Top 10 electric truck battery swap manufacturers in China

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With the rapid development of the battery industry and the electric vehicle industry, in order to meet the needs of daily life and work, battery swapping have emerged. In addition to electric wheeler and ev battery swapping, battery swap stations have also appeared in the electric truck industry. This article will introduce you the top 10 electric truck battery swap manufacturers in China, as well as specific information and latest news for each manufacturer.

Top 10 electric truck battery swap manufacturers in China in 2023


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Total market value

6.234 billion RMB

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HARMO TRONICS is one of the top 10 electric truck battery swap manufacturers in China, started in the field of traditional automotive equipment. In recent years, HARMO TRONICS has grasped the trend of intelligence and electrification. On the basis of consolidating the core advantages of the existing track, it continues to develop the market in the lithium battery industry and charging and swapping equipment.
The penetration of heavy truck battery swap is accelerating under the trend of electrification, and the future of battery swap station equipment business can be expected. HARMO TRONICS products cover passenger car replacement stations, commercial vehicle (heavy truck) replacement stations, and replacement station parts, etc. The existing production capacity of replacement stations is 680 sets/year, and the new production capacity will be 2,000 sets/year through fixed increase, with a stable leading position in the industry.


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Total market value

5.066 billion RMB

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NENGHUI TECHNOLOGY is mainly engaged in the field of smart energy services such as photovoltaic new energy, grid replacement and waste heat generation. NENGHUI TECHNOLOGY as one of the top 10 electric truck battery swap manufacturers in China, will lay out electric heavy truck battery swap business in 2020.


In February 2022, NENGHUI TECHNOLOGY released a series of new products of trackless intelligent “Little Ant” electric truck battery swap robot and heavy truck power battery, battery bracket, battery swap controller and smart battery swap dispatching system.

The “Little Ant” battery replacement robot innovatively adopts trackless intelligence, visual navigation, and lateral pick-and-place technology, which can easily replace the battery of a heavy truck within 3 minutes.



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Total market value

4.03 billion RMB

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Company profile:
Since its establishment in 2007, EUROCRANE has always focused on the field of material handling solutions, and currently has two major business segments: lifting and construction machinery. EUROCRANE focuses on the mid-to-high-end market of the material handling industry, has self-developed and self-made capabilities for the core components of lifting machinery, and provides integrated solutions for intelligent material handling for advantageous customers in the downstream industries such as mechanical equipment, electrical equipment, and automobiles.


In 2022, EUROCRANE established Shanghai Lvdianwan Energy Technology Co., Ltd. to enter the battery replacement business. The company uses its technical advantages in automatic handling robots to enter the commercial vehicle battery swap station. In August 2022, EUROCRANE and Sunshine Mingdao, a subsidiary of Geely Telecom, signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement in the Yangtze River Delta Integration Demonstration Zone.

In January 2023, reached a strategic cooperation with Lingrui Automobile, and jointly established Nanjing Lingrui Automotive Technology Research Institute Co., Ltd. to jointly develop the Nanjing electric truck battery swap market. Now developed into top 10 Electric truck battery swap manufacturers in China.



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Total market value

22.597 billion RMB

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Company profile:
One of the top 10 Electric truck battery swap manufacturers in China, GCL-ET, the company’s main business is clean energy operation, mobile energy operation and comprehensive energy services. In 2021, GCL-ET will reach a strategic cooperation with Geely on battery replacement for heavy trucks. In November of the same year, the company’s first heavy truck battery replacement project was put into operation in Xuzhou, Jiangsu.


In February 2022, GCL-ET raised RMB 3.7 billion through non-public issuance to build the first phase of the GCL Electric Port project and build 248 passenger car swap stations and 47 electric truck battery swap stations. In August 2022, the company released a fundraising plan again, planning to raise 4.5 billion RMB, of which 1.54 billion RMB will be invested in battery factories, the rest will be used to expand the second-phase production capacity of GCL Electric Port and build 86 heavy truck swap stations and 30 light commercial vehicle battery swap stations.

GCL-ET mainly provides electric heavy truck solutions for multiple scenarios such as steel mills, urban construction, mines, etc. The initial construction does not require power laying, and the initial investment cost is reduced by 40%.



Established date


Total market value

991.01 million RMB

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Company profile:
CATL is well-known among top 10 electric truck battery swap manufacturers in China, focuses on the R&D, production and sales of new energy vehicle power battery systems and energy storage systems, and has core technical advantages and sustainable R&D capabilities in key areas of the industrial chain such as battery materials, battery systems, and battery recycling. CATL is committed to promoting the full electrification of the commercial vehicle market by providing sustainable solutions for electric truck battery swap and construction machinery.


In September 2022, the pioneering MTB technology will be first applied to the State Power Investment Kaiyuan core power heavy truck battery swapping project. This technology can directly integrate the module into the vehicle bracket/chassis, the volume utilization rate of the system is increased by 40%, the weight is reduced by 10%, and the energy density of the system reaches 170Wh/kg; the battery can reach a cycle life of 10,000 times/10 years.

In addition, the battery system can support free combination schemes and can be configured within the range of 140KWh-600KWh. Qiyuan Core Power, a subsidiary of the company, has comprehensively deployed more than 100 electric truck battery swap stations in 31 provinces and municipalities across the country. In December 2022, CATL Jining’s first heavy truck battery swap station project started.



