Top 10 e bike disc brake manufacturers in China

The disc brake is a common type of brake on two wheeler electric bike. The brake disc is a metal disc and the e bike brake pads are mounted on the brake pliers.
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Top 10 e bike disc brake manufacturers in China in 2023


Established date 2015-09-12
Global headquarters Dongguan City, Guangdong Province

WEICHEN is a brand of Dongguan WEICHEN Lock Co., LTD. The brand disc brake lock body is cast with high-quality zinc alloy, the surface is sand-sprayed electroplating, and has been professionally waterproof.

WEICHEN brand since its inception, deeply loved by the majority of users, although WEICHEN has made some good results, but did not slow down the pace of progress, is still in the industry to become the top brand efforts, It is now one of the top 10 e bike disc brake manufacturers in China.


WEICHEN’s products mainly include disc brake, alarm disc lock, disc lock, locomotive lock, alarm lock, electric lock, motorcycle anti-theft lock, U-lock, joint lock, bicycle anti-theft lock, reminder rope, disc brake, disc brake lock, mountain bike lock, disc brake mountain bike, chain lock, mountain bike lock, anti-theft chain lock, etc.



Established date 2013-12-12
Global headquarters Longhua District, Shenzhen

Mi.Xim brand is one of the top 10 e bike disc brake manufacturers in China, founded in 2013.


At present, the main products of the brand Mi.Xim are: disc brake, mountain bike brake, riser, seat tube, seat bar, bicycle transmission, disc brake, to ling, mountain bike brake, rim, mountain bike transmission, bicycle brake, transmission, gear disc, quick disassembly rod, seat tube clamp, flower drum ring, flower drum, bicycle flower drum, mountain bike wheel set, etc.

Although it has achieved some good results, it has not slowed down the pace of progress and is still working hard to become a well-known brand in the industry.



Established date 1940
Global headquarters Shanghai, China
Company website

The history of Shanghai FOREVER Co., Ltd. engaged in bicycles dates back to 1940. Forever is one of the earliest complete bicycle manufacturers in China, with a history of 76 years. Especially after the establishment of New China, it has made an indelible contribution to the development of China’s bicycle industry as a large bicycle factory.


FOREVER developed a unified national bicycle standards, specifications of the calibration car, and developed China’s excellent 660MM light bike, truck, racing and electric bicycle, LPG gas scooter and other products. FOREVER is now one of the top 10 e bike disc brake manufacturers in China.



Established date 2015-05-04
Global headquarters Shenzhen City, China

IIIPRO brand as one of the top 10 e bike disc brake manufacturers in China, since its establishment, IIIPRO brand always adhere to the user first intentions to serve customers, in good faith to provide consumers with fresh first-class products and value services.


IIIPRO specializes in producing and selling disc brake, mountain bike brake, oil brake, mountain bike oil brake, disc brake, Lai Ling disc, titanium screws, mountain bike brake, electric car brake, disc brake mountain bike, bicycle brake, disc brake, disc brake, riser, bicycle brake line, brake line, mountain bike brake, bicycle brake, disc brake and other products.



Established date 1921
Global headquarters Japan
Company website

The SHIMANO Group was founded in 1921 with its head office in Osaka, Japan. After more than 80 years of development, with subsidiaries in 17 countries around the world, and has become a multinational group company specializing in manufacturing and selling electric bike parts, fishing gear, snowboards and golf supplies.

SHIMANO has become one of the top 10 e bike disc brake manufacturers in China, as a Japanese brand, SHIMANO has a very obvious Japanese brand gene. Also has become one of the top 10 electric motor manufacturers for motorcycle in China.


Although its fountain-factories have been spread all over the world, its product quality control is still very good, with obvious characteristics of Japanese craftsman spirit. Summarize several characteristics: cost-effective, stable products, smooth transmission, simple maintenance is currently on the market transmission share is the largest and most reliable manufacturers.



Established date 2013
Global headquarters Shenzhen City, China

MEIJUN, since its establishment, Meijun brand has been actively learning modern enterprise management system, introducing high-quality management talents, creating a comprehensive management model, and always striving to serve users with high-quality products. It is now one of the top 10 e bike disc brake manufacturers in China.


MEIJUN’s main products include flower drum ring, mountain bike wheel set, disc brake lock, mountain bike tooth disc, bicycle wheel set, bicycle handle set, bicycle tooth disc, wheel set, disc brake disc, mountain bike handle set, tooth disc, ATV tires, standpipe, titanium screws, mountain bike frame, bicycle axle, bicycle axle, rocket plate, flower drum, bicycle flower drum and other fields.



Established date 2012
Global headquarters Shanghai, China

Saiansinuo is one of the top 10 e bike disc brake manufacturers in China, founded in 2012, over the years of development, Saiansinuo brand has introduced high-quality management talents, to create a full range of business management model, Always adhering to the high quality products to serve the user.


Brand Saiansinuo main products cover maintenance oil, bicycle machine, chain oil, pedal rod, steel wire lock, racing frame, mountain bike oil dish, shock absorber frame, motorcycle anti-theft lock, integrated wheel mountain bike, spring frame, steel cable lock, student mountain bike, bicycle chain oil, shock absorber frame, ring lock, mountain bike saddle, inflator, electric lock, disc brake and other fields.



Established date 2011-08-29
Global headquarters Longhua District, Shenzhen
Company website

Since the development of CYLION for many years, Cylion brand has actively learned the modern enterprise management system, introduced high-quality management personnel, and created a comprehensive management model, and has been striving to be loved by the majority of users.


Brand CYLION as one of the top 10 e bike disc brake manufacturers in China, Main products cover bicycle chain, mountain bike chain, stop slip agent, maintenance oil, car chain, chain washer, motorcycle brake pads, bicycle flywheel, chain oil, bicycle tooth disk, mountain bike tooth disk, bicycle machine, tooth disk, driving wheel, bicycle axle, chain lock, tires, bicycle tires, road tires, car tires and other fields.



Established date 2014
Global headquarters Shanghai, China

Angwan is a brand of Shanghai Hutian Trading Co., LTD. As one of the top 10 e bike disc brake manufacturers in China, Angwan was established in Qingpu District, Shanghai in 2014. Angwan is a product development company. Bicycle accessories manufacturing, product mass production as one of the specialized enterprises.


Angwan’s core business has a variety of bicycle and its spare parts, and can contract all kinds of spare parts to sample processing. Whether it is in the single mold manufacturing, product mass production, electronic assembly, or in the comprehensive support of products, Angwan can provide perfect technical solutions and products to satisfy customers according to their different needs.



Established date 2015
Global headquarters Shenzhen
Company website

LEBYCLE was established in May 2015, rooted in the Chinese market, global promotion and sales, product self-research, patents, involving e bike brake pads, brakes, disc brake disc, bicycle shaft, bicycle bowl set kit, variable speed guide wheel, crank tooth disc, bicycle special tools, riding equipment and other varieties.


As one of the top 10 e bike disc brake manufacturers in China, LeBycle has a complete system, including R&D, design, production, processing, assembly and sales of full-link operation capabilities. It is an innovative technology company committed to the development of bicycle accessories and related products, and is also a service company committed to providing professional technical and hardware support for the rider team.

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