Long distance scooter benefits and selection guide

Long distance scooter benefits and selection guide

Long distance scooter has become more well-known as an inventive and environmentally responsible form of transportation as cities grow and commuters look for economical, sustainable alternatives. It provides riders with a smooth and pleasant ride over long distances by fusing cutting-edge technology with stylish design.

In this article we will explore the benefits and features of a long distance scooter and also choose the best long distance scooter for your situation.

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What are the benefits of a long distance scooter

● Cost-efficiency:
Compared to conventional bicycles and other vehicles, long distance scooter is more economical or fuel-efficient.
● Environmentally friendly:
Due to their lower emissions, electric long distance scooter helps to create a cleaner environment.
● Convenience:
Because the two wheeler electric bike is small and narrow compared to a four-wheeled vehicle, the long-distance mobility scooter’s ability to weave in and out of traffic makes the user’s commute through the city quicker.
● Low maintenance:
Since electric scooters often have fewer moving components, maintenance is less expensive.
● Parking:
There may be more parking alternatives, and scooters are simpler to park.

Can electric scooter go a long distance

Mainly those built for long-distance travel, electric long distance scooter can cover large distances. The amount of battery used, the speed, the weight of the rider, the terrain, and the weather all affects range.

If you want to use an electric scooter as your long distance transportation, you need to refer to the layout of your local battery swapping station and charging pile, and it is best to choose a long distance scooter with a high-capacity dual-compartment battery to ensure that you can charge or change the batteries of the long distance scooter in a timely manner.

It is best to choose a long distance scooter with large capacity dual batteries to ensure that you can charge or swap the batteries in time during the journey.

Can electric scooter go a long distance

How far can an electric scooter go with a full battery

Electric scooters come in a variety of types, with ranges ranging from 35 to 55 miles when fully charged. Depending on several variables, including the scooter’s model, battery size, rider weight, terrain, speed, and weather, an electric scooter’s range on a full battery charge can vary significantly.

The range of smaller, more portable electric scooters intended for brief city trips may be closer to the lower end of that range. High-performance electric scooters can travel up to 55 miles or more thanks to bigger batteries and longer riding duration.

To find out the anticipated range of an electric scooter model, it’s important to review its specs, as the manufacturer usually supplies this information.

Which electric scooter has more than 100 km range

The Tycorun BL-BOX electric scooter has a long-range more than 100 km range.Tycorun’s high-performance long distance scooter has dual batteries, so it can travel twice as far on a full charge as a regular electric scooter, with a range of 150km on a fully charged battery. Some of the main features of electric scooter are:

● High capacity battery:
Tycorun BL-BOX electric scooter has a strong battery that can go more than 100 kilometres between charges.
● Efficient motor:
It consists of a high-performance motor that has been energy-efficiently tuned.
● Quick charging capability:
It facilitates rapid charging to minimize downtime on extended journeys.
● Sturdy and lightweight construction:
Tycorun BL-BOX electric scooter maintains toughness for prolonged usage while balancing weight for simple handling.
● Smart energy management:
The Tycorun BL-BOX electric scooter uses intelligent energy management solutions to increase efficiency and range.
● Advanced suspension:
Tycorun BL-BOX electric scooter offers a smooth and comfortable ride over various terrains thanks to a sophisticated suspension system.
● Integrated safety features:
Tycorun BL-BOX electric scooter has safety features such as dependable braking systems.
● Battery swapping option:
It offers the convenience of switching batteries for longer trips at designated stations.

Which electric scooter has more than 100 km range

How to choose a long distance electric scooter

There are several things to consider when choosing an electric scooter for long-distance riding to ensure it suits your needs.
● Battery range:
To ensure your planned journey distance is met, look for a long distance scooter with a lengthy battery life. Batteries with a high capacity, expressed in watt-hours (Wh), typically have greater run times.
● Battery charging time:
Take into account how long the long distance scooter’s battery will need to charge. Fast charging is a feature that certain scooters have, which is helpful for longer trips.
● Motor force:
Better performance can be attributed to a strong motor, particularly when navigating difficult terrain or inclines. To determine the long distance scooter’s power, look at the motor wattage.
● Swappable battery:
In this fast-paced era, battery swapping technology is developing rapidly, and more and more scooter users are choosing to use long distance scooters with swappable batteries to make driving more efficient.

Well-liked long distance electric scooter models like Tycorun BL-BOX are well-known for their long-distance capabilities. It’s essential to select a long distance scooter according to your preferences. Before making a purchase, always read the most recent reviews and specs for the most recent details.

How to choose a long distance electric scooter

How do I extend the range of my scooter

You may use the following tactics to increase your long distance scooter’s range, particularly if it has a battery change feature:
● Select a scooter with a large battery capacity:
Go for a long distance scooter with a bigger battery because that will increase range. Greater Ah (ampere-hour) ratings typically translate into longer ranges.
● Employ battery swap station:
Utilize the battery swap station that has been positioned strategically throughout your trip. Use these stations to replace your empty battery with a fully charged one and avoid waiting for a recharge.
● Keep an eye on and save energy:
Keep an eye on how much energy your scooter is using. Increase range and save energy by maintaining a smooth acceleration, driving at reasonable speeds, and avoiding pointless pauses.
● Maximize riding conditions:
Prefer riding when the conditions are ideal. Smooth roads, warm weather, and level terrain all improve energy efficiency and battery life.
● Change to a more efficient model:
If at all feasible, think about switching to a more recent model with increased range and overall performance, energy efficiency, and technical developments.
● Reduce the weight:
Take the extra weight off the scooter. Reduced cargo and staying within a healthy weight range can positively affect range and energy usage.

How do I extend the range of my scooter

Why choose Tycorun electric scooter

Tycorun is one of the top electric motorcycle manufactures in China. Selecting a Tycorun electric scooter featuring double battery compartments and interchangeable batteries provides many benefits. The double battery arrangement greatly increases the scooter’s range, enabling users to travel farther between charges.

With swappable battery, riders may carry an additional charged battery and replace it as required, giving them flexibility and convenience. Tycorun electric scooter and battery swap station is perfect for people with limited charging choices or busy schedules because it removes the need to wait for a complete recharge.

Swappable batteries minimize downtime between rides by enabling customers to replace a depleted battery with a charged one, guaranteeing no disruption to their commute or travel.


Tycorun dual batteries scooter maximum design speed is up to 90km/h.

Terrain, weight, and battery charge are among the variables. The battery life may shorten as speed decreases.

Tycorun LK model electric scooter with 1500w 60V50Ah goes 80km. 80 km is the stated range of the Tycorun LK model electric scooter, which has a 60V50Ah battery.

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