Advantages and disadvantages of li polymer battery

In the electric two-wheeler battery, the battery cell we most often contact with the type is cylindrical battery, TYCORUN ENERGY motorcycle battery mainly use cylindrical lithium ion battery and lithium prismatic cell, so what is the lithium polymer battery? In this article, we will introduce the characteristics of lithium polymer battery, what are different from other batteries, and the advantages and disadvantages.
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Definition and introduction of the li polymer battery

Li polymer battery has high energy, miniaturization and lightweight characteristics. It consists of a positive electrode, a negative electrode, and an lithium ion battery electrolyte, at least one of which uses a polymer material. Most of the polymer materials in this battery system are used on the cathode and the electrolyte. Because it has no excess electrolyte, it is more stable and reliable.

Polymer lithium-ion batteries are replaced by a solid polymer electrolyte, which can be “dry” or “adhesive” and currently mostly uses polymer colloidal electrolytes. The matrix of the polymer is mainly HFP-PVDF, PEO, PAN and PMMA.

The classification of the Li polymer battery

  1. Solid polymer electrolyte lithium-ion battery
  2. Gel-polymer-electrolyte lithium-ion battery
  3. Polymer lithium-ion batteries


Difference between li polymer battery and ordinary lithium battery

  1. Different from raw materials, the raw material of ordinary lithium battery is liquid or colloid electrolyte; the raw material of li polymer battery is electrolyte, polymer electrolyte (solid or colloid state) and organic electrolyte.
  2. The safety performance is different, lithium battery is generally overheated, thermal runaway will have the risk of explosion, li polymer battery does not explode, may become a swollen battery.
  3. Shape is different, polymer battery and ordinary batteries, ultra-thin shape accounts for the lightweight advantage.
  4. The battery production process is different. The thicker the ordinary lithium battery, the better production, the thinner the li polymer battery, the better production.
  5. The capacity is different. Due to technical limitations, li polymer battery capacity is relatively small and there is no room for improvement.

The advantages and disadvantages of li polymer battery

Advantages of li polymer battery

  1. Because the lithium polymer battery provides the safety and circulation of the lithium secondary battery, in the case of the battery overheating, the battery will not explode directly, and there will be expansion and combustion, and the risk factor is not so high.
  2. The battery is super thin, with only a few millimeters thin. Aluminum-plastic film is much lighter than steel shell and aluminum shell.
  3. With a high specific energy and a wide operating temperature range.
  4. Stable working voltage, the voltage is basically 3.6v.
  5. The internal resistance is small, and the minimum internal resistance can be achieved below 35 m Ω.


Disadvantages of li polymer battery

  1. Li polymer battery itself is poor versatility, the use is not so flexible.
  2. If planned according to customer requirements, the appearance is changeable, the variety, will be easy to increase the cost.
  3. As long as it is broken, it will be completely waste, seriously affecting the life of the battery.
  4. The performance of high current discharge is not as good as 18650 cylindrical battery.

The application of the li polymer battery

li polymer battery With high safety, high temperature resistance, long life and low self-discharge rate, has a very wide range of application fields, suitable for a variety of electronic equipment and new energy vehicles. Among electronic devices, li polymer battery can be used in smartphones, tablets, laptops, smartwatches and more.

Because li polymer battery has a higher energy density and can store more electricity in a smaller volume, li polymer battery has become the main type of battery in many high-end electronic devices. In addition, the use of li polymer battery in electronic devices can also improve the overall performance and design of the device, such as making the phone thinner and more portable.

Prospect analysis of li polymer battery

Polymer lithium ion battery as a new energy, with high energy, small body, lightweight, using the anode continuously discharge back and forth, realize sustainable use, upstream for lithium mineral resources, midstream materials, batteries production, batteries for lithium battery production equipment.

Lithium battery testing system provider and lithium battery assembly enterprises, downstream mainly lithium battery supporting applications, including 3C (consumer lithium ion battery), new energy vehicles (power lithium ion battery), energy storage industry (energy storage type lithium battery), can achieve high quality, high efficiency, high development trend of environmental protection.



Lithium polymer batteries basically do not explode, the heat dissipation performance is good, therefore, compared with other batteries safety advantage, but because the battery packaging is aluminum plastic film packaging, so in the thermal management out of control or the battery is punctured, there will be inevitable occurrence of gas or combustion.

For lithium polymer batteries, the optimal state of charge should be 40-60%. The optimal storage temperature should be between 15-25℃, and the relative humidity should be between 45-85% RH.

Each battery has its own advantages and disadvantages, of course, if it is suitable for portable products, you need to be light as the first demand, lithium polymer battery is the best choice. In other applications to choose which type of battery is good, as long as the battery is purchased through formal channels, after testing and certification of the company, the product quality and safety are guaranteed.

Yes, compared with other lithium-ion batteries, the lipo motorcycle battery can achieve stable discharge with higher output power, thus improving the driving power of motorcycles.

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