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Top 10 charging pile company in China

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With the continuous popularity of new energy vehicles, the charging pile is then developed. The speed and popularity of charging pile directly affects the battery life of new energy vehicles, so the choice of charging pile is very important. Next, this article will introduce you to the top 10 charging pile company in China for new energy vehicles. They are NARI, ZTT, TGOOD, Sungrow, Sieyuan, XJ, EAST, Megmeet, Injet, and Elion.

Top 10 charging pile company in China


NARI is one of charging pile company Company profile:
NARI, founded in 2001, is not only a provider of integrated energy Internet solutions with intelligent energy and power as the core, but also a provider of charging piles for highway construction.
NARI, as a leading enterprise among the top 10 charging pile company in China, has a market share of 14% of the company’s DC charging piles, ranking first in China; its market share of AC charging pile is 21%.
In the future, NARI will continue to expand the business of charging piles and speed up the construction of charging pile, while also increasing the amount of investment in “UHV”.
Registered capital: 170.7 billion CNY
Company website:


ZTT is one of charging pile company Company profile:
ZTT was established in 1996. ZTT is mainly engaged in optical fiber communication, and later involved in investment, real estate, hotel services and other industries. Now it has formed two major product industry chains of telecommunications and electricity. Taking power station construction as the leader, featuring distributed photovoltaics, and microgrid technology as the core, it has become a new development area for ZTT.
In addition, ZTT is also actively developing the business of charging piles, and the charging piles developed by ZTT are also developing in the direction of environmental protection and intelligence. At the same time, once the three “new AC and DC charging pile products” pioneered by ZTT were put into the market, the sensation caused by them was not found in other top 10 charging pile company in China These three products use staggered parallel LLC technology, which helps the heat dissipation and stability of the products.
In the future, ZTT will launch a charging demand that can meet the city’s “light energy + storage + charging” integration, so that the charging pile can maximize its efficiency and function.
Registered capital: 80.8 billion CNY
Company website:


TGOOD is one of charging pile company Company profile:
TGOOD was established in 2004 as a Sino-German joint venture. TGOOD is committed to providing customers from all walks of life with overall solutions for power transformation and distribution systems. The three business segments of TGOOD are: outdoor box-changing products, focusing on the research and development and production of box-changing products, electric vehicle charging plate and new energy micro-grid.
Different from other top 10 charging pile company in China mainly develop and produce charging piles when developing the charging pile business, while TGOOD company develops charging network. The charging network combines electric vehicle charging and energy management, and realizes an interconnected system of electric vehicles, photovoltaics, power distribution, and energy storage in the industrial park.
In the future, TGOOD will use the charging network system to realize automatic charging between vehicles and the connection between vehicles and charging networks.
Registered capital: 16.2 billion CNY
Company website:


Sungrow is one of charging pile company Company profile:
Founded in 2007, Sungrow is a company specializing in the research and development, production, sales and service of new energy power equipment such as solar energy, wind energy, energy storage, and electric vehicles. The main products are photovoltaic inverters, wind power converters, energy storage systems, etc., and are committed to providing world-class clean energy full life cycle solutions.
Sungrow’s charging piles not only have 120kW integrated DC piles, but also 120kW and 160kW integrated DC piles. The company’s products can adapt to various harsh environments. Of course, different from the charging piles sold by other top 10 charging pile company in China,Sungrow’s charging piles can control the charging mode and payment method through the App, thereby improving charging. efficiency. And it is the only one of the Top 10 charging pile company in China that sells European standard AC piles.
In the future, Sungrow will be based on new energy business, accelerate the development of photovoltaic power generation system business, innovate clean power conversion technology, keep close to customer needs, actively participate in global competition, and strive to build the company into a respected global first-class enterprise.
Registered capital: 191.8 billion CNY
Company website:


