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If you master some skills in battery use, the service life of two wheeler electric bike battery will be longer and the performance will be better. Here are the FAQs and answers with two wheeler electric bike use.

13 FAQs about two wheeler electric bike

First, choose the battery with high cycles, such as the lithium battery with up to 80% DOD. It also needs to be used according to the battery manufacturer's manual, for example, making sure that the battery is not overcharged, using compatible devices and chargers, charging and discharging at the right ambient temperature, etc.

Generally do not need, although there is a certain time from the delivery to the start of the interval of use, the battery has a certain self-discharge, but the self-discharge is not large, only the first mileage is less, can be used to charge 20%~30% recharge, required to cut off the power lock, charging must be charged at one time.
The battery must be stored after charging, and the battery must be replenished once a month, in order to avoid the battery to reduce the capacity due to the sulfation of the plate, affect the service life of the battery, or even scrapped.
Using two wheeler electric bike in winter, you will feel a significant decrease in the mileage (more obvious in the north), which is a normal phenomenon. Because of the low temperature environment, the battery activity is reduced, resulting in the decrease of the battery capacity in the low temperature environment, and in the normal temperature environment, the battery capacity is restored to the normal state.
Therefore, consumers should avoid using two wheeler electric bike outdoors overnight in winter or charging in low temperature environment.
1) Avoid exposure under the high temperature day, and it is strictly forbidden to charge in high temperature environments;
2) Avoid charging immediately after driving at high temperature to prevent the charging time from being too long (normal for about 8 hours);
3) When the battery is charged, the power box is hot or does not turn green lights. The afte-sales service outlets of the battery operating store or battery company should be detected and maintained by the battery operating store or battery company.
No, you should charge it in time when the state of charge is low. Although the battery has the controller pressure limit protection, but still for a moment, the battery voltage recovery, and can briefly ride, so the use of the biggest damage to the battery, will cause the battery overdischarge, seriously affect the service life.
If the use is inferior charger, fault charger, the highest charging voltage parameter is too high charger or charging time for the battery is too long, will cause the battery water loss aggravation, electrolyte premature dry, easy to cause the deformation of the charging drum, so that the service life of the battery is terminated in advance.
When the battery ages, the capacity drops, the mileage will become shorter, but the following problems that do not belong to the battery will also lead to a shorter mileage.
1) The main line is too thin, and the tire pressure is insufficient
2) When the efficiency of the motor decreases, the useless effort to increase, waste the power, and shorten the continuous mileage
3) The separator charger owes charging when charging the battery every day, so that the battery capacity is insufficient and the renewal mileage decreases day by day.
4) Poor controller makes two wheeler electric bike starting the charging current is too large, resulting mileage decreases.
5) Two Wheeler Electric Bike The friction coefficient of each movement area is too large, or the mechanical transmission resistance is too large, which can also cause waste of electricity, which leads to shortening the mileage of renewal, etc.
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When the power on the two wheeler electric bike shows the table pointer at the lowest or near the lowest position, charging the two wheeler electric bike is optimal, which is conducive to the service life of the battery. If the daily cycling range is within 5-10km, it is recommended that you do not charge every day, that is to say, do not have a short range, charge frequently. Otherwise, the battery life will be terminated prematurely.
When one or several of your two wheeler electric bike battery cells fails, to replace the whole group, do not replace the faulty battery alone. This is the only only used when the battery is maintained with special equipment. Special remind you: one set of batteries shall not be one or several of them for other use!
No, two wheeler electric bike often vibrate in the use of the uneven road surface, if the charger vibrates, its components parameters will drift, affect the charging performance and even damage the battery (undercharged or charged drum battery), therefore, the charger is strictly prohibited to carry with the car.
Four large pieces on Two Wheler Electric Bike: battery, motor, controller, charger is the core of Two Wheeler Electric Bike (main device part). Only the four can use the best performance of Two Wheeler Electric Bike.

No matter which device occurs, or related parameters do not meet the requirements of the configuration, the reactor has a short range of renewal mileage on Two Wheeler Electric Bike, and the life of the battery is ended in advance. Therefore, Two Wheeler Electric Bike is not all the problem of battery storage.

All of the above are the reference answer to the use of two wheeler electric bike. If you want to know more, or want to know about TYCORUN ENERGY two wheeler electric bike or swappable two wheeler battery products, please contact us.

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