Battery rental business analysis – benefits and approach

The development of electric transportation has advanced significantly with the advent of battery rental businesses. Users of electric vehicles now have the option to lease the battery independently of the car under this creative model, which presents a viable way to overcome the initial pricing barrier that EV adoption faces.

This strategy adds flexibility to the ownership experience while also improving affordability. Battery rental becomes an attractive tactic to hasten the mass adoption of electric vehicles as the automotive sector embraces sustainable practices.

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EV battery rental and swapping market

By providing cutting-edge models, the EV battery rental and swapping business tackles obstacles in adopting electric vehicles. While battery swapping technology offers a rapid fix for range anxiety, battery rental lets consumers lease the battery separately, saving money upfront.

Businesses investigating these concepts include Gogoro and NIO battery swap. Standardization and infrastructural investment are obstacles. Helpful government initiatives can be rather significant. Keep up with the most recent advancements in this quickly changing industry.

Battery rental mode with the advantages of high efficiency and energy saving as well as vehicle power separation solutions, better meet the needs of the passenger transport industry, and has been recognized by cab companies, net car customers, battery swappable cab and online car-hailing in more cities is expected to gradually increase the market share.

EV-battery-rental-and-swapping-marketMore and more electric vehicle companies are joining the battery rental battery swapping market, in addition to NIO, Geely, SAIC, Changan and other mainstream car companies have followed up on the power swap models; CATL, South China Network, State Grid, Sinopec, PetroChina and other have entered to invest in the construction of the power exchange station and hold the battery bank.

Benefit of battery rental service

1. High replenishment efficiency and improved user experience. For private car users, the battery swapping time of battery rental mode is almost the same as the refueling time, and the whole process does not need to get off the car; for cabs and other operating car owners, battery rental and charger rental compared to the increase in operating hours, which can directly improve the economic benefits.

2. Low cost of purchasing a car, reducing the pressure of purchasing a car. The cost of power batteries in electric vehicles accounts for about 40% of the total cost of electric vehicles, and battery rental supports the purchase mode of separation of vehicle and electricity, so the initial cost of purchasing a vehicle can be reduced by 20%-40%.

3. Extend battery life. Battery rental swap station adopts centralized storage management, slow charging and maintenance battery management mode, which can reduce battery loss and effectively extend the service life of power battery.


4. Reduce safety incidents: Reduce safety incidents by monitoring and replacing batteries in real time.

5. Batteries can be upgraded independently. With the rapid iterative upgrading of battery technology, users have the opportunity to use battery packs with higher energy density and better safety performance.

6. Help the battery laddering utilization and recycling. Battery rental combined with intelligent monitoring system can use the battery full life cycle management model to determine the state of the battery; If the capacity of the battery decreases to less than 80%, it can be put into the energy storage station as an energy storage device, and if it is completely unusable, it can be decomposed and recycled.

Is battery rental better than charger rental?

Every model has benefits. While swapping out batteries might save time, the infrastructure setup can be costly. Although more common and less expensive, charger rentals might take longer time to charge.

Specifically, battery rental is safer than charger rental, recharges vehicles faster, and the battery swapping system reduces safety accidents through battery control and smart charging. battery rental has a smaller and more flexible footprint than charger rental.


For swappable batteries, the combination of battery rental and battery swapping modes can provide efficient battery maintenance, prolong the life of the battery, maintain the battery performance, and greatly help in recycling. For the user, the user saves the effort of battery maintenance, repair and replacement.

Is the battery rental business profitable?

Several variables affect profitability, including infrastructure expenses, market demand, and operational effectiveness. Profitability can result from a carefully thought-out company plan and wise alliances.

The construction of the swap station includes the cost of equipment for the swap station, investment in fixed assets such as batteries, rental of space, operation and maintenance of personnel, etc. The construction cost announced by each company varies.

If you want to know about the two wheeler battery swap station solution and digital model you can contact us.Tycorun battery swap manufacturer provides one-stop power swap solution.


How to start a battery rental business?

A profitable business idea might be renting out batteries, especially considering the growing need for green energy solutions. The three previously stated aspects—battery rental platform, swappable battery, and battery cabinet—will be the main emphasis of this step-by-step guidance on launching a battery rental project.