Established date


Total market value

5.149 billion RMB

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Company profile:
CAMC is a holding subsidiary of Zhejiang Geely New Energy Commercial Vehicle Group Co., Ltd., an important production and R&D base for heavy trucks, heavy special vehicles, core components and new energy commercial vehicles in the country, and owns brands such as Valin and Xingma. Valin heavy-duty trucks are a mainstream brand that replaces imports, and are exported to more than 60 countries and regions in Eastern Europe, North Africa, Southeast Asia, and South America.


As one of the top 10 electric truck battery swap manufacturers in China, CAMC Group is one of the earliest companies in China to enter the field of new energy heavy trucks. In 2018, it designed and developed pure electric heavy truck products. In 2019, China’s first battery swap tractor will be launched. In June 2021, the CAMC new energy heavy truck project officially started in Ma’anshan, and it will be put into production in 2023. In 2021, the company’s subsidiary Valin will produce and sell 1,456 and 1,601 pure electric vehicles respectively, a year-on-year increase of 126.44% and 397.2%.

In 2022, a total of 1,069 CAMC Valin M5 battery-swappable pure electric semi-trailer tractors will be sold, ranking first in terms of sales volume. On January 10, 2023, CAMC’s first batch of 40 electric heavy-duty trucks——Valin battery replacement dump trucks were successfully delivered to Sichuan Green Huiyuan Logistics Co., Ltd.



Established date


Total market value

230.3 billion RMB

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Company profile:
The leader in the new energy heavy truck market will complete financing at the end of 2022, and SANY will focus on the new energy heavy truck market. SANY is the national sales champion of new energy heavy trucks for two consecutive years in 2021 and 2022, and Jiangshan EV550 is the industry’s best-selling model.


It can be widely adapted to various short-term transportation scenarios such as steel, coal, port, sand and gravel with a one-way transportation distance of ≤200km and a height limit of <3.8 meters. The energy consumption per 100 kilometers is as low as 160kWh, which is an industry-leading level.

In December 2022, SANY completed a RMB 1 billion round of financing, which will be used for the development and launch of a new generation of new energy heavy trucks. At present, SANY has announced its electrification 2.0 development strategy in September 2022. let us see if SANY can stand out among the top 10 electric truck battery swap manufacturers in China in the future.



Established date


Total market value

71.251 billion RMB

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Company profile:
XCMG in top 10 electric truck battery swap manufacturers in China formulated the new energy vehicle development plan and action plan as early as 2016. In 2017, it successfully obtained the national new energy vehicle production qualification. The company with the most complete range of commercial vehicle products in new energy.

A number of battery swap demonstration projects have been implemented, the XCMG New Energy muck truck battery swap operation has landed in Shangqiu, Henan, and the first new energy battery swap tractor project in Xinjiang has landed in Turpan.


In addition, XCMG Qingshan new energy manufacturing base with an investment of 5.5 billion and an area of 1,000 mu is planned to produce 10,000 complete vehicles and 30,000 assemblies per year in the first phase, laying the foundation for subsequent new energy transformation.

In order to continuously improve its competitiveness, XCMG has launched a new high-end heavy-duty truck e-blue, which is being developed forward. More than 6000 times, the battery life is doubled. Battery swapping technology can realize extremely fast battery swapping within 3-5 minutes, satisfying efficient operation and solving mileage anxiety.



Established date


Total market value

31.05 million RMB

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Company profile:
ENNEAGON ENERGY was registered and established in Shanghai in 2014. It is a high-tech “specialized and new” enterprise specializing in the research and development, production, sales of new energy electric vehicle charging and swapping equipment, charging and swapping station operation services and related fields. Now becomes one of the top 10 electric truck battery swap manufacturers in China.


It has one of the few teams in China capable of bus battery replacement, passenger car battery replacement, heavy truck ceiling replacement, special truck battery replacement, etc., with more than 200 R&D personnel, forming a very complete R&D, production and manufacturing system.

In 2021, the number of ENNEAGON ENERGY battery swap stations will exceed 100. In less than a year now, the 200th battery swap station has been rolled off the assembly line, which shows the growth rate.

On the one hand, it is driven by the energy strategy under the pressure of “dual carbon”, and the most fundamental reason is that ENNEAGON ENERGY first proposed and practiced the hoisting battery swap model, which solved the commercial problem of electric truck battery swap.



Established date


Total market value

951.207879 million RMB

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Company profile:
As a group enterprise, Aulton has a number of subsidiaries under its jurisdiction, and its business scope involves: R&D and production of smart battery replacement equipment and battery packs for electric vehicles; Expansion, construction and operation of smart power station network; sales and financial leasing of customized electric vehicles, etc.


On August 6, 2016, the company formally signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Shanghai Dianba and BAIC BJEV to jointly launch the EU220 battery-swapping taxi and the smart battery-swapping business operation model. It is planned to promote large-scale applications in key cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Xiamen, and Lanzhou.

Aulton New Energy explores battery replacement, initially starting from the large commercial vehicle market, and has completed the development of chassis battery replacement technology solutions for various commercial vehicles including heavy trucks, light trucks, micro-surfaces, and buses. It has unique advantages in energy supplement service for multi-segmented operation scenarios of commercial vehicles, and cooperates with many mainstream commercial vehicle manufacturers in China to develop chassis swap models.


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