NMC battery – the ideal energy source for electric vehicles

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NMC batteries have become a potential power source for various applications, including electric vehicles, tools, and other powertrain systems. Among these applications, their primary utilization has been in the electric vehicle industry, offering a promising solution for powering eco-friendly transportation options. NMC battery, by providing reliable and efficient energy, are transforming the electric vehicle industry.

NMC batteries represent an advanced version of lithium-ion batteries, incorporating three primary components: nickel, cobalt, and manganese. Together these power elements enhance the performance of the battery by many folds.This article walks you through all the detailed information about NMC Battery! We’re about to reveal NMC batteries and every bit of it! Keep reading to learn the details.

What is NMC battery

NMC battery is a type of Li-ion battery. These batteries feature a nickel, manganese, and cobalt cathode, while their anode consists of graphite. The electrolyte within the battery enables ion flow between the cathode materials and anode materials, facilitating energy transfer.

Since it’s a unique make with distinguished combinations, the results offer phenomenal energy density, increased output, and much improved thermal stability.

What are NMC batteries used for

The uses of NMC batteries are listed below.

Electric vehicles:
Electric vehicles are the most in-demand application of NMC battery. The energy density of these batteries is high, making longer-range drives possible. Not only this, their excellent power output ensures efficient acceleration and performance. Their rugged make declares NMC battery fit for demanding requirements in electric vehicles.

Portable electronics:
NMC batteries find extensive application in various portable electronic devices, such as smartphones, laptops, and other similar gadgets. Since these batteries are equipped with pluses like high energy density, they make a perfect fit for mobile devices. The high energy density backs the extended operation of portable devices.

Energy storage systems:
As the dependency on renewable sources has increased in recent years, an increase in the demand and use of NMC batteries has also been observed. They are used in solar energy storage systems to help store excess energy that can be used later.


What are the advantages of NMC battery

An NMC battery comes loaded with advantages! These advantages make it suitable for use in many important applications, a few of which we discussed above.
Let’s take a look at some of the advantages of NMC batteries:

● High energy density:
It is the advantage of NMC batteries that distinguishes them from the rest of the lithium batteries. Energy density and storage capacity are directly proportional. The higher the energy density, the more the storage capacity.

And obviously, a greater storage capacity allows devices and vehicles to operate for extended durations on a single charge. The high energy density is also considered responsible for reducing the battery’s overall weight and size.

● Good low temperature performance:
NMC battery low-temperature discharge performance is good, very suitable for use in cold regions.

● Long cycle life:
A longer life cycle narrates a good battery. NMC batteries are known to have an extended cycle of life. This enables the NMC battery to endure more charge and discharge cycles without degrading the capacity.

This longevity also contributes to their suitability for long-term usage. Longer life cycles, in a broader sense, reduce frequent battery replacements and overall maintenance charges.

● Faster charging:
NMC batteries are a great asset for devices and vehicles which require faster charging. They charge at a rate much faster than other lithium-ion batteries. That’s why they are the perfect fit for battery-swapping stations. The TYCORUN battery swapping is the ultimate charging solution for vehicles like motorcycles, where alternative batteries charge faster to replace the discharged battery.

● Low self-discharge
The self-discharge rate of NMC battery is low, if it is not used for a month, the self-discharge rate is 3-5%, while other traditional batteries, such as lead-acid batteries, have a self-discharge rate of at least 10% per month. Therefore, if the NMC battery has not been used for a long time, there is no need to recharge the battery frequently.

NMC is undoubtedly incredible! However, there are a few disadvantages that we must address.


What are the disadvantages of NMC battery

NMC batteries are expensive, particularly the ones with a higher cobalt content.
Cobalt dependency:
Cobalt is an excellent element used in NMC battery chemistry. But since it is mined or extracted from the Earth, there are concerns about it damaging the environment. However, efforts are in practice to minimize the cobalt dependency.

