Top 10 electric two wheeler manufacturers in India

It has to be said that under the global environmental protection trend, the electric vehicle market is already in an era of contention among a hundred schools of thought, especially in the Indian market.

In the past few years, India has become a hub of innovation in the field of electric vehicles and motorcycles, with the emergence of many manufacturers, each with its own unique sales proposition. This article compiles the top 10 electric two wheeler manufacturers in India. Ranked in no particular order.

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Top 10 electric two wheeler manufacturers in India in 2024


Established date 1985
Global headquarters New Delhi, India
Company website

Based in New Delhi, India, Hero MotoCorp has been at the forefront of the design and development of technologically advanced motorcycles and scooters for customers around the world. It became one of the top 10 electric two wheeler manufacturers in India in 2001 and has maintained the title for 20 consecutive years.


With more than 100 million satisfied customers worldwide, the company continues to drive socioeconomic progress and empowerment through a range of products and services. Under the leadership of Hero MotoCorp Chairman Dr. Pawan Munjal, Hero MotoCorp has made rapid progress in expanding its operations to 40 countries in Asia, Africa and in South and Central America.

Hero MotoCorp Is a truly global company with a staff composed of people from different countries, including India, Bangladesh, Colombia, Germany, Austria, Japan and France.



Established date 2015
Global headquarters Gurgaon , Haryana
Company website

Okinawa Autotech Internationall Private Limited (formerly known as Okinawa Autotech Private Limited) is a 100% Indian two wheeler electric bike manufacturing company that was established in 2015 with a mission to create two wheelers that can drive our present towards a sustainable future.

Okinawa’s success has calmed all the debate about the feasibility of the country’s electric vehicles and emerged as one of the top 10 electric two wheeler manufacturers in India.


By offering removable batteries, quick charging, central lock, and app connectivity in high-speed scooters, Okinawa ensures that people miss nothing when switching from an internal combustion engine to electric vehicles.



Established date 2017
Global headquarters Bangalore, Karnataka, India
Company website

Ola Electric Mobility Is an Indian manufacturer of electric two-wheelers, headquartered in Bangalore, Karnataka, India. It is one of the top 10 electric two wheeler manufacturers in India, valued at about $5.4 billion as of September 2023. It has a manufacturing facility in Krishnagiri) in Tamil Nadu and is the largest two-wheeled electric vehicle manufacturer in India.


Ola Electric Is the leader in the electric scooter market in India and currently has a 30% market share. Founded by founder Bhavish Aggarwal, Ola Electric has grown in popularity with the use of electric cars and scooters in India. Now developed into one of the top 10 electric two wheeler manufacturers in India.



Established date 2008
Global headquarters Bengaluru, Karnataka
Company website

With the foresight and passion to revolutionise everyday mobility, Ampere set out to take action back in 2008. By utilising optimum research and technology, Ampere is driving India towards Har Gully Electric with their electric vehicles. Experience eco-friendly transportation and play a role in creating a cleaner planet with Ampere’s innovative energy solutions.


Ampere Electric, one of the top 10 electric two wheeler manufacturers in India provides a wide range of energy-efficient products and solutions for clean last mile. As a responsible company backed by state-of-the-art technology, comprehensive EV ecosystem support, Ampere over the last 14 years has been transforming the affordable mobility landscape.



Established date 1979
Global headquarters Hosur, Tamil Nadu
Company website

One of the top 10 electric two wheeler manufacturers in India, TVS Motor Company (often referred to as TVS) is an Indian multinational motorcycle manufacturer headquartered in Chennai. It is the third largest motorcycle company in India by revenue.

The company sells 3 million units annually and produces more than 4 million units annually. TVS Motor Company is also the second largest two-wheeler manufacturer in India and exports to over 60 countries.


TVS Motor Company is the flagship company of the TVS Group and the largest company in terms of value and turnover in the group. The logo of TVS Motor Company has a red horse. Donate blood for everyone. TVS Motor manufactures the widest range of two-wheelers ranging from mopeds, scooters, road bikes to racing bikes like the TVS Apache series and TVS Apache RR310.



