Top 5 hydrogen two-wheeler manufacturers in China

Hydrogen two-wheelers, as a major representative of fuel cell end-use applications, are different from hydrogen fuel cell vehicles in the broader sense in three ways:

  1. Power mode, the existing hydrogen fuel cell vehicles essentially belong to the programmable hydrogen energy vehicles, and two-wheeled vehicles generally choose air-cooled electric reactor/liquid-cooled electric reactor as the main power source;
  2. Hydrogen storage mode, hydrogen two-wheeled vehicles are mostly stored in solid hydrogen storage bottles, and can choose to replace the hydrogen bottle replacement mode for replenishment.
  3. Business model, hydrogen two-wheeled vehicles, long range, fast replenishment, low comprehensive energy costs and other advantages are very suitable for sharing motorcycles and takeaway car market demand, and the market space in these two areas is still increasing year by year, and can provide further development opportunities for the emerging hydrogen two-wheeled vehicles.

Against this background, recent hydrogen two-wheeler good news has been rumored frequently, and there is a trend of growth.

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Top 5 hydrogen two-wheeler manufacturers in China


Established date 2017-11-02
Global headquarters Huzhou City, Zhejiang Province
Company website

Founded in November 2017, Qinghang-Tech ranked first in the top 5 hydrogen two-wheeler manufacturers in China, the company is a high-tech enterprise that explores the diversified applications of fuel cells with the research and development of fuel cells as its core.

Especially lightweight fuel cells, characterized by small size, high energy density and low hydrogen consumption rate, now cover many innovative application directions such as hydrogen-powered aviation, hydrogen storage and power generation, hydrogen-powered motorcycles, hydrogen-powered ships and small cars.


On August 8, Qinghang-Tech showcased a hydrogen-powered two-wheeler with Yadea’s logo, Yadea is one of the top 10 electric two-wheeler manufacturers in Vietnam in 2023, featuring an ultra-long range, low cost of use, and zero carbon emissions.

Previously, Qinghang-Tech Power has indicated through GG Hydrogen that it will promote the demonstration operation of hydrogen-powered two-wheeled vehicles on a large scale, and at the same time, it will focus on the development of related products and the promotion of the market application of small vessels under 20 meters.

In order to support the realization of these goals, Qinghang-Tech is already preparing to set up a new R&D center and a subsidiary for the operation of hydrogen-powered two-wheeled vehicles.


Pearl hydrogen

Established date 2006-01-24
Global headquarters Fengxian District, Shanghai
Company website

Pearl hydrogen in top 5 hydrogen two-wheeler manufacturers in China was founded in 2006 and has the capability of mass production of fuel cell catalysts, CCM electrodes and fuel cell stacks. Products include fuel cell integration products, fuel cell power generation products, fuel cell stack products, fuel cell teaching aids, fuel cell raw materials and fuel cell production and testing equipment.

A few days ago, Pearl hydrogen and Guangzhou Customs Technology Center held in-depth discussions on jointly promoting the export of hydrogen two-wheelers, during which the Guangzhou Customs Technology Center provided Pearl hydrogen practitioners with training on the rules and regulations of export and key technical issues, which helped Pearl hydrogen to further develop the international market.


During this period, Guangzhou Customs Technical Center provided training for Pearl hydrogen employees on export regulations and key technical issues, which helped Pearl to standardize the import and export operation of hydrogen products and promote Pearl hydrogen to explore the international market in depth.

This is the first time in the customs system to solve the export problems of hydrogen vehicles, marking a solid step forward in China’s hydrogen vehicle export trade.



Established date 2022-08-02
Global headquarters Putuo, Shanghai
Company website

One of the top 5 hydrogen two-wheeler manufacturers in China HITS is a technology leader in the field of small-sized hydrogen fuel cells, and is actively promoting the application of small-sized hydrogen fuel cells in the fields of two-wheelers, drones and mobile power. HITS Tian Binglun technical team is the original inventor of small air-cooled hydrogen fuel cells in China.

On August 8th, Tailg and HITS jointly released an air-cooled hydrogen sharing two-wheeler. The vehicle is designed and manufactured by one of the top 10 electric motorcycle manufacturers in China, Tailg Group’s entire vehicle, and is a high-quality, long-range shared hydrogen two-wheeler with excellent performance.


