Exploring the features of 48V lithium ion battery for motorcycles

A 48V lithium ion battery is a battery having a voltage of 48 volts. It is well known for its fast charging time, long cycle life, high power output, and low self-discharge rate. This lightweight rechargeable lithium-ion battery makes it an ideal option for motorcycles. In this article, let’s take a look at the characteristics of motorcycle 48V lithium ion battery, and how to choose.
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Can any 48V lithium ion battery be used in motorcycles?

There are various types of 48V lithium-ion batteries having varying features. Each has its own discharge rate, life cycle, and energy density.

While choosing a specific type of 48V lithium ion battery, you must consider your motorcycle’s range and power output. Each motorcycle has its electrical requirements that demand a specific type of battery for accurate working. These features must be compatible with your specific type of motorcycle to ensure better performance. Otherwise, your motorcycle may fail to show the desired functioning.

The specific size and weight of the different 48V lithium ion battery will vary, but as long as the motorcycle is compatible, then the any 48V lithium ion battery can be used in motorcycles. But they also need to consider according to their own needs, such as the different life and energy density of different types of lithium-ion batteries, you also need to choose and confirm whether it is appropriate.

48V lithium ion battery for motorcycles advantages

Using a 48V lithium ion battery for motorcycles proves advantageous in the following ways.

1- Small size:

The size of the 48V lithium ion battery is relatively small, so that it can occupy a small space in the motorcycle. It acts as a space-saving option for your motorcycle.

2- Lightweight:

The 48V lithium ion battery is lightweight. Placing it on the motorcycle doesn’t add any burden to the motorcycle. The lightweight also makes its installation easier because of its easy placement and displacement.

3- Fast Charging Time:

The 48V lithium ion battery has a fast charging time enabling it to charge quickly compared to other types of batteries. Thus, your battery can be recharged in less time after discharging, making your motorcycle ready to move.


4- High Energy Density:

The energy density of this rechargeable battery is high and with small size. Thus, it can provide long-term energy to motorcycles, ultimately enhancing their performance.

5- Long Cycle Life:

A 48V lithium ion battery has a long cycle life. You can charge it multiple times before it goes into its final degradation. It ensures its longer lifespan. It eliminates the need to repeatedly invest in your motorcycle’s battery.

6-A wide range of temperature adaptation

The discharge range of lithium battery can be-10℃ ~ 60℃, especially the low temperature adaptability of ternary lithium battery is good, and the performance of the battery is not affected in the low temperature environment, and it can still provide power normally.

7- High Power Output:

They can provide greater power to your motorcycle, essential for enhanced acceleration. It directly improves the performance of the motorcycle.

8 – Reduced Leakage Problem:

Leakage is a significant issue in the motorcycle’s batteries. Using a 48V lithium ion battery can help surprisingly in overcoming this problem. They are designed so that they do not undergo leakage easily. Thus, you can drive your motorcycle safely.


LFP and NMC are the most popular lithium-ion batteries used for motorcycles. They are different mainly in terms of their materials and other factors. In LFP, the positive electrode material is lithium iron phosphate and has a voltage of 3.2V. In contrast, NMC batteries use three materials as their positive electrode. These include manganese, cobalt, and nickel, possessing a high 3.7v li ion battery.

Deciding on a more popular battery among both types is quite challenging, and each offers specific features that make them famous. NMC with high density, light battery weight, can provide more energy and power than LFP, so more people tend to choose NMC material battery. In terms of temperature environment, NMC battery can adapt well to the low temperature environment, while LFP battery can adapt well to the high temperature environment.

The cycle life of LFT is about 5000 times which is m-ore than the cycle life of NMC batteries, i.e., about 1000 times. The LF can show performance for up to 8-10 years while the lifetime of NMC only ranges to 2-3 years, which is much less than LFP.

Thus, LFP is a popular option if you are looking for a less expensive battery that offers high thermal tolerance, more excellent cycle times, and service life. In contrast, if you are looking for a lithium-ion battery with high energy density and power output, you can go for an NMC battery, but it will cost you more because it is expensive.


48V lithium ion battery VS 60V lithium-ion battery

48V and 60V lithium-ion batteries are widely used for motorcycles. As the name suggests, the main difference between both batteries lies in their voltage. The voltage of the 48V battery is 48 volts, while the 60V lithium battery has a voltage of 60V. It dramatically affects their range and energy storage capacity. The 60V lithium-ion batteries have a higher power output than the 48V lithium-ion battery, but the 48V lithium ion battery will be lighter than the 60V battery.

Regarding safety, a 60V battery is considered less safe than a 48V lithium ion battery. Additionally, it is costly due to its high energy density and power output. A 48V battery is best when your primary demand is a safe, cheaper battery with less power output, therefore, the 48V lithium ion battery motorcycle road threshold is relatively low, the most suitable for commuting. Otherwise, if you can afford an expensive lithium-ion battery with high power output for your motorcycle, a 60V battery is a recommended option.

Common 48V motorcycle lithium ion battery specifications

The typical specifications of a 48V motorcycle battery include its capacity, chemistry, and temperature tolerance which may vary depending on their model or manufacturer. The common motorcycle 48V lithium ion battery’s are 48V 12ah、48V 15ah、48V 20ah、48V 24ah etc. TYCORUN ENERGY Mainly selling a large capacity of 48V lithium ion battery like 48V 50ah.


How to choose the best 48V lithium ion battery?

Choosing the best 48V lithium ion battery can be confusing. Let us discuss the main factors that must be followed to choose the correct 48V lithium ion battery.


The capacities range of 48V lithium-ion batteries varies. Choose the capacity range that matches your requirement.

Cycle Life:

Cycle life is a battery’s total charge and discharge cycle and determines its lifespan. According to the different production process of different manufacturers, the battery life will also be different, and it is best to choose a battery with a long life.


Safety must be an essential concern when choosing a lithium-ion battery. Choose a BMS with good quality and strong functionality, so that the battery is safe.


The 48V lithium ion battery has various chemistries such as LFT, NMC, LiFePO4, etc., offering varying advantages and disadvantages. Go for the one that works best for your motorcycle.


Price is the dominant factor you must consider to ensure the best investment. Choose a battