Top 10 car battery swapping station manufacturers in China

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With the continuous deployment of battery swapping stations, battery swapping has become the preferred power-up method for more and more users. Users’ battery swapping accounts for more than 60% of the vehicle’s power source, and the cumulative battery replacement exceeds 22 million times, with an average daily battery replacement of nearly 50,000 times.

On average, every 1.9 seconds, a car is fully charged from the battery swap station, and more and more users are fond of battery swaps. Today I will share with you the ranking of top 10 car battery swapping station manufacturers in China in 2023, hope this information is useful to you.

Top 10 car battery swapping station manufacturers in China in 2023



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Global headquarters

Donghu, Wuhan

Company website


NIO is the most famous among top 10 ev battery swapping station manufacturers in China, the business scope includes the planning, research and development, and design of electric vehicle charging and swapping infrastructure. R&D, production, sales, and operation of equipment and components related to power stations, charging piles and energy storage systems (excluding energy-based power battery manufacturing), installation and maintenance of charging piles.


The layout of the NIO battery replacement network not only provides better power-on guarantees, but also provides better support for battery upgrades. So far, a total of 76,131 battery upgrade services have been provided to help more users expand their travel circles and explore distant places. As of May 15, NIO has deployed 1,403 battery swap stations across the country.



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Global headquarters

Huangpu, Guangzhou

Company website


Since 2000, Shanghai Dianba (a wholly-owned subsidiary of Aulton New Energy Group) began to explore battery swapping. Aulton is committed to becoming the world’s leading smart energy service platform. As a group enterprise, it has a number of subsidiaries under its jurisdiction, and its business scope involves: R&D and production of smart battery replacement equipment and battery packs for electric vehicles; expansion, construction and operation of smart power station network; sales and financial leasing of customized electric vehicles, etc.


On August 6, 2016, the company officially signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Shanghai Dianba and BAIC BJEV, and jointly launched the EU220 battery-swapping taxi and the smart battery-swapping business operation model. It is planned to promote large-scale applications in key cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Xiamen, and Lanzhou. Now become one of the top 10 car battery swapping station manufacturers in China.


Botan Technology

Established date


Global headquarters

Xihu, Hangzhou

Company website

Botan Technology in top 10 car battery swapping station manufacturers in China was established in October 2014. It is a national technology enterprise focusing on the R&D and innovation of the “battery swapping technology system” for the electric vehicle industry. It is a practitioner of the battery swapping electric vehicle industry.


Botan Technology builds a pure electric vehicle business system around cloud data platform (grid cloud), energy supplementary network (grid replacement) and terminal product customization (electric vehicle).

Botan Technology design defines a standard battery box, which is suitable for passenger cars, logistics vehicles, and buses, and realizes the battery swap compatibility of the models in the system. The standard battery box greatly improves the service life of the power battery through the “single pack charging” and “balanced charging” technologies in the power station, and realizes the cascade utilization of the power battery.



Established date

Global headquarters

Jiangyin, Jiangsu

Company website

Photovoltaic giant GCL has recently been very active in the field of battery swap for new energy vehicles, with continuous actions. The company was listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange in May 2019. GCL is mainly engaged in three business segments: clean energy operation, mobile energy operation and comprehensive energy service.

One of the top 10 car battery swapping station manufacturers in China GCL provides electric vehicle energy supplement service, battery life cycle management, commercial operation of power station port and mobile digital energy platform. The goal is to create a green travel ecosystem, and the market share of battery replacement business will exceed 30% in the future.


By the end of the third quarter of 2022, GCL plans to build a total of 44 battery swap stations, including 32 passenger car swap stations, 12 commercial vehicle swap stations, and 1 commercial vehicle charging station. At present, the company has cooperated with OEMs and platforms such as Geely, Foton, Sany, Dongfeng, Huolala, CATL, and Overground Railway. By interacting with the new power system, it promotes the deep integration of the two major industries of green energy and automobiles.



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Global headquarters


Company website

BAIC BLUEPARK is a high-tech listed company controlled by Beijing Automotive Group Co., Ltd. and an integrated solution provider for green and smart travel. Through the exploration and exploration of the market, BAIC BLUEPARK has launched a new field of development: engaging in battery replacement and cascade utilization of power batteries.


New explorations have been carried out in the fields of smart battery replacement, energy integration, battery evaluation, and cascade utilization, and more than 300 corresponding intellectual property rights have been obtained. BLUEPARK smart power station is one of its industries.

By gradually exploring the field of private battery exchange, we will speed up the industrial layout in terms of product development, service optimization, and ecological expansion, and quickly cultivate energy management and services in multiple fields. Now it has developed into one of the top 10 car battery swapping station manufacturers in China.