Established date 1945
Global headquarters Pune, India
Company website

Bajaj, the brand has sold more than 21 million motorcycles in more than 79 countries, is the veritable “most popular Indian brand in the world”. It is the largest motorcycle exporter in India, and two-thirds of all bikes sold internationally carry Bajaj badges.

As one of the top 10 electric two wheeler manufacturers in India, Bajaj Auto is the first two-wheeler company in the world to reach a market capitalization of INR 1 trillion and remains the most valuable two-wheeler company in the world.


For the past 75 years, it has been delivering products with best-in-class design and technology without compromising on quality. The company’s strong commitment to new product initiatives positions it well for the future.

February 27,2023, Bangalore, India: Yu, India’s largest electric mobility sharing company, and Bajaj Auto, the world’s most valuable two-wheeler and three-wheel company, launched Miracle GR and DeX GR. These new generation vehicles are developed on a platform built specifically for electric two-wheelers, designed for Indian consumers, climate and road conditions.



Established date 2013
Global headquarters Bangalore, Karnataka
Company website

Ather Energy is a Bengaluru-based startup that researches and designs smart electric two-wheelers. The company was founded in 2013 by Tarun Mehta and Swapnil Jain. Today, the company has about 40 employees (most of them engineers) and focuses on electric motorcycles. Ather is one of the few companies in India, specifically within the automotive industry, to have products and services that amalgamate clean design and engineering – Hardware and software.


Today, electric motorcycles have been conceptualized, designed and manufactured in India. As the company claims, “Electric motorcycles will be the first of their kind to be smart, connected and futuristic.” Ather Energy has become one of the top 10 electric two wheeler manufacturers in India.



Established date 2010
Global headquarters Pune, Maharashtra
Company website

Tork Motors is a high-performance electric vehicle and charging infrastructure manufacturing startup based out of Pune, India. Backed by a successful racing background and years of groundbreaking research and development, TORK Motors launched India’s First Electric Motorcycle – ‘KRATOS’.


Then in April of the same year, the first batch of vehicles began to be delivered. Since then, Tork Motors has gradually added new variants to the Kratos electric motorcycle range. In August 2023, they launched the Kratos-R Urban, which is the most affordable yet.


AMO electric

Established date 2018
Global headquarters Noida , Uttar Pradesh
Company website

AMO Electric Bikes, an EV manufacturer in India committed to providing reliable, sustainable, and affordable e-mobility solutions to the masses. AMO adhere to the highest global standards and are in step with the latest developments in this sector.


AMO Electric Bikes is one of the first companies to venture into the electric vehicle industry in India. The vision of AMO e-bikes is to transform electric transportation into mass mobility. E-bikes in India started in 2004 but did not pick up the pace until 2014.

AMO Electric Scooter identifies three major issues with the current state of electric vehicles in India: reliability, sustainability and affordability. After identifying the underlying problem, launch a new e-bike with all three features.


Simple energy

Established date 2019
Global headquarters Bangalore
Company website

One of the top 10 electric two wheeler manufacturers in India. Simple energy passionate about the ‘Future Of Mobility’ powered by indigenous engineering and design. Whether it is about optimizing battery performance for longer ride durations to increasing design robustness for unrivalled performance, Simple energy innovation is helping solve global challenges for tomorrow.


Indian electric vehicle startup Simple Energy has launched its second electric two-wheeler, Dot One. The scooter can travel up to 151 kilometers on a single charge, which the company claims is the longest range of any scooter in its class. It is equipped with a 3.7kWh battery and an 8.5kW electric motor, giving it a peak torque output of 72Nm.

The above is all the introduction of the top 10 electric two wheeler manufacturers in India. If you are interested in two-wheelers, custom electric tricycle and deep cycle motorcycle battery products, you are welcome to contact us. As one of the top 10 battery swapping station manufacturers in China, Tycorun provides one-stop battery swapping station solution, not just for motorcycles and motorcycle batteries.


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