  • Provide a user-friendly platform: Make a website or mobile app that makes it simple for users to borrow and return batteries. Incorporate functions like customer service, real-time battery availability, and safe payment methods.
  • Provide a user-friendly platform: Make a website or mobile app that makes it simple for users to borrow and return batteries. Incorporate functions like customer service, real-time battery availability, and safe payment methods.
  • Payment and subscription models: Give clients a clear understanding of the payment and subscription processes. Think about providing several plans according to the quantity and frequency of usage.
  • Choose battery technology: Decide on the kind of batteries you’ll sell (such as lithium-ion) and ensure they work with the gadgets or cars your intended market uses. To track and regulate your batteries’ performance, place a reliable BMS.
  • Design and build cabinets: To store and safeguard the batteries, construct sturdy, weatherproof cabinets. Think about things like climate control and ventilation.
  • Remote monitoring: Install a monitoring system to monitor the cabinets’ batteries and ensure they operate at their best remotely.


More details of the battery swap project can be found in battery swapping station solution, if you want to start the battery swap project quickly, It is better to find a one-stop solution provider like Tycorun.

Tycorun with rich experience in power swap can not only provide all kinds of suggestions for battery swapping, but also provide relevant training for power swap cabinets. Tycorun can not only provide various suggestions on battery swap, but also provide training on battery swap cabinets.

How do I choose a battery for my project?

Selecting a swappable battery for a project:

  1. Voltage and capacity: Align the voltage and capacity of the battery with the required amount of power for the project.
  2. Battery chemistry: Select appropriate battery chemistry (such as Li-ion) based on safety and performance.
  3. Energy density: Choose a higher energy density for greater power in a lighter, more compact container.
  4. Cycle life: Consider how many charge-discharge cycles the battery can withstand before seeing a noticeable reduction in capacity.
  5. Charging rate: For efficient switching, it’s best to choose a battery with high charging efficiency. For example, ternary lithium battery.
  6. Safety measures: Look for integrated safety measures like overcharge prevention and thermal management.
  7. Form factor: Make sure the battery’s size and form factor complement your project’s design.
  8. Temperature range: Choose a battery that will work within the operational temperature range of the project.
  9. Cost: Consider both the start-up and ongoing operational expenses.
  10. Ruggedness and safety: Since there is no way to ensure that the battery has not been knocked around a lot during multiple swaps, make sure that the battery is rugged and resistant to drops and pressure. As well as ensuring that the battery passes safety tests. Make sure that the swappable system architecture and the charging infrastructure are compatible.


Why choose the Tycorun battery rental solution provider?

There are several important considerations when selecting a battery rental solution provider, such as Tycorun:

  1. Experience: Tycorun’s background in the field may provide your battery rental project insightful knowledge and proficiency. They have a track record of success and market knowledge.
  2. Good quality with low price: The benefit of having both low and high quality is substantial. Tycorun’s dedication to providing premium batteries at an affordable price will help your project be more cost-effective.
  3. Free digital modeling and training: Offering free instruction and digital modeling shows that they are dedicated to helping their customers. Training can guarantee that your team members are capable of managing the swappable battery system, and digital modeling can help with planning and system integration.
  4. Product diversity: Tycorun offers a variety of possibilities with its product diversity, so you may select batteries that exactly match the specifications of your project. This adaptability is essential for changing with different applications and user requirements.

When considering Tycorun as a battery rental solution supplier, it’s critical to evaluate how these elements fit your unique project objectives and specifications. To find out how satisfied previous customers are with Tycorun’s services, you might also wish to go through customer reviews and testimonials.


Tycorun product reviews

1. Tycorun lithium swappable battery:

High-performance lithium batteries for various devices or vehicles with a swappable design.

Click the picture for product details

2. SaaS platform:

A digital platform for efficient management of the battery rental service, including tracking and analytics.

3. Battery swapping station:

Tycorun battery swap rental station, from intelligent charging, to cabinet shell protection, provides a safe charging environment and stable charging guarantee to the battery.

Click the picture for product details

4. Dual battery two-wheeler:

Specialized two-wheelers designed to accommodate two swappable batteries, extending the range and minimizing downtime.

Click the picture for product details

To summarize:

Tycorun offers a wide range of battery rental options, which include swappable batteries, a digital platform for administration, physical switching stations, and a product specifically designed for two-wheeler applications. It’s critical to evaluate these items’ suitability for your particular project requirements as well as any possible advantages they could have for your target market.

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