INABIKE 2023-Asian's-largest-international-motorcycle-and-bike-trade-show

INABIKE 2023 – Asian’s largest international motorcycle and bike trade show

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With the implementation of global carbon neutrality, many countries have begun to replace gasoline with electricity, and the market for electric two-wheelers will continue to expand. As one of the largest motorcycle markets in the world, Indonesia holds the INABIKE exhibition every year. This article will introduce you to INABIKE, Asia’s largest international motorcycle and bike trade show.

Exhibition Introduction

The 10th INABIKE (Indonesia International Bike, Parts & Accessories Exhibition), organized by PT. GEM INDONESIA, will be held in Jakarta, Indonesia International Expo (JIEXPO) from May 24 to 26, 2023, and INAPA 2023, Lube Indonesia 2023 and Tire & Rubber Indonesia 2023 will be held at the same period.


The first INABIKE exhibition was held in 2009, and it is held once a year, with a rapid development speed. The last INABIKE attracted 1,002 exhibitors from 24 countries and 23,168 visitors from more than 40 countries around the world. The scale of the exhibition was unprecedented.


INABIKE is regarded as the most potential motorcycle and electric two-wheeler industry trade show in Indonesia. It provides an opportunity to display the latest products of motorcycles and electric bicycles, as well as parts, accessories and technologies.

The show has a significant business-to-business element and provides an effective platform for motorcycle companies and manufacturers interested in selling their products and services to regional retailers and distributors. Two wheeler lithium battery manufacturers in China and other regions in the world attend the show seeking for business opportunities every year.

Exhibition information


Exhibition name: INABIKE (Indonesia International Bike, Parts & Accessories Exhibition)

Exhibition time: May 24-26, 2023

Exhibition hall: Jakarta International Expo (JIEXPO)

Exhibition hall address: Jalan Benyamin Sueb, Kemayoran, Jakarta

Exhibition bright spot: Indonesia’s largest motorcycle and electric two-wheeler exhibition

Range of exhibits

Units: motorcycle units, sidecar motorcycle, electric wheeler, bicycle.

Parts and accessories: motorcycle spare parts, motorcycle engine, motorcycle electrical equipment, motorcycle riding equipment, motorcycle machine maintenance tools and workshop equipment, raw materials, semi-finished products and packaging materials, lubricants and related care products, motorcycle travel, electric bicycle accessories, bicycle, bicycle machine maintenance tools and workshop equipment, bicycle riding clothing, bicycle travel, and other related products


Market introduction

Indonesia, the largest economy in Southeast Asia, is a member of ASEAN and the G20 Group. It sits between India and the Pacific Ocean and is close to East-West trade zones, making it an important economic belt. In addition, Indonesia has a population of 230 million and more than 20 million overseas Chinese, makes it the fourth most populous country in the world and has great market potential.

The Indonesian government has encouraged the reduction of environmental pollution caused by the use of cars, and the sales of motorcycles in Indonesia keep the upward trend.
A total of 1.048 million cars and 5.221 million motorcycles were sold in Indonesia in 2022. President Joko Widodo has encouraged the auto industry to be export-oriented, with Indonesian car exports increasing from 300,000 units in 2021 to 600,000 units in 2022.


Last month, Indonesia government announced plans to develop a roadmap for new motorcycle sales and to allocate 7 trillion rupiah to subsidize sales of electric motorcycles till 2024. The Indonesian government has also announced a goal of having 400,000 electric four-wheelers and 1.76 million electric two-wheelers on the road by 2025.

The government is actively supporting the replacement of internal combustion engine motorcycles with electric power, and is actively promoting the transition to electric vehicles with the aim of reducing their significant air pollution, and has launched a pilot project. This year, the government will provide a subsidy of 7 million rupiah for 200,000 electric motorcycles and 7 million rupiah for 50,000 modified electric motorcycles.

The secretary general of the Ministry of Energy and Mining said that electric motorcycle owners could save 2.77 million rupiah in fuel expenses annually, and the government could reduce fuel subsidy expenditure by 32.7 billion rupiah annually, reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 30,000 tons and increase electricity consumption by 15.2Gwh.


As the global clean energy transition continues to forge ahead at breakneck speed, countries with battery metal reserves hope to corner this growing market, and Indonesia is leading the way in nickel supplies.

According to public data, Indonesia is the world’s largest producer of nickel, a key material used in electric car batteries. To take advantage of its vast nickel reserves, Indonesia has been actively promoting investment in Indonesian batteries and electric vehicles.

Indonesia not only wants to transform vehicles but also wants to build an industry around electric mobility and become a leading supplier of battery production. South Korea’s LG Energy is building a $1.1 billion battery plant in Indonesia, while Hyundai Motor has already set up its first plant to assemble electric cars in Indonesia last year, China’s CATL is also investing in the sector.

Many battery swapping station manufacturers in China are considering how to go global, and Indonesia, one of the world’s largest motorcycle markets, is a market that many Chinese enterprises are considering entering. Among them, China’s TYCORUN ENERGY will also participate in the INABIKE exhibition, trying to enter this broad motorcycle market.

Introduction of competent exhibitor – TYCORUN ENERGY

Tycorun Energy CO., LTD.(booth number:A8C2-09)is a lithium-ion battery manufacturer and solution supplier located in China. The team has many years of experience in comprehensive solution of battery swapping cabinets, providing the whole system required by power swapping, including customized batteries, intelligent swapping cabinets of 5 /8 /9 /12 ports and cloud platform management system. It is a solution supplier with perfect customization capability.



At present, the market of electric two-wheelers is still in the early stage. Electric bicycles are grabbing the low-end market, and the friction penetration rate of electric motorcycles is still very low. However, all aspects are ready for development, and the electric wheeler market has a huge prospect.

INABIKE 2023 is an excellent platform to explore the Indonesian market and showcase innovative technologies and products to the industry exhibitors around the world.

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