Sieyuan is one of charging pile company Company profile:
Founded in 1993, Sieyuan is a company specializing in power technology research and development, equipment manufacturing and engineering services. The products cover high-voltage switchgear, transformers, relay protection and automation systems, etc., serving many industries such as electric power, new energy, and metallurgy. As one of the top 10 charging pile company in China, Sieyuan closely follows globalization and has successively obtained supplier qualifications from European power systems, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Mexico and other national grid customers.
Recently, the 500 kV DC circuit breaker developed by Sieyaun has become an international initiative, filling the gap of this technology in the world.
Registered capital: 30.2 billion CNY
Company website:


XJ is one of charging pile company Company profile:
Founded in 2005, XJ is a leading enterprise in China’s power equipment industry. Its products cover all aspects of the power system such as power generation, transmission, distribution, and power consumption, spanning the fields of high and medium voltage, AC and DC equipment.
With the introduction of electric vehicles into households and various fields of society, users have higher and higher requirements for battery capacity, mileage, and charging speed, and higher and higher demand for high-power charging technology. Therefore, the high-power charging technology of the charging pile developed by XJ meets China’s demand for this technology. And the characteristic of this charging pile – charging for 10 minutes, the battery life is 400 kilometers, making charging as convenient as refueling.
In the future, SJ will develop wireless charging technology according to market demand and promote the construction of charging piles.
Registered capital: 2,320,890,000 CNY
Company website:


East is one of charging pile company Company profile:
East was established in 1989, mainly engaged in smart power supply (electric power supply, communication power supply), data center (modular data center, intelligent power distribution) and smart energy (charging pile, power exchange cabinet).
The electric vehicle charging piles developed by East include public charging stations, urban charging stations and even airport charging. This is a top 10 charging pile company in China, and one of the few companies that applies charging pile to airports.
Recently, with the issuance of the carbon neutral policy, East promotes the development of energy storage technology and innovates energy storage technology.
Registered capital: 16.7 billion CNY
Company website:


Megmeet is one of charging pile company Company profile:
Megmeet, established in 2003, is a company with power electronics and industrial control as its core technologies. The company’s business areas cover customized power supplies, new energy vehicles and other businesses.
Since the charging pile belongs to a new industry, from operators to equipment manufacturers to parts manufacturers are constantly exploring, so Megmeet’s positioning in the field of charging pile is to do a good job of charging modules. In-depth understanding of customer actual application scenarios. Therefore, as one of the top 10 charging pile company in China,Megmeet is currently leading the industry in terms of large-scale constant power and high protection of charging piles, and has proposed a module concept for the research and development of charging pile. In the future, Megmeet will develop charging modules for harsh environments.
Registered capital: 14.4 billion CNY
Company website:


Injet is one of charging pile company Company profile:
Founded in 1996, Injet is a professional industrial power supply design and manufacturing enterprise. The company focuses on the R&D and manufacturing of power-controlled power supply and industrial power supply equipment. Its products are not only widely used in traditional industries such as petroleum and chemical industry, but also in emerging industries such as photovoltaic and environmental protection.
In addition, the charging piles produced by Injet have a larger feature than those produced by other top 10 charging pile company in China, that is, the charging piles produced by the company can charge new energy vehicles with national standard interfaces.
Recently, the annual output of single crystal power supplies produced by Injet exceeded 10,000 units, marking the company’s huge breakthrough in crystal, photovoltaic and other industries.
Registered capital: 16 billion CNY
Company website:


Elion is one of charging pile company Company profile:
Elion was established in 1999. Its main business items are chemical products, which are widely used in chemical, building materials, agriculture and other industries. At the same time, the company comprehensively promotes the integration of environmental protection energy and coal chemical projects, and realizes the low-carbon development of the industrial chain.
In addition, the company combines hydrogen energy, charging piles, photovoltaics, coal chemical industry, energy saving and environmental protection, and can develop multiple businesses while also saving energy and environmental protection.
Recently, the company has completed the transformation of the air cooler of the first calcium carbide furnace gas purification system, investing technical strength for low-carbon development.
Registered capital: 16.8 billion CNY
Company website:

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