Specifications of the LiFePO4 motorcycle battery are as under:

Voltage 76.8V-79.2V (40-60%)
Capacity 30Ah
Operating Temperature Range(DISCHARGE) -20~55℃
Operating Temperature Range(CHARGE) 0~45℃
Standard discharge 15A
Maximum Continuous Charge Current 60A
Internal Impedance ≤30mΩ
Weight 19kg
Protection board Built-in smart BMS
Cycle life More than 2500 time
Uses E-bike, e-motorcycle, e-cargo bike, racing car, motorboat
Environment effect Safe and add no pollution
Applications Logistics surveying, mapping, medical electronics, transportation.

Types of LiFePO4 cells in motorcycle batteries? Which LiFePO4 cell is better?

There are main three motorcycle battery types can be utilized: cylindrical, prismatic, pouch cell, and you can choose what fits in your motorcycle according to your budget and requirements.

1-Prismatic Cell

Prismatic cells are primarily utilized in electrical vehicles application, motorcycle applications, and energy storage systems. They allow efficient space utilization and optimize motorcycle performance. One of the main features of this LiFePO4 motorcycle battery is its light weight, a high energy density, and a very strong power supply capacity.

In electric vehicles, in addition to the above advantages, it also has the big advantage that it can be customized according to different cars, and the safety is very good.

2-Cylindrical Cell

Tesla is the cylindrical battery used as an electric vehicle battery. The production process is relatively mature and the performance is relatively stable, so it is commonly used to combine LiFePO4 motorcycle battery. And the shape of the cylinder in the combination of a gap, better provide heat dissipation space, effectively avoid overheating of the battery.

3-Pouch Cell

The pouch cell has only one layer of aluminum-plastic film as the packaging material, so it is lighter than the other two types of cells, and is commonly used in mobile phones and drones. It can also be used with lightweight electric motorcycles.These cells have a radical design and offer a flexible, simple battery design solution. They can be customized to customers’ requirements.


Pros and cons of LiFePO4 motorcycle battery

Pros of LiFePO4 Motorcycle Battery

1. The battery needs no maintenance, and sealed-off features make it safer and leakproof.

2. It takes less time to charge and absorb more ampers as it has low internal resistance.

3. LiFePO4 battery is safe for the environment and contains no harmful material in its manufacturing.

4. It offers capacity, size, dimension, and voltage customization.

5. This battery has a suitable high temperature, high durability, and has lightweight.

6.It has good chemical stability, offers safer battery technology, and can’t explode like other hazardous batteries.

7. The performance rate is excellent at high temperatures as they have better temperature tolerance capacity.

8. It has 70% more cranking power and can easily install anywhere.

Cons of LiFePO4 motorcycle battery

1. It may be costly compared to a lead-acid battery.

2. Lime all other batteries, it is not recommended to charge LiFePO4 battery below 0°C.

3. These batteries may contain low energy ratio than NMC battery, so they have more weight at the same capacity.

4. Due to their heavy weight, these lithium iron phosphate batteries are unsuitable for laptops, mobile and other applications where weight is essential.

Why is the LiFePO4 motorcycle battery so expensive?

You must know why LiFePO4 batteries are so expensive than other batteries. There are some reasons, such as

1. Use of advanced technology

2. Longer lifespan

3. Deliver superior performance

4. More durable & reliable

5. Built-in safety features& stable chemistry

6. Environmental safety & no pollution

7. Long-term benefits & overall great value

LFP batteries offer more benefits and functioning features than other batteries, which makes them exceptional and costly, but they will prove cost-effective in the long run. The LiFePO4 battery manufacturing material is expensive, lighter, and offers more safety. They can’t explode and burn in any case.


LiFePO4 motorcycle battery vs NMC

NCM batteries are also categorized as lithium-ion batteries but have different manufacturing substances, i. e cobalt, manganese, and nickel anode. When we make a comparison of LiFePO4 batteries and NCM batteries, we found that NCM batteries have high power density and offer a long life cycle.

The advantages of LiFePO4 motorcycle battery are lies in the charge and discharge cycles, high safety, high temperature performance and high cost performance, while NMC motorcycle battery mainly in high voltage, high power, high energy density and light weight. Both types of lithium batteries are not cheap, but both have good performance and are particularly popular with motorcycle users.

You can see which kind of battery is more suitable for your needs and choose. If you can’t make up your mind or want more details about motorcycle matching, you could contact TYCORUN ENERGY and we provide consulting services for you.


Is there a LiFePO4 motorcycle battery swap station?

Yes, TYCORUN ENERGY is reliable and professional lithium-ion battery manufacturer and supplier in China and can make LiFePO4 motorcycle battery swap stations. We provide high-quality lithium-ion battery products to meet client’s requirements at reasonable prices.

TYCORUN ENERGY commits to excellence and aims to build a trustworthy and robust relationship with its buyers. We provide one-stop solutions for those operators who want to participate in LiFePO4 motorcycle battery swap station projects, providing consulting services from hardware, software, solutions and so on.

And also provide motorcycle battery swap station customized services, so if you are interested in TYCORUN ENERGY battery swap products, welcome to consult for more information.

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