Knowledge of motorcycle ABS system

Basic knowledge of motorcycle ABS system and FAQs

This article will introduces the principle and basic knowledge of motorcycle ABS system, as well as the difference between ABS and CBS system.
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The ABS of the car should be familiar to everyone, the Antilocking Brake System, the purpose is to adjust the braking force when braking, so that the tire is in the sliding edge.

However, many riders may not realize that the importance of ABS for motorcycle riding safety is even higher than that of cars, because two wheeler electric bike do not have shell protection like cars, and once the skid leads to falling and accidents, the consequences will be more serious.

Definition of motorcycle ABS system

Motorcycle Antilocking Brake System, referred to as motorcycle ABS system, the function is to automatically control the size of the brake force during emergency braking, so that the wheel is not locked, and is always in a state of side-rolling slip (slip rate is about 20%). To ensure that the adhesion between the wheel and the ground is at its maximum.

Even if you brake hard, it will not appear to lock the phenomenon, and then play a safety protection role, is a very high energy and practical safety auxiliary configuration, so that the braking state is always at the best point, the safest driving, so that the braking effect to maintain the best state.

How does motorcycle ABS system work

To briefly explain the working principle of motorcycle ABS system, first let’s take a look at these two key components that may be ignored: the gear ring and the wheel speed sensor. The wheel speed sensor obtains the wheel speed signal by scanning the gear ring, and the ABS hydraulic unit is connected to the vehicle brake oil pipe.

The ABS computer sends instructions to the ABS hydraulic unit by analyzing and calculating the wheel speed signal transmitted in real time by the wheel speed sensor on the vehicle, so as to control the brake hydraulic pressure to increase or reduce the pressure between the brake disc and the brake pad to prevent the wheel from being locked.

Take curve stability control as an example. As we all know, two-wheelers should try to avoid strong braking in the corner, even if it is a car with ordinary ABS function, if it brakes strongly in the corner, it will lead to a crash, but with corner ABS, we can unfortunately encounter emergency situations in the corner, even if it is a strong brake, it can still ensure sufficient tracking and speed reduction.

How does motorcycle ABS system work

The difference between motorcycle ABS system and CBS system

Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) is a control system that prevents wheel braking from dragging during the braking process of a motorcycle. His principle is very simple, when the wheel and the ground grip is the strongest, the moment of rolling friction and sliding friction conversion, if once the wheel is locked, the brake becomes sliding friction, at this time the wheel slips, the direction runs off, and it is very easy to have accidents. The cost of a high-quality motorcycle ABS system is about 2700 RMB, it is because of the higher cost, so many motorcycles just use motorcycle ABS system on the front disc brake

CBS System (Combi brake System) refers to the front and back linkage brake system, the principle of this brake system is that when you brake, if the front and back brake together, the motorcycle braking distance is the shortest, so some electric motorcycle manufacturers link the rear brake and front brake of the motorcycle. When the owner brakes the rear brake, the front brake is also brake together, so as to ensure safety, but not to let the rear brake pad overuse lead to premature consumption. The cost increase of CBS is not much, generally about 300 RMB. So it is widely used in the road scooter.

Although the motorcycle ABS system and CBS system are both to improve the effectiveness of the motorcycle brake system, the principle and production cost of the two are very different, so in the product configuration, the general CBS is widely used in civil road vehicles. ABS is widely used in large row products and personalized products.

The difference between motorcycle ABS system and CBS system

Classification of motorcycle ABS system

Motorcycle ABS system types can be divided into the following categories according to function:

  1. Ordinary ABS: ABS with only basic anti-lock function. Divided into single/dual channels. Occupy more than 95% of the entire market share.
  2. Corner ABS: ABS equipped with a corner braking system. When braking in a corner, ordinary ABS causes the car to come back upright and drive towards the outside of the corner. The addition of Angle sensor corner ABS, which ensures that the motorcycle comes to a stop along the track in the corner, is also a very helpful enhancement application. It is currently available only in some high-end models, such as the KTM 790 series.
  3. MSC system: motorcycle body stability control, provides ramp parking, C-ABS, corner brakes, etc. At present, only the flagship products of each manufacturer will be equipped. Such as KTM 1290.
  4. Off-road ABS: Off-road road is usually soft soil, opening ABS instead extends the braking distance of the wheel, and after the tire is locked, it is equivalent to dragging forward on the ground, at this time, sand is piled in front of the tire, preventing the vehicle from moving forward, therefore, off-road mode ABS actually allows the rear wheel to lock.

Classification of motorcycle ABS system

Can motorcycle ABS system be retrofitted

There are many riders who will install ABS on their cars, but it is still a matter to be considered carefully. Because compared with modified parts, the motorcycle ABS system on the original vehicle has gone through many complex and rigorous matching calibration experiments.

Motorcycle ABS system should be tested half a year or even a year before the vehicle is listed, and the light test road is: dry/wet cement road, dry/wet asphalt road, low adhesion road, bumpy road, sand/gravel, speed bumps, pits, steps, etc., and it needs to be tested under different braking methods and different speeds.

And it is not installed on the motorcycle immediately can be used, but also to match the original tire, shock absorption, and brake system, and then after the above-mentioned matching calibration and adjustment of many parameters behind it. Therefore, it is recommended that you choose the original motorcycle ABS system.

Even if your vehicle is equipped with motorcycle ABS system, you can’t ignore the danger. Because when motorcycle ABS system plays a role in the driving process, it means that the vehicle is already in a state of instability. Therefore, the simplest and most effective way to avoid this situation is: prevention in advance.

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Can motorcycle ABS system be retrofitted

FAQs about motorcycle abs system

In the case of ignition, observe whether the instrument panel has ABS light during the self-test. Start the car and step on the rear brake to see if there is ABS action. In addition, observing whether there are tooth rings/wheel speed sensors before and after is an auxiliary method of judgment.

Safe driving is a basic skill and consciousness that a driver should have. ABS is only an anti-lock braking system, not an anti-kill system. Actions that exceed the limit of use can also lead to accidents. For example: the use of ABS braking distance in the curve is insufficient, beyond the physical limit of braking.

In order to be safe and insurance, the installation of motorcycle abs system is necessary, some countries and regions will force electric motorcycles to be equipped with motorcycle ABS system, such as India, in 2016, it is mandatory for all motorcycles above 125CC to be equipped with ABS.

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