Established date


Global headquarters

Xicheng, Beijing

Company website

State Power Investment is a comprehensive enterprise focusing on power development. The company’s business involves power development, environmental protection, financial industry, technological innovation, overseas industries and other fields. As the first central enterprise in China to propose a specific time for carbon peaking, SPIC is also actively deploying in the field of battery replacement, and has cooperated with more than 40 heavy-duty vehicle manufacturers in China. Now become top 10 car battery swapping station manufacturers in China.


As early as May 2019, SPIC developed the world’s first heavy-duty truck for battery replacement. The vehicle adopts the method of unloading the truss upwards to replace the battery, which can be completed in 3-5 minutes. The battery replacement time is equivalent to that of refueling, and the daily transportation mileage exceeds 790 kilometers.

According to SPIC’s plan, by 2025, the company will add a total investment of 115 billion RMB, promote 200,000 heavy trucks, invest in 4,000 battery swapping stations, and invest in 228,000 batteries.



Established date


Global headquarters


Company website

Speaking of LIVAN, many people may not know this new energy brand. It has a strong background. It was established by Geely Automobile and Lifan Technology in 2022, and has R&D and technical support from major car companies. LIVAN in top 10 car battery swapping station manufacturers in China, with the support of the GBRC battery swap platform, has also successively launched a variety of battery swap products such as Ruilan Maple Leaf 60S and Ruilan Maple Leaf 80V.


It is reported that the battery swap stations in LIVAN’s battery swap ecosystem have covered many cities including Hangzhou, Chongqing, Jinan, Tianjin, and Changsha. In the future, it will also accelerate its deployment in other pilot cities for battery swapping and key new energy vehicle markets, bringing battery swapping experiences to more people.



Established date


Global headquarters

Chaoyang, Beijing

Company website

Based on operating vehicles such as taxis and online car-hailing services in advance, Sinopec will further increase investment in charging and swapping business, and gradually realize full coverage of all passenger vehicles. According to the principle of station follow-up and moderately advanced layout. At the end of the “14th Five-Year Plan”, Sinopec will build more than 1,000 charging and swapping stations, upgrade and create a “rechargeable and rechargeable” comprehensive energy service network, and promote the battery swapping industry into an era of standardization.


Relying on the network of gas stations all over the country, Sinopec as one of the top 10 car battery swapping station manufacturers in China accelerates the construction of comprehensive energy stations and promotes the battery swapping industry into the era of standardization.



Established date


Global headquarters

Xiamen, Fujian

Company website

As a subsidiary of CATL, which accounts for more than 50% of China’s power batteries, it released a new battery replacement solution for passenger cars-“EVOGO”. The power exchange station as a whole has four characteristics: small footprint, fast circulation, large capacity, and all-weather. Each standard station only needs three parking spaces, and it takes about 1 minute to replace a single power block. 48 power change blocks can be stored in the station.


It ensures that users always have fully charged battery blocks that can be replaced without waiting for a long time. At the same time, the swapping station can also provide versions that adapt to the climate and environmental conditions in different regions.

EVOGO has a lot of innovative ideas in the field of battery swapping. As one of the top 10 car battery swapping station manufacturers in China, it has a certain leading position in the industry. Coupled with CATL’s own scale advantages, the prospect of EVOGO is still worth looking forward to.



Established date


Global headquarters

Guiyang, Guizhou

Company website

GZJY in top 10 car battery swapping station manufacturers in China is a large-scale comprehensive energy enterprise, mainly engaged in thermal power, hydropower, photovoltaic, gas power generation, coal, coal-fired manganese, power engineering construction, real estate, hotel operation and property management and other industries. It is understood that in 2019, GZJY introduced the first new energy electric heavy truck for testing. In 2021, Guizhou’s first smart power station will be constructed and put into operation.


In 2022, the Jintai Railway Port Smart Swapping Power Station Project in Zibo City, Shandong Province will be put into operation as GZJY’s first green power transportation demonstration project outside the province. Up to now, GZJY has been exploring and practicing in the field of green electricity transportation industry for more than four years, and has built and put into operation 11 smart power stations, and 7 smart power stations are under construction.

It is planned to complete the construction of 159 heavy-duty truck replacement stations during the “14th Five-Year Plan” period, and it is expected to serve 10,257 heavy-duty trucks. It has now become one of the top 10 car battery swapping station manufacturers in China.

Above is the top 10 car battery swapping station manufacturers in China in 2023 ranking. If you have any ideas, welcome to leave a message below, more electrical information can also refer to top 10 battery swapping station manufacturers in China.


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