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As the main tool of low-carbon travel, electric vehicles meet the requirements of The Times.
And delivery workers and office workers have become the users of electric vehicles.

It is expected that the use of electric vehicles will continue to increase in the future, and the charging of electric vehicles will become a problem. The shared battery swap station can solve the charging problem well, and there are many places for the shared power change cabinet. Let’s discuss the better place battery swap below.

Battery swapping demand and market conditions

The global electric motorcycle market is mainly in Southeast Asia, India, China, Europe and the United States. Globally, the current market size of electric motorcycles has reached hundreds of billions of RMB. According to the needs of users, the power change cabinet also needs to be actively arranged in order to allow motorcycle users to obtain electricity to achieve more convenient battery life and improve efficiency.

Why is site selection of battery swap station important

It is very important for operators to choose the launch location, and the planning of better place battery swap should be considered globally. According to the spatial distribution of demand in each battery swapping area and local intention, the layout of different types of power exchange facilities should be made overall arrangement to ensure that each facility has a reasonable service range or density, and reasonable contact should be maintained between adjacent battery swap stations.

To achieve a balanced layout on the whole. Considering the aging life of the battery, traffic congestion and other practical factors, but also from the perspective of ensuring continuous driving of users.

Are there any environmental requirements for placing battery swapping stations

When compare battery swap vs charging, battery swap stations require a smaller footprint than charging piles, so they can be conveniently placed anywhere in the cabinet. The requirements of the environment mainly depend on the storage environment of the battery and the equipment conditions of the battery swap stations.

The battery is not suitable for storage under extreme temperature conditions, so it is best not to put it in a place directly exposed to solar energy for a long time, and it can be placed in a place with shelter. In order to avoid this situation, most battery swap station manufacturers, including top 10 battery swapping station manufacturers in China, will add a lid to the cabinet and strengthen the cooling function of the cabinet.


Better place battery swap indoors vs outdoors – which is safer

There will be wind and rain, sunshine, snow and other weather factors outside, which will have an unpredictable impact on outdoor battery swap stations, so the quality requirements for battery swap stations and batteries need to be very high.

For example, TYCORUN ENERGY battery swap stations have safety protection devices such as water and power supply protection and early warning, lightning protection and early warning, and fixed footing against class 12 typhoons, so the environmental fitness is higher and more regions can be selected.

The indoor temperature is more suitable than the outdoor, and it can also avoid natural disasters such as wind and rain. Compared with the outdoor, it will be more safe. Indoor seems to be a better place battery swap, but the cost will be higher, which will increase the rent. Another point is that it is more convenient for users to change electricity outdoors than indoors.


How do I choose a better place battery swap

battery swapping station can be built independently or in combination with public facilities such as bus yards, transportation hubs, public parking lots, rail transit stations, P+R parking lots, etc. These are all better place battery swap. Should make full use of the nearest power supply, transportation, fire and other public facilities.

The most important thing is to choose the place where the user crowd is large, such as the takeaway street where the takeaway riders are concentrated, the takeaway shop concentration point, electric bike shops, motorcycle shops, and delivery riders often stop or pass by the square.

For example, China also has special take-out stations, which are also places where take-out riders gather to stay. This is also a better place battery swap, suitable for motorcycle battery swapping stations.

Better place battery swap recommendation and reference

Better place battery swap has the following places to refer to:

01. Outlets for food delivery and logistics

Takeaways and couriers consume a lot of electricity on electric motorcycles every day, and they often travel between businesses and customers. Once the electric motorcycles are insufficient, there is no place to charge them at the customer’s side. Therefore, placing a shared battery swap station on a nearby outlet can provide them with convenient electricity change service at any time during the interval of food delivery or express delivery.

02. Residential district

The community here is very close to the user, and there are a large number of electric two-wheelers that need to be charged. Owners go out during the day, return home at night, and charge the electric vehicle is the basic operation! In the community where there are many electric vehicles, some electric change cabinets can be built to provide them with safe and convenient electric change services.

03. Public parking lot

Public parking lot is one of the better place battery swap, because the construction of public parking lot itself is to choose a place with convenient transportation and convenient access. Motorcycle battery swap stations can share a site with the parking lot, because the electric change cabinet covers a relatively small area, you can choose several parking Spaces in geographical location, even the corner position. Since the battery swapping is short, the required location is not very large.


04. Shopping mall

The electric motorcycle sharing battery swapping station built in a large shopping mall will be welcomed by many people, people can effectively use the time to achieve power change and shopping.

People can use this time to visit the mall and choose the products they need, effectively achieving a win-win situation between electric vehicle and motorcycle charging pile and shopping mall, so shopping mall is also a better place battery swap.

05. A roadside place for parking

Now it is more and more difficult to park in the city, a lot of open space is used for temporary parking, and some small places next to it can be empty, because the electric vehicle sharing change cabinet is basically less than what place, so it can vacate a lot of positions! A shared battery swap station is appropriate in such a place.

06. Office building

General units and office buildings have temporary parking lots, and there are also a large number of electric vehicles to park, which is also a better place battery swap. Owners ride to the unit in the morning, park their cars in the parking lot, and use the time at work to change batteries for electric motorcycles.

To sum up, the reference locations for sharing battery swap stations include: take-out logistics outlets, residential communities, public parking lots, shopping malls, roadside parking places, etc. It can provide owners with safe and convenient power change services to solve the charging problem.

In the future, the electric vehicle management point can gradually increase the number of electric change cabinets in combination with the actual situation, and fully meet the charging needs of users.


How to choose the quality battery swap station

The battery swap station of TYCORUN ENERGY is set up outdoors without any problem. Each cabinet has a closed door to protect the battery, and the outer box is hard. The IP54 is dustproof and rainproof for 24 hours outdoors, and the high-quality appearance will not fade for more than three years.

TYCORUN ENERGY not only has 5 charging slots for small power change cabinets, but also 8 charging slots and large 12 charging slots for power change cabinets. Operators can choose according to site requirements. 48/60/72V multi-voltage platform support.

TYCORUN 48v 50ah swap battery for motorcycle battery swap station

How to get a customized battery swapping business model solution

If the above suggestions and methods still cannot determine whether the launch site is a better place battery swap, but you want to start the battery swap station project as soon as possible, You can consult the manufacturer of TYCORUN ENERGY battery swap station. Whether it is battery or power change cabinet, TYCORUN ENERGY can give you a complete battery swapping project solution.

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