Top 10 power battery manufacturers in the world

Data show that from January to May in 2023, the global power battery use was 237.6GWh, up 52.3% year on year.

The top 10 power battery manufacturers in the world are: CATL, BYD, LG New Energy, Panasonic, SK On, CALB, Samsung SDI, Gotion High-tech, EVE lithium, and Sunwoda. The year-on-year data of all 10 battery manufacturers showed positive growth, and the fastest growing and double year-on-year growth were EVE and BYD, reaching 150.7% and 107.8% respectively. This is due to the rapid growth of the new energy vehicle market.

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Established date 2011-12-16
Global headquarters Fujian Province, China
Company website

Through years of operation, the company has built China’s leading power battery and energy storage system research and development manufacturing base, with the core technologies of the whole industry chain of materials, cells, battery systems and battery recycling, and is committed to providing solutions for global green energy applications and energy storage through advanced battery technology.


CATL, ranked first in top 10 power battery manufacturers in the world, has a year-on-year growth rate of 59.6%, an installed capacity of 86.2GWh and a market share of 36.3%, continuing to maintain its leading position. CATL has been ranked first in the global power battery installed capacity for six consecutive years.


It is reported that the good results of CATL are because its power battery is widely used by many popular models (such as Tesla Model 3 / Y, GAC Ian Y, NIO ET5, SAIC MG Mulan and some commercial vehicles), which effectively promotes the continuous growth of market share of CATL.



Established date 1995-02-10
Global headquarters Shenzhen City, China
Company website

Headquartered in Shenzhen, Guangdong province, China, ByD is a private new technology enterprise with three major industrial clusters: IT, automobile and new energy.


The company’s IT industry mainly includes rechargeable batteries, with BYD now ranked second in top 10 power battery manufacturers in the world, coming to 16.1%, while South Korean manufacturer LG ESS ranked third with a market share of 13.9%, and was overtaken by BYD.


It is worth mentioning that BYD batteries have a high competitiveness in terms of price, and the company’s Atto 3 models in Europe and Asia Pacific area continue to expand the market share,make BYD battery share to obtain a big growth. And we have compared BYD battery vs Tesla battery in the past article, if you are interested, just click to check it!


LG New Energy

Established date 2020-12
Global headquarters South Korea
Company website

LG New Energy is a South Korean power battery company, affiliated to LG Group of South Korea, and was established in December 2020. LG’s new energy business covers battery materials, power batteries, small batteries and energy storage systems.


In terms of power batteries, LG New Energy in top 10 power battery manufacturers in the world provides a full set of solutions, including cell cells, modules, battery pack products, matching and optimized BMS system and overall technical support.


With years of cooperation experience with world-renowned automobile enterprises, LG New Energy is committed to creating a new battery ecosystem, covering the whole life cycle from battery production to recycling.



Established date 1931
Global headquarters Japan
Company website

Japan’s Panasonic ranked fourth in top 10 power battery manufacturers in the world, with Japan’s market share falling to 8 per cent from 8.9 per cent.


It was recently reported that Panasonic needs to build about four new plants by fiscal year 2030 to meet the growing demand for electric vehicle batteries. Panasonic is an old Japanese electrical appliance company, began battery research and development in 1923, mainly for the early appliances.


In 1994, it successfully developed lithium ion rechargeable batteries, and since then it has layout the new energy related fields and aimed at the automotive battery market. It mainly provides supporting facilities for Tesla overseas models and Toyota new energy models. Other supporting models mainly include Corolla PHEV, Game Ze e-engine, Toyota C-HR EV, Lexus ux300e and so on.



Established date 2021
Global headquarters South Korea
Company website

SK On ranked fifth in top 10 power battery manufacturers in the world, with its market share down 2.1 percentage points from the same period last year. SK On received $944 million in financing in May to boost global battery production capacity.


SK On is a subsidiary of SK innovation, a subsidiary of SK Group in South Korea. SK Group is the third largest multinational enterprise in South Korea, its main business includes energy and chemical industry, information and communication, and it has many subsidiaries.


Founded in 2021, SKOn is a subsidiary of SK innovation focusing on battery research and development and production. Focusing on the research and application of high nickel technology, we successfully developed high energy density electric vehicle batteries, and mass produced NCM622 (2014), NCM811 (2018) and NCM9½½ (2021) batteries. SK innovation with the whole value chain required for electrode, separation membrane, battery pack and other battery manufacturing.



Established date 2015-12-08
Global headquarters Changzhou City, China
Company website


CALB, ranked sixth in top 10 power battery manufacturers in the world, has been gaining momentum and has repeatedly entered the top five in the monthly loading ranking. Engaged in lithium ion power battery, battery management system research and development and production of high-tech new energy company.


CALB was founded in 2007, and its products cover two systems: ternary and lithium iron phosphate. It has three industrial bases in Changzhou, Luoyang and Xiamen, and is building two bases in Chengdu and Wuhan. Our main customers include GAC, Changan, Jinkang, Wuling Hongguang and Geometry, etc.



Established date 1970
Global headquarters South Korea
Company website


One of the top 10 power battery manufacturers in the world Samsung SDI is a subsidiary of Samsung Group in the electronics sector, and is a manufacturer of batteries, semiconductors, displays and solar energy for IT, automobiles, energy storage system and other materials.


Products include small ion batteries, automotive batteries, lithium-ion energy storage systems, electronic materials, etc. Since 2000, has devoted to the field of lithium-ion batteries, and has developed flexible batteries, lithium battery packs for golf carts and other products.


Gotion High-tech

Established date 1995-01-23
Global headquarters Anhui Province, China
Company website

One of the top 10 power battery manufacturers in the world Gotion High-Tech is a Chinese enterprise that entered the capital market earlier in China’s power battery industry. It was listed in 2015 and has business sectors of new energy vehicle power battery, energy storage, transmission and distribution equipment and other business sectors.


The main products of Gotion High-tech are lithium iron phosphate materials and cells, ternary lithium battery cells, power battery pack, battery management system and energy storage battery pack.


In the field of pure electric commercial vehicles, passenger vehicles, logistics vehicles and hybrid electric vehicles, he has established cooperative relations with a number of domestic new energy vehicle enterprises.



Established date 2001-12-24
Global headquarters Huizhou, China
Company website

EVE Lithium Energy, with the fastest year-on-year growth, ranked ninth in top 10 power battery manufacturers in the world. It was founded in 2001 and listed on gem in 2009. It has formed core businesses such as lithium primary battery, lithium ion battery and power system.


EVE has been laying out power batteries since 2014. Focus on the innovative development of lithium batteries. After more than ten years of hard work, EVE lithium battery in the top in the world, lithium battery in the leading position in China.


In recent years, the company has focused on the power and energy storage market areas, using highly automated and information production methods, to provide customers with first-class products and services.



Established date 1997-12-09
Global headquarters Shenzhen City, China
Company website

SUNWODA in top 10 power battery manufacturers in the world, founded in 1997, with lithium battery module research and development, design, production and sales as the main business. After more than 20 years, SUNWODA has developed into a global leader in the field of lithium-ion batteries.


In 2008, SUNWODA began to formally layout the electric vehicle battery business, with electric vehicle battery system (cell, module, BMS and PACK) as the product core, the upstream extends to mineral raw materials, anode and cathode materials of battery cells, and the downstream extends to electric vehicles, energy storage power stations, power battery cascade utilization and other industries.


Above is the introduction of top 10 power battery manufacturers in the world in 2023. If you are interested in other power battery ranking, you can refer to top 10 motorcycle battery manufacturers in China, and the related articles below.


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