Motorcycle battery charger development and solution

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Electric motorcycle battery charger with the development of electric bicycle, electric mopeds, electric motorcycle development, voltage from the initial 24V, to now has been 48V and 60V and some 64V and 72V products. Power size, output form, thermal runaway design and other technical indicators are also gradually evolving according to the technical requirements of the vehicle and customer needs.

What is motorcycle battery charger

Electric motorcycle battery charger is an energy conversion device. The function is to provide 220V AC power provided by the AC power grid into 24~72V direct current that can be accepted by the battery, charge the energy storage device battery of the electric motorcycle, and transfer the energy of the power grid to the battery for storage. Common chargers are lead-acid battery chargers and lithium-ion battery chargers.

The input power supply of the charger is 220V50Hz AC, and the output is generally direct current of 24 ~ 72V and current 1.0 ~ 4.5A. The general charging current of the fast-charging charger is 10 ~ 20A, and the power is 150 ~ 600W.

Charging principle of electric motorcycle battery charger, currently use more three-stage charging method for charging, a small part of the pulse charger. Now there are also some products in the three-stage charging before adding a pre-charging mode design. General design for the class of electrical appliances.

The shell is basically made of ABS + PC material, and the internal PCB version is mostly made of epoxy resin, or paper substrate material. The form of output plug is not as unified as the mobile phone charger, and is generally stipulated by each brand of electric bicycle production enterprises, with a wide variety.


Can electric motorcycle battery charger be used universally?

It can not be used universally, and the reasons are mainly concentrated in three aspects.

First, the battery volt and ampere of two-wheeled electric vehicles are not all the same, different models of motor and controller and charger are different, If the volts of the battery is different, the output voltage of the charger is not the same, the voltage is not the same when charging the battery, it is easy to charge the battery, so the motorcycle battery charger is not universal.

Second, the performance of each two electric vehicles and specifications are not the same, current size is different, the specifications of the charger is not the same, unless is the same brand of the same specification of two electric car charger can be universal, other can not be mixed, otherwise easy to damage the battery, serious can cause fire accident.

Third, many famous brand enterprises produce electric vehicle charger sockets are completely different, each brand has its own characteristics, so the chargers of two electric vehicle products can not be used to each other. Electric car charger is a very important accessory, so choose to buy must pay attention to whether it is the same model. Do not know the charger model to avoid causing losses.


If the electric motorcycle battery charger is broken – replaced or repaired

Generally, motorcycle battery charger can only choose to replace it after being broken, for the following three reasons:

First, the motorcycle battery charger, as an accessory, itself is easy to wear goods, its service life is generally about a few years, when it is damaged, generally need to replace the new charger time, this time if the choice of maintenance has not meaningful, so when the charger is broken, it is generally new.

Second, due to the complex internal structure of the charger and the large distribution of components, it needs to detect the charger fault takes a lot of time, which means that the maintenance cost increases, and the price of a motorcycle battery charger itself is not high, which will make the maintenance meaningless.

Third, whether it can be repaired well, there is still uncertainty. Motorcycle battery charger There are many components inside, if one of them failure, to find out the maintenance master has a certain circuit knowledge, and many electric motorcycle maintenance masters are mostly from the motorcycle professional and come, do not have this knowledge. Therefore, the maintenance is up will be more difficult, can only choose to replace the new.

From these three reasons, if the electric car charger is broken, or should choose to be replaced. However, for electric vehicle users, strengthen the daily maintenance of the electric vehicle charger, do not carry it with the car, to prevent vibration leading to components fall off.


The development direction of the motorcycle battery charger

The development direction of the charger is as follows:

First, improve the flame retardant performance, including improving the flame retardant capacity of the shell and reducing the failure probability of the internal components.

Second, more green and environmental protection, improve the anti-interference ability of the charger when using, and reduce the pollution to the power grid.

Third, enhance the fast charging capacity. With the development of lithium battery technology, the charging acceptance capacity of batteries is enhanced, and the development of high current and high power charger is the development trend in recent years. After more than 20 years of development, on the one hand, the technology is relatively mature, on the other hand, it is also improving.

As a standard part of new electric motorcycles and later replacement and maintenance needs, the charger sales are huge. The pattern of production and supply and demand and channels of the whole society are basically formed and relatively stable. The technical level and safety performance need to be further regulated and improved to meet the needs of consumers and the electric motorcycle industry.

The motorcycle battery charger solution

Especially for the above third development direction: the charger charging time for a long time, the need to enhance the fast charging ability. Battery swap station Is a good solution, to provide motorcycle users with fully charged batteries, users only need to replace the battery without electricity, the battery in battery swap station for charging, eliminating the use of motorcycle battery charger, and the charging safety guarantee.

The cabinet also has ventilation and cooling device, which can provide appropriate charging and storage environment for the battery. Therefore, battery swap station is a good charging choice. The whole battey swapping process only takes 2 minutes, which is very convenient.

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