Two-wheeler market in Taiwan – market status and new trend

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Taiwan is one of the areas with the largest two-wheeler ownership rate in China. According to statistics, there are more than 15 million motorcycles in Taiwan, and more than 11 million motorcycles run on the streets every day during peak traffic hours. As the most commonly used means of transportation for Taiwanese, two-wheelers occupy a huge market in Taiwan.

Two-wheeler market status in Taiwan

The two-wheelers in the Taiwan market mainly include fuel motorcycles and electric two-wheelers. The Taiwan market has developed since 1979 and has a solid foundation. After 1986, the industry developed rapidly, reaching the industry sales peak of 1.67 million vehicles in 1995, and the CAGR of industry sales from 1986 to 1995 was 9.1%.

Since 1991, Taiwan’s two-wheeler export sales have grown rapidly. Due to the Japanese government’s relaxation of overseas investment policy restrictions and the support of WTO policies in 2002, export sales reached a historical peak of 840,000 vehicles in 2004.

In 2022, the sales volume of Taiwan’s two-wheeler industry will reach 1.07 million, and the number of two-wheelers reached 62 units per 100 people. Among them, domestic sales were 680,000 units, a year-on-year decrease of 15.2%, and export sales were 390,000 units, a year-on-year increase of 2.2%.


In 2022, the proportion of Taiwan’s two-wheeler exports was higher than that of parts, and Japan was the main exporting country. Affected by the epidemic in 2020-2022, the proportion of industrial export sales has rebounded.

In 2021, the proportion of export sales of parts and components exceeded that of complete vehicles for the first time, reaching 57%. The top five exporting countries are Japan, Madagascar, the United Arab Emirates, Iraq and the United States, accounting for 18%, 11%, 9%, 7%, and 6%.


Leading two-wheeler manufacturers in Taiwan

In 2022, CR2 sales of two-wheelers in Taiwan reached 75%, mainly for local brands in Taiwan, among which the CR2 share of industry leaders Kymco and SYM was as high as 75%.

In the 1990s, Kymco actively explored the global market with the KYMCO brand, which kicked off Kymco’s two-wheeler industry leading manufacturer. By 2022, its market share rose to 44%, becoming the industry leader.

In 2019, SYM launched more than 3 high-priced models with a price of more than NT$80,000 to attract young consumers and drive brand transformation and the market share reached 30.7% in 2022. And another famous two-wheeler manufacturer in Taiwan, eReady, whose market share has dropped from 13.62% in 1979 to 1.43% in 2022 year by year due to imperfect maintenance services and low cost-effective product design.


New trend of two-wheelers in Taiwan

The technological progress of electric two-wheelers has been visible in recent years, and users are more confident in breaking the boundaries of travel. Traveling on electric two-wheelers will also become a new fashion. Since March 2023, major Taiwanese lithium battery two wheeler manufacturers have launched new masterpieces, and industry competition has escalated again.

With the intensive release of new electric wheeler products around the world in recent years, there are also many new designs and models aimed at the female market. Some brands even held a separate launch event for female electric wheelers, which shows that the proportion of the female market in the entire electric two-wheeler market is increasing.

Here we will introduce you to several mainstream electric two-wheelers for female in Taiwan as below.

Top 4 female electric two-wheelers in Taiwan

Gogoro VIVA XL

The launch of Gogoro VIVA XL is mainly designed for families. Gogoro VIVA XL has a clear positioning, it’s perfect for grocery shopping and picking up kids. The sitting height is 750mm, the pedal space is 260mm, and the large storage space is 26.5L, which can meet various scenarios including long-distance travel and carrying people and goods.

Gogoro VIVA XL

In terms of configuration, Gogoro VIVA XL has humanized designs such as full-vehicle LED lamps, SBS sports braking system, rear parking assistance system, LCD liquid crystal instrument, and USB charging port. In terms of power, the new G2.2L 6.4kW water-cooled permanent magnet motor is equipped, which can output 6.4kW 150N m / 0-2500rpm maximum torque. The ultra-low energy consumption further highlights the ultra-high battery life of Gogoro VIVA XL.

eReady Run mini

eReady is Tailing Industry’s own brand. In 2019, it formally cooperated with Gogoro Network to produce and develop electric two-wheelers. The eReady Run mini is a derivative female model of its eReady Run series.

eReady Run mini

The appearance of eReady Run mini continues its classic design style, but the overall power performance has not been greatly reduced. It can output a maximum power of 6.2kW and a maximum torque of 22.6Nm. The front USB 5V 2A slot supports charging while driving, and supports the use of Gogoro battery swapping stations to exchange batteries. It also supports eReady smart keys, which enables the wheeler to be locked and unlocked with smart key cards or mobile phones.


PGO Ur1 offers eight car colors to choose from. In terms of appearance, the overall curve of the wheeler is restrained, and the design style is biased towards European style. The electroplated material and the hollowed-out nameplate on the car shell also set off the texture of the car body.

Thoughtfully designed with a low seat height of 748mm, the center-pillar parking force is 25% less intensive than other similar models on the market.And also Ur1 uses swappable battery that can match the Gogoro battery swapping platform service to easily swap batteries.


Equipped with a water-cooled permanent magnet synchronous motor, it can output a maximum power of 7.6KW, and it only takes 3.8 seconds from 0 to 50km/h. PGO Ur1 is equipped with steering-sensing direction lights, and the whole wheeler is equipped with LED lights. It adopts brand-new MAXXIS electric dual-effect exclusive tires and CBS dual-disc brake system. These configurations also allow Ur1 to ensure safety and control while emphasizing speed.

Aeonmotor Ai-3 Comfort

The overall design style of Ai-3 is smooth and sleek, but it is clearly different from the traditional turtle car. With high-brightness LED arc headlights, combined with round and simple design and frosted colors such as bubble blue and truffle gray, it creates a fresh and urban design. And the extended design arc armrest and labor-saving center column, combined with electronic reverse button, make parking no longer difficult.

Aeonmotor Ai-3 Comfort

The automatic opening device of the seat cushion is equipped as standard, so that the rider can store things easily. The length of the seat cushion is designed to shrink on both sides of the thigh, and the front and rear lengthen are more in line with the needs of female users. Multiply experience more points. The small wheel frame has a low center of gravity, combined with the CBS linkage braking system, it is more flexible in addition to safety.

Taiwanese female have many years of motorcycle driving experience, and the market is relatively diverse. Therefore, Taiwan’s electric two-wheeler brands not only pay attention to the appearance and creativity when creating female vehicles, but also put a lot of effort into performance. The deeper reason lies in the popularity of the battery swap system in Taiwan, which has diluted the anxiety about battery mileage range.

In other regions of China, however, there have been no substantial breakthroughs in battery life and charging methods. As a result, consumers and manufacturers are still focusing on the battery life and mileage range of two-wheelers.

It is believed that with the continuous innovation and popularization of charging and swapping methods, such as the continuous development of two-wheeler battery swapping station, consumers’ battery life anxiety will be alleviated, ushering in a broader future for the two-wheeler market.

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