NMC and LFP battery – how do they differ from each other

As both these lithiumbatteries are popular and demanded in their domains, we must understand what they are and how they differ from each other.

LFP and NMC are both types of lithium-ion batteries used in various applications. These include energy storage systems, electric vehicles, and others. Here’s a comparison of these both in terms of different aspects. Both differ in their chemistry and composition. NMC uses a nickel, manganese, and cobalt cathode, whereas LFP uses an iron-phosphate cathode.

NMC battery has a higher energy density in comparison to LFP battery. Thus has more energy storage compared to the latter. NMC batteries offer higher power output capability compared to LFP batteries. Thus, they are more efficient in providing energy to applications requiring quick acceleration.The life cycle of NMC batteries is slightly shorter than LFP batteries.

NMC or LFP battery – which one is better

Having read the above argument, you can better decide which of these is better. Another important thing for you to learn is that both these batteries are efficient and excellent choices. Their significate depends on the type of application that you use in.

In motorcycles, particularly, NMC batteries are better. Wondering why? Because NMC batteries offer high energy density. It not only is a source of extended charge but also contributes to the overall size of the battery. The battery tends to be more compact and less in weight.

Which NMC battery types is suitable for use in motorcycles

The most common NMC battery types are Cylindrical and Prismatic batteries. Cylindrical is the name given to the NMC battery type after its construction, i.e. in columns enclosed in casting. In contrast, Prismatic is a flat-shaped rectangular NMC battery enclosed in a casing. Since both can be a good fit for motorcycles. You can choose the type according to your needs:

Prismatic cell: The shell of the prismatic cells is relatively strong, relatively safe and resistant to collisions, and the capacity of the single cell is large; the number of modules is small, so the risk of monitoring and management is relatively small.

Cylindrical cell: Cylindrical cells have good cell consistency, can be flexibly changed in size and shape according to user needs, and have high energy density.

How to choose a quality NMC battery

Choose a quality NMC battery by checking its specifications in terms of the following;

● Energy density: The higher the energy density, the more qualitative the battery is.

● Power output: The more power output, the more efficient the battery.

Enhanced safety: check it against the safety standards. Enhanced safety means the battery can withstand extreme conditions.

How to find the best NMC battery manufacturer

1. You can search and recommend on the Internet to find related top 10 nmc battery manufacturers articles.

2. Search for products on Alibaba and other platforms, and compare products and manufacturers.

3. It is best to find a battery manufacturer for cooperation, because the manufacturer’s battery is more professional.

When comparing nmc battery manufacturers, it is best to look for ones that have been established for a long time, factory configuration, battery product related certificates, and project case presentations. You can also look at the evaluations of purchasing users and the manufacturer’s services.

For example, TYCORUN ENERGY has 16 years of experience in selling lithium-ion batteries. TYCORUN’s nmc battery is mainly used in electric motorcycles and nmc battery swapping station. If you are interested in this type of nmc battery, you can click on the product page below.



NMC batteries are transforming energy dependency. Being part of important applications like electric vehicles, smart devices, and energy storage systems, the NMC batteries are exceptionally performing.

Thanks to their brilliant particulars such as high energy density, higher power output, compact design, and other rip-roaring capabilities. Since they don’t discharge earlier, an NMC battery is the ideal source of energy for your electric motorcycle.

Frequently asked questions

Are Tesla batteries NMC?

YES, Both NCA (or Nickel Cobalt Aluminum) and NCM (or Nickel Cobalt Manganese) Tesla are in use.

What is the charge voltage of an NMC battery?

The charge voltage for the NMC battery is 3.60V to 3.70 V.

Can you fast-charge NMC batteries?

Yes! In fact, NMC batteries are most suitable for fast charging. However, for any battery, the manufacturer does not recommend long-term use of fast charging, because it will affect the health of the battery, resulting in a reduction in the cycle life of the battery. Therefore, for this situation, you can use the solution of battery swapping. Our TYCORUN ENERGY provides motorcycle battery swap station, which saves more time than fast charging.
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