HITS provides a new generation of air-cooled hydrogen fuel cell system, the air-cooled fuel cell system inherits the nearly 20 years of research and development accumulation of HITS Tian Benglun’s technical team, and continues to innovate and iterate, the weight of the 350W hydrogen fuel cell is only 500 grams, the efficiency of power generation is as high as 55%, the utilization rate of hydrogen is 97%, and the whole system reduces the weight of ternary lithium battery by 60%.

The hydrogen sharing two-wheeler is safe and reliable, with three major advantages: first, long range, with a range of more than 130 kilometers; second, low-temperature resistance, which can work efficiently at more than minus 10 degrees Celsius; and third, low attenuation, with the normal service life increased by one times compared with that of lithium-ion.

On August 10, HITS and Miaozo reached a deep cooperation, committed to creating a new model of green shared mobility, strong alliance, in-depth cooperation, will soon land in Puyang, Zhengzhou, Zaozhuang and other cities, to promote the scale of shared hydrogen two-wheeled vehicle application.



Established date 2010-08-24
Global headquarters Changzhou Xinbei District
Company website

Founded in August 2010, YOUON focuses on the research, development, sales, construction and operation of shared mobility systems based on the Internet of Things and data cloud technology, and develops two product segments, namely, intelligent transportation and intelligent life.

In the field of intelligent transportation, the company has a wide range of products and is in the first echelon of competition in the field of shared mobility, and is the first listed company in China with a shared bike business.

In 2017, YOUON focused on the research and development of shared hydrogen bicycles, and successively launched models such as Y400, Y600 (folding model) and Y800 (mountain sports model). Now developed to one of the top 5 hydrogen two-wheeler manufacturers in China.


On August 6, it was officially learned from YOUON that its hydrogen bike has ushered in a super upgrade, bringing a multi-dimensional upgrade of range+, power+, and safety+ in order to better enhance the user experience, and the range has been increased from 40km to 50-60km, with a 25% range extension.

On August 13th, 500 hydrogen bicycles were put into Lijiang. Three Gorges Group Yunnan Energy Investment Co., Ltd, Hydrogen Energy Branch of China Association for the Promotion of Industrial Development, YOUON Technology Co., Ltd and other cooperating units witnessed and participated in the public welfare riding activity of hydrogen bicycles. It is expected that an additional 2,000 hydrogen bicycles will be put on the market before the end of the month.




Established date 2007-01-04
Global headquarters Bao'an district, Shenzhen
Company website


Established date 2021-04-02
Global headquarters Qingdao, Shandong Province
Company website


Established date 2018-06-27
Global headquarters Jiading District, Shanghai
Company website

On March 30th, Tailg, SUNHYDRO and SHPT in top 5 hydrogen two-wheeler manufacturers in China jointly released the “industry’s first water-cooled hydrogen-powered two-wheeled vehicle”.

It adopts compact water-cooling technology with high stability, and is equipped with a high power density fuel cell system with a high operating current density of 0.8W/cm², which is much higher than the industry’s average level of small power fuel cell systems.


By adopting the cathode closed design with perfect system protection strategy, the design life is up to 10,000 hours, and the anode non-circulating system strategy is optimized to achieve more than 97% hydrogen utilization rate. The vehicle is intelligently manufactured by Tailg by taking advantage of EV R&D, production and sales;

SUNHYDRO undertakes the integrated design of hydrogen power system and provides integrated solutions for methanol hydrogen production, hydrogen supply and intelligent operation; SHPT, as a leading company in China’s fuel cell industry, provides the core unit of hydrogen power system for the whole vehicle.

During the same period, Tailg, SUNHYDRO and SHPT held a strategic cooperation signing ceremony to jointly realize the market operation of 10,000 hydrogen-powered two-wheeled vehicles.



Established date 2019-11-15
Global headquarters Daxing District, Beijing
Company website

Founded in November 2019, HYRAN is a national high-tech enterprise dedicated to the popularization of zero-carbon, safe, convenient and efficient hydrogen energy applications.

HYRAN has continuously launched a variety of solid-state hydrogen energy electric bicycles, hydrogen energy sightseeing cars, solid-state hydrogen fuel cell power generation devices and various types of low-pressure solid-state hydrogen storage and use devices to the society in the past 3 years since its establishment.


In June, HYRAN showed up at the exhibition with new hydrogen energy two wheeler electric bike, patrol cars, hydrogen energy sharing motorcycles and solid state hydrogen energy power generation system and low pressure solid state hydrogen storage device.


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