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With the continuous improvement of people’s demand for motorcycle quality. The application of gel battery on motorcycle has little prospect. And will gradually replace conventional batteries and AGM sealed lead batteries.

This article will introduce and analyze the application characteristics of gel motorcycle battery and the comparison between gel motorcycle battery, AGM battery and lithium motorcycle battery.

Can I use a gel battery on my motorcycle?

Using a gel motorcycle battery is becoming very common. The reason for the batteries’ use is safety and additional maintenance. These batteries are off due to the presence of gel electrolytes.

Gel won’t come out of the battery, making it spill and leakage-proof. It also prevents the motorcycle from producing vibrations as it is vibration or noise-resistant. Installing this lead battery type in the motorcycle does not require additional precautions like installing other batteries.

These batteries provide safer conditions of gel electrolyte as compared to other batteries. In other batteries, gel electrolytes float freely and can leak, but there is no chance of leakage in gel batteries.

Thus, you can place it in the desired position inside your motorcycle without fear of leakage or other battery damage. A gel-cell motorcycle battery should be a must-to-go option for your motorcycle’s reliable, long-lasting lead-acid battery.

How long does a gel motorcycle battery last?

The lifespan of a gel motorcycle battery depends entirely on its voltage. A battery with less voltage exhibits a less lifespan than the ones with high voltage.

Commonly, a gel cell motorcycle battery with 12V is known to have a run time of up to 6 years, after which it may show reduced performance. Similarly, batteries with more than 12V show functioning for more than six years, and so on.

No matter the battery voltage’s size, the battery’s charge and discharge cycles are the same, but the capacity is large; the longer the use time, the actual need to be judged according to the frequency and power size of the equipment.

What is the difference between AGM and gel motorcycle batteries

Clear differences between AGM and gel batteries are discussed in the table below.

        AGM Battery

       Gel Battery


The electrolyte is held at a fixed position.

The electrolyte is not held. Instead, it is suspended in a gel.

Sulfuric acid solution

(liquid state)

Solid colloid


Higher power output than gel battery.

Low power output than AGM battery.


Short run time 4-6 years

Long life span 8-10

   Rate of charging

High charging rate than gel battery. It is also easy to charge.

Low rate of charging than AGM.


Economical than gel batteries.

 Expensive than AGM.


Demand high maintenanceRequire less maintenance due to a lack of regular watering demand.


Advantages and disadvantages of a gel motorcycle battery

Gel motorcycle battery offers numerous benefits and flaws, making it an ideal option for motorcycles.


● Installed at any position, shock-resistant

● Do not demand additional maintenance

● Offer to function under a wide temperature range.

● Does Not cause leakage even after broken or damaged.

● The electrolyte volume is large and not easy to occur due to the expansion caused by thermal runaway.

● The cycle life and the floating filling life are better than traditional lead acid batteries.


● The charging rate is much slower than other batteries.

● Battery weight is heavy

● More expensive than conventional lead acid batteries.

Do gel batteries need maintenance?

1. You do not need any maintenance and extra care for your gel battery; it has gel electrolyte. The gel electrolyte provides more safety and lessens the chances of any damage that needs maintenance.

2. They usually require no or minimum maintenance to make them work properly. But, avoid battery health effects, you can adopt the following tips to make them suitable for a long time. Deep discharging is the most prominent factor that directly affects the longevity of gel batteries. If you want to extend or enhance the lifespan of your gel cell motorcycle battery, prevent its deep discharging.

3. Try to keep your battery clean by inspecting the connecting strips of your battery. If you observe any dirt, clean it properly.

4. Check the pole of the battery carefully. The distorted poles can badly affect a battery’s performance.

5. Always install your battery in a dry, cool place with minimum temperature variations. Exposing them to extreme temperatures can reduce their longevity.

6. Inspect leakage in the battery. If the battery leaks at any point, fix it immediately.

7. Charge your gel motorcycle battery with a charger specifically designed to charge this battery. If you want to protect your battery from any damage, ensure not to utilize the charger of other batteries. It will not be compatible with your battery and may affect its performance and functionality.


How do you charge a gel motorcycle battery?

Charging the gel motorcycle battery requires a specific charger designed to charge it. Charge the battery with the correct charging voltage range according to the specifications.

A battery charger with a voltage more significant than this range is not recommended; it can destroy your gel cell motorcycle battery. There are also several points to note:

● The first charge is usually about 12 hours.

● Daily battery charging does not exceed 8 hours.

● Don’t charge it often when over-discharge frequently, hurting the battery.

● When you are not using the battery, the battery must be placed, and the electricity must be added after half a month.

How to choose between a gel motorcycle battery and a lithium motorcycle battery?

Choosing between gel and lithium motorcycle batteries can be challenging. You must not immediately choose any of these batteries without determining your requirements related to the battery.

It would help if you kept in view several factors, such as the motorcycle battery cost and weight, rate of charging, run time, maintenance, cycle life, and energy storage density, etc.

Battery weight:

If you want a lightweight battery covering less space, investing in a lithium motorcycle battery is better than a gel motorcycle battery because of the former’s lighter weight.


Gel motorcycle batteries are cheaper than lithium, making them a cost-effective option. For users who want a better motorcycle riding experience and a better sense of use, it is recommended to use a lithium battery. In the long run, lithium battery life is also a cost-effective battery.

Rate of charging:

If you need your battery to be charged quickly, a lithium motorcycle battery is a reliable option because of its fast charging rate. Compared to this battery, the charging rate of gel motorcycle batteries is less.


The self-discharge rate of lithium batteries is much lower than that of gel motorcycle batteries, so the lithium battery is slow, and the gel motorcycle battery drops the electric block.

Run time:

The run time of the lithium motorcycle battery is larger than the gel motorcycle battery. If you have to invest in a battery with a longer lifespan, try choosing a lithium battery.


As discussed earlier, the gel motorcycle battery and lithium motorcycle battery both only require less or negligible maintenance. You don’t need to inspect it regularly.

Cycle life:

The cycle life of the gel cell motorcycle battery is less than that of the lithium motorcycle battery, reducing its lifespan. Investing in lithium motorcycle batteries can offer you long-term functioning because of their long cycle life.

Energy storage density:

The energy storage capacity of a gel motorcycle battery is much less than a lithium motorcycle battery. In general, in this era of high efficiency, the best choice is the lithium motorcycle battery with high energy density, light weight, short charging time and long life.


Can you replace a gel motorcycle battery with a lithium battery?

Yes, you can replace a gel motorcycle battery with a lithium battery. Many motorcycle users have now begun to replace lead-acid batteries with lithium batteries because Lithium Motorcycle batteries’ energy density is higher than Gel Motorcycle batteries.

Both the weight, the number of charging and discharge cycles, and the voltage are more advantageous, which can assist motorcycles in providing higher efficiency and mileage for longer.

As long as your motorcycle is compatible with the lithium battery, the voltage specifications and other parameters, and the size are appropriate; you can replace it. But it should be noted that the charger must be replaced.

Are there any battery swap stations that provide gel motorcycle batteries?

Yes, there are a lot of battery swapping stations that provide gel motorcycle batteries. For the most trustworthy and reliable battery sway station for your gel battery, TYCORUN ENERGY is a professional battery swapping station manufacturer, the main NMC motorcycle battery swap station, can provide gel motorcycle battery swap station customization.

We offer our customers the best possible battery-swapping solutions and complete swapping station services. You can customize products in our battery-swapping station according to your specific requirements. You can confidently contact our energy battery station for high-quality gel motorcycle battery.

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