Can lithium battery be widely used in the three-wheeler field

Nowadays, lithium batteries are more and more used in two wheeler electric bike, so whether there is a market and safety of lithium batteries in the three-wheeler field. In this article, we will talk about lithium battery and electric tricycle.

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Will the application of lithium batteries in three-wheler’s field increase?

The proportion of lithium batteries in the field of electrical tricycles will definitely rise significantly, especially in the field of high -end tent cars, it will definitely be widely used. Under the market operation with differentiation as a selling point, lithium batteries are definitely the first choice.

At present, marketing methods such as conventional performance, quality, and brands have lost their effects, and the price of the product will eventually return to the product itself. Therefore, from this point of view, the source of power is extremely important for the three wheels with high power and battery life.

It can be said that soon, with the initial branding of lithium battery, when conpare lead acid battery vs lithium ion, lithium battery vehicles that are different from conventional lead-acid batteries will definitely become the focus of many merchants’ promotion.

Why is lithium three wheeler battery not widely used?

Perhaps because it is the early stage of the development of the lithium battery industry, people pay more attention to the price of products, which restricts the promotion of lithium battery products;In addition, the lithium battery itself was not mature in all aspects, and no trusted brand also restricted its own development.

The prospect of the lithium battery market is very good. With the development of the industry, especially after the state’s strong support for new energy, the heat of the lithium battery has risen rapidly. It also gives a good expectation of a lithium electrical and micro electric car, which has always been far away from lithium battery.

It can be said that with the super routine development of China’s new energy vehicles, the price of lithium battery used in electrical tricycles in the future will decline directly, and the largest roadblocks that have been restricted to the development of lithium electrification of small vehicles will no longer exist.


What are the secrets to the price of lithium-ion batteries?

The price of lithium batteries mainly depends on the various raw materials and market demand of the production of lithium batteries. However, the price of lithium batteries suitable for the THREE-Wheler is also dependent on the above factors, but the most important factor is the development scale of Chinese new energy vehicles.

This is because, at present, almost all electric two wheels, electric three wheels and some of the micro electric car used in the lithium battery cells, the vast majority are B products. As for what is B, everyone who knows the industry knows that B products are preparing for high-speed new energy batteries.

However, the quality cannot meet the high-speed vehicle battery standards, but for the current electrical tricycles and low -speed vehicles, but the quality of the low -speed vehicle is excess quality.

Secondly, it is the battery cell that is eliminated after using high -speed new energy vehicles for a while. At present, when the battery capacity on high -speed cars is less than 80%, its performance cannot meet the normal driving requirements, and the battery needs to be replaced. For the use of battery stairs, Chinese countries have always held support attitudes and have related standards.

For the disassembly of the battery dismantled on a high -speed car, it must be used for the use of steps. If the battery that cannot be used, need to disassemble the precious raw materials inside!

At present, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has announced more than 80 companies in four batches, including CATL, GEM and many other listed companies, subordinate companies for recycle lithium batteries. From this point of view, the quality of lithium battery with electrical tricycles in the future should be assured as much as possible.


How to solve the lithium battery safety problem?

The security of lithium batteries after electric three-wheler can be ignored. From this point of view, with the outbreak of China’s new energy vehicles in the future, the battery has entered a period of attenuation, and a large number of B.

At that time, the raw materials of Electric two-wheelers and Electric three-wheelers are sufficient, and the price will naturally decrease significantly, and the process of lithium electrification of small vehicles will definitely be further accelerated.

As we all know, at present, the safety problem of lithium battery is mainly the lithium battery into the indoor charging fire injury, but the three-wheeler is mainly freight and manned, large physique, it is not easy to enter the indoor charging, so the probability of people in the indoor injury is much smaller!

There are also more and more battery swap station now, so as to solve problems such as unsafe charging and without location charging. Whether it is electric two wheelr or electric three wheler, as long as it is a replaceable battery, you can consider the battery swapping station solution.

Using battery swap station, you can not worry about battery maintenance, battery overcharge, battery theft and other problems. The specific introduction and operation of battery swapping can refer to the following video.

Of course, the batch application of lithium battery in small and medium-sized electric vehicles also depends on whether a number of competitive brands can appear in the lithium battery field.At present, two and three rounds of lithium battery is still in the early blue ocean market stage, the industry pattern is uncertain, the head enterprise is not obvious.

As for the market specifications, the future of the casual electric three-wheeled mopeds and various high-end caravan will become the main force of lithium battery. From the perspective of the current market pattern and the development stage of the industry, whether it is battery enterprises, vehicle enterprises or first-line businesses, who can layout in this field in advance will master the wealth password.

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