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Outdoor EV charger is designed for drivers on the road to solve the battery lasting problem, these chargers are essential to the global adoption of cars and two wheeler electric bike, which will enable urban commuting to become both efficient and ecologically friendly as transportation becomes cleaner and greener.
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Can EV chargers be mounted outside?

Yes! EV chargers can be mounted outside if designed to tolerate external environmental conditions. Such EV chargers are designed using weather-resistant materials. Thus, this resistance prevents the EV chargers from any type of environmental fluctuations, including rain, snowfall, etc. Such EV chargers maintain their functionality even in varying environmental conditions. Thus, it dramatically ensures the durability of the EV chargers.

Commonly, EV chargers are mounted or installed in commercial parking lots near residential areas and public spaces. These outdoor EV chargers ensure precise functioning, designed for the perfect outdoor usage. But invest in a certified outdoor EV charger to provide the best working.

Are outdoor chargers safe?

Outside chargers, similar to indoor chargers, are safe and effective. As we discussed earlier outdoor chargers are designed considering the outdoor requirements. They exhibit the features that make them perfect for outdoor installation. You can install them outside your place or in the garage without fear of causing any damage to them. This is because they are perfectly resistant to outdoor conditions.

However, regarding their safety and accurate functioning, it is crucial that qualified professionals properly install the outdoor chargers according to the manufacturer’s instructions. In addition to the proper installation, adherence to the local codes is also necessary for the safety of the EV chargers.


Discuss the requirements of the outdoor EV charger

Outdoor EV charger is designed to withstand outdoor conditions successfully. However, some requirements are necessary for the non-stop and proper working of the chargers. The most demanded requirements of the outdoor eve chargers are discussed below.

  • Outdoor EV charger must be designed in a way that it offers more excellent resistance against fluctuating weather. It must remain unaffected due to the storms, rain, varying temperatures. Additionally, they must be corrosion-resistant to prevent corrosion.
  • The EV chargers must be waterproof and remain unaffected in wet conditions. Its waterproof property will automatically protect its internal components from the water. Thus, it will ensure the longevity of the EV charger.
  • It is essential to protect the outdoor ev charger from electrical hazards through its proper insulation and grounding.
  • It must have a user-friendly design. The address of the device must be reasonable. It must have clear instructions for installation and usage to enhance the users’ overall experience.
  • Outdoor ev charger must be compatible with the specific model of the electric vehicle batteries.


What are the risks of installing EV charging stations?

In addition to offering numerous benefits, installing EV charging stations can be risky. Here are some common risks that are associated with installing EV charging stations.

  • Inadequate power supply can be a dominant problem if the EV charging stations are installed in remote areas with insufficient power supply. It directly results in the malfunctioning of the power stations. The charging stations will also cause a low charging speed and will not charge the batteries.
  • Install an outdoor EV charger. If the protection is not in place, may be affected by bad weather and natural disasters when charging, and there may be safety risks.
  • Installing multiple EV charging systems can adversely affect the electrical system. It will cause overloading of the electrical system. Thus, it can cause fire explosions in the tripped circuits.
  • Adhering to the local codes is necessary during EV installation of the EV charging stations. However, it can be challenging.
  • Maintenance of the EV charging stations is essential for adequately working and charging the installed charging stations. If they are not maintained properly, they can cause charging issues.


How do you secure an outdoor EV charger?

Protecting your installed EV charger is necessary for its accurate working. Let us check the main recommendations you must follow to protect your EV chargers.

  • The outdoor EV charger needs to have protective measures no matter where it is placed. For example, it is waterproof, windproof and shockproof.
  • While installing the outdoor EV chargers, make sure that the mounting structure is strong. Additionally, it must be securely anchored to the ground to prevent the falling of outdoor EV chargers.
  • Install positioning devices and monitoring to ensure that batteries are not lost during charging.
  • Check the connection and usage of the charging interface regularly.
  • Hire technicians to provide timely support in case of outdooe EV charger failure or battery aging.
  • Real-time remote monitoring of the outdoor EV charger battery charging status.
  • Increase safety by installing monitoring where outdoor EV charger is located

Which is best outdoor EV charger – swapping station vs charging pile

Best outdoor EV charger is divided into two modes. Battery swapping mode and battery charging mode. Battery swapping mode refers to removing the battery pack of an electric vehicle and replacing it with a fully charged battery pack to achieve fast charging. The advantage of this outdoor EV charger is that the charging speed is fast, which can greatly shorten the user’s waiting time and improve the user experience.


The battery charging mode charges electric vehicles through high-power charging piles. Although the charging speed is relatively slow, the construction cost of this outdoor EV charger is lower and the scope of application is wider. For more comparison details, Please check the battery swap vs charging article.

From the perspective of market demand, the battery swap mode and the super charging mode have their own emphasis. The battery swap mode is more suitable for commercial vehicles such as taxis and buses, because these vehicles have longer driving ranges and have higher requirements for charging speed. The battery charging mode is more suitable for private car users, because such users have relatively low requirements for charging speed and pay more attention to the popularity and convenience of charging facilities.

From the perspective of policy support, governments of various countries have attached great importance to the development of new energy vehicles and have introduced a series of policy measures to promote industrial development. In this context, both the battery swapping mode and the charging mode are expected to receive policy support.

However, due to the advantages of the battery swap mode in terms of technological maturity and market size, this outdoor EV charger expected that it may occupy a larger share in future policy support.


Tycorun two wheeler battery charge swap station

Tycorun battery swapping station manufacturers provides best outdoor ev charger:

  • Quick swapping: Get a fully charged battery in a short time for longer lasting
  • User-friendly interface: Register and log in to the Tycorun APP to start battery swap. The steps are simple and easy to operate
  • Variety of battery types: Tycorun not only has ternary lithium batteries but also LiFePO4 batteries, with a variety of specifications, 48v, 60v, 72v series swappable battery packs.
  • Real-time monitoring: Gives current information on the charging state and condition of the swappable battery. Can better maintain the battery performance.
  • Payment integration: Tycorun battery swap station supports QR code scanning and NFC payment
  • Options for customization: Tycorun provides battery customization, battery swap cabinet customization and battery swapping project planning
Click for further information of Tycorun battery swapping station product!


The lifespan of the best EV charger is usually ten years. However, its longevity can be affected due to certain factors such as poor installation and maintenance, etc.

Fully charged, the impact on battery life is very small, just be careful not to overcharge, overcharge will have an impact on battery life.

Yes! The best Tycorun outdoor ev charger is designed in such a way that it possesses weatherproof features. It remains unaffected even by the adverse environmental conditions.

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