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Want to know when we choose the motorcycle battery is the priority to choose the low price, or the priority to choose the good performance? According to different people’s needs and preferences, the answer is not uniform. In this article, we will introduce the advantages and disadvantages of cheap motorcycle batteries and how to find good quality cheap motorcycle batteries.

What are the cheap motorcycle batteries

The common types of lead-acid batteries on the market are cheap motorcycle batteries, which are affordable and therefore favored by most motorcycle users and have the largest market share. Lead-acid batteries are mainly divided into traditional lead-acid batteries, gel batteries and agm batteries. Different motorcycle battery types and specifications, the specific price is also different. The cost is cheap, but the material is not very friendly to the environment.

Pros and cons of buying cheap motorcycle batteries

The advantage of buying cheap motorcycle batteries is mainly that it can reduce expenditure, for users who do not often use motorcycles, if they buy expensive batteries, in the long run, it is not worth it, and buying cheap motorcycle batteries is not so big a burden.

For people who use motorcycles every day, they can make the best use of them. If the battery is broken, they can buy another cheap motorcycle battery directly to replace it.

The disadvantage of buying cheap motorcycle batteries is that the performance is general, and for riders who pursue efficiency and long-distance riding, cheap motorcycle batteries cannot meet their daily riding needs. The traditional lead-acid battery is very heavy, the riding experience is relatively low, and the weight of the vehicle is increased.

Where to buy cheap motorcycle batteries

If you want to buy cheap motorcycle batteries, you can choose to search the relevant motorcycle battery pages and websites on the web, the simplest is to google search “cheap motorcycle batteries”.


You can also select and purchase on the shopping platform, which is easier to compare prices and the most convenient way to buy, and the basic information of all products is clear at a glance. Offline stores are also a purchase channel, but generally not as cheap as online.

Are cheap motorcycle batteries safe

Lead-acid batteries have the most mature, time-honored battery technology and are generally safe. Stable voltage, stable battery charging and discharging, not easy to cause accidents. Just because lead acid is a corroding material, it requires more attention to maintenance.

But there are also bad places, that is, the service life is relatively short, as long as a little improper operation will damage or reduce the service life. It is recommended that you replace the battery after a certain number of years to avoid affecting your safety.

How long does cheap motorcycle batteries last?

Traditional cheap motorcycle batteries are generally 300-500 cycles, and lead-acid batteries with memory effects may reduce the capacity according to the user’s charging habits. According to different production technologies, the life of lead-acid batteries is also uneven, and the highest lead-acid batteries can reach 1000 cycles, so when choosing cheap motorcycle batteries, first look at the number of cycles, and give priority to the battery with a high number of cycles.


How to choose good quality cheap motorcycle batteries

You can know whether the cheap motorcycle batteries you want to buy are of good quality through the battery test report. The most important reference factors are listed below:

Safety testing: Before buying cheap motorcycle batteries, you should know what safety tests the battery has passed, such as crash tests.

Internal resistance: a lead-acid battery with small internal resistance should be selected so that it can continue to discharge with large current. If the internal resistance is large, the power consumption increases during charging and discharging, which makes the battery hot.

Floating charge voltage: at the same temperature, the high floating charge voltage value means that the energy storage is large, and the floating charge voltage value of the lead-acid battery with poor quality is generally small. The floating charge voltage of the battery should be corrected at different temperatures.

Warranty: The longer the warranty period, the better. cheap motorcycle batteries are guaranteed for 1-2 years.

Volume weight: For a better riding experience, it is best to choose a battery that is relatively small in volume and weight.

Temperature range: See if the operating temperature range and storage temperature range of the battery are in line with the local temperature, as well as the working environment.


Cheap motorcycle batteries vs lithium

In the case of a low budget, the first choice of cheap motorcycle batteries is right, most users are looking at the price first and then the quality. The cost of lithium batteries is indeed much higher, but the performance has a great advantage, such as the high charging rate of terpolymer lithium motorcycle batteries, the charging speed is faster than other batteries, and the number of charge and discharge cycles is three times that of lead-acid batteries.

Therefore, those who need to use motorcycles for commercial purposes will choose lithium batteries with high efficiency. Lithium batteries are lighter, so the ride experience is better than cheap motorcycle batteries. If you have enough budget, you can choose lithium motorcycle batteries.

Where can I find a cheap lithium motorcycle battery

It is recommended to buy online, the price is cheaper than offline stores, but the price is not as cheap as lead acid, and it is easy to compare prices when buying online. It is best to find lithium motorcycle battery manufacturers like TYCORUN ENERGY to buy, which can save the difference between middlemen and obtain relatively professional and experienced solutions. The following is TYCORUN ENERGY’s motorcycle battery, you can click on the picture to go to the product page.

TYCORUN 72V 60Ah motorcycle lithium battery

Cheap motorcycle batteries near me

If you want to find the nearest selling place of cheap motorcycle batteries, you can search the map and check the battery price and buyer’s evaluation through google maps. Secondly, you can find a supplier of cheap motorcycle batteries whose delivery place is close to your own online.

In fact, for people who use motorcycles all day, such as takeaways and couriers, it is cheaper to use the battery of the change cabinet.

If you buy a package according to your needs, you do not need to charge or buy a new battery. Just search “battery swapping station near me” to find a nearby battery swap station for power replacement, which not only improves efficiency but also reduces maintenance and other expenses.

In addition, the battery in the battery swap station is guaranteed, and the battery is the most important part of the battery swap station.

In general, lead-acid batteries, as cheap motorcycle batteries, have price advantages but also disadvantages. Lithium batteries with good performance are very expensive, therefore, if you can use lithium batteries to change the cabinet it is to kill two birds with one stone, specific information can refer to battery swap station solution, and the following related articles.

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