Battery swapping technology – introduction and application benefits

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With advancements in the automotive industry, Mostly vehicles are now powered with batteries instead of conventional fuel. The only way to use your electric vehicles is by recharging them with a charger.

Yet, what if someone doesn’t have enough time or wants to enjoy a long journey?A very thoughtful question, but don’t worry, we have your answer. Battery swapping technology solves the problem, and it’s a new way of getting fuel for e-vehicle, like a petrol station.

Now you must be wondering if you can have a business opportunity using this new technology. If so, you’ve landed in the right place because we will guide you through every detail to help you decide over setting up your own battery swapping station.

About battery swapping technology

Battery swapping technology is designed to use a fully charged battery to achieve ev battery swapping or that of other devices. It’s an alternative to long waiting hours for a vehicle to get charged at home or a charging station.

Battery swapping technology works quicker, saving the rider’s money and time.


Application of battery-swapping technology

Battery swapping technology was initially limited to electric cars. Gradually companies started thinking about transferring it to two-wheel vehicles to make it convenient for more users. Now swapping battery stations are not confined to cars and motorcycles.

Some examples of applications of battery swapping include:

● Electric motorcycles and scooters, which mostly run on Lithium-ion batteries, use battery swapping for convenience.

● Home users, hotels, and other buildings with lawns require quick land mowing. Businesses offering extensive services of land mowers need charged batteries. So battery swapping stations are a good choice for them.

● Other businesses like tree cutting, cleaning, and roofing all need batteries to function, and battery swapping technology aids them.

Development prospect of battery swapping technology

The global sale of electric vehicles is expected to grow to 30% at the end of this decade.

Battery swapping technology can save the charging time of equipment and greatly improve the use time and efficiency. Therefore, battery swapping technology is promising in many industries, such as takeout industry, express industry, and factory transportation equipment, etc.Some companies like Tycorun are still trying to improve this technology for their users, according to the various needs of customers constantly improve.


What are the benefits of battery swapping technology?

Before you decide on starting a business for battery-swapping technology, it’s a good idea to know the benefits to decide if it’s really worth it. Check out the below mentioned benefits of this growing technology.

Easy and quick charging

Conventional charging stations offer charging solutions for e-motorcycles; however, that’s a time taking process where riders have to wait before they start riding their vehicle. Battery-swapping technology acts as a backup battery and security guarantee for the user, with the rider providing a depleted battery for the station and a fully charged, usable battery for the motorcycle.

Swapping the battery will take only a few minutes, and user will be back on the road.

Charging safety

Charging at home could be a scary experience in case the battery leaks or overcharges.

The battery swapping stations offer already charged batteries, so users don’t have to deal with the battery charging dangers.

Good for long distance travelling

Like conventional fuel-operated vehicles, riders cannot add fuel to their e-motorcycle while traveling long distances. Batteries do not provide a long traveling time failing e-vehicles for long distances.

However, battery swapping stations act as fuel stations and help with long-distance traveling without any difficulty.

Helpful for businesses

Businesses like Express Delivery and Takeaways benefit from battery-swapping technology by saving time and making quick deliveries.

Which nation is using battery swapping technology for motorcycles?

Most of the nations in the world are moving quickly towards a new and advanced world. Battery-swapping technology is growing in countries like India, China, and the US.

Especially in India, the power change model has been mature, relatively perfect compared with other countries, and Indonesia, as well as some European countries and gradually will be the scale of the power change cabinet.

Mobile charging vs battery swapping – which is more efficient for motorcycles

Are you considering if buying a mobile charger for an e-motorcycle is better or getting into battery swapping would be beneficial for any motorcycle user? When we compare battery swap vs charging, mobile charging at home or a charging station has the biggest drawback of waiting hours before getting the motorcycle back on the road.

Will you wait for an hour if you have an emergency? Of course not.

Battery swap stations are more suitable for roadside construction than charging stations. battery swapping is convenient and fast, and reduces the time of motorcycle on the road. It only takes 5-10 minutes for the motorcycle to get fully charged battery and then it can be back on the road. Because of the quickness, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness of battery-swapping technology, most e-motorcycle users prefer it.


Motorcycles battery swap station main feature

Motorcycle battery swap station works mainly on two basic elements where one is the battery swapped by the user, and the second is the application used by the user. In order to achieve the success of battery switching technology, these two plates are the most noteworthy

Battery in battery swap station

We help you with Lithium-ion batteries with high voltage, preferable performance, and fast charging to help you get more users on your battery swap station.

Contact us to get your high-quality lithium-ion batteries manufactured quickly at a good price.

Application/ software for user

The custom application helps users to register as a member of your battery swapping station by making their account. This application helps to select a package and search for nearby battery swapping station outlets.

After reaching the station, users can scan the QR code from their app to get the charged lithium-ion battery.

TYCORUN ENERGY battery swapping technology introduction

Starting a business on battery swapping technology isn’t easy, and you need to have professional manufacturers to develop a successful brand. Tycorun has 16+ years of experience serving people with customized manufacturing solutions for their battery swap stations.

TYCORUN ENERGY battery swapping technology is mainly reflected in:

● swap battery is very convenient. Users only need to press the button on the screen to scan, and the door will automatically open for power change.

● battery swap cabinet provides lightning protection, flood resistance, heat dissipation, water resistance and so on.

The background management system is used to view rental data, exchange data, location data and alarm system data, and realize real-time monitoring of the use of the electrical change cabinet. Whether it’s about your personalized battery swap software, battery swap cabinet, cabinet control system, or getting lithium-ion batteries, we can help you.

As a professional lithium ion manufacturer with 16 years of experience, TYCORUN provides 48v, 60v and 72v lithium ion batteries in battery swap station and three types of battery chargers for each cabinet, with a relatively high pairing rate. Contact us to book a business consultation, and let’s discuss how we can improve and make your battery-swapping technology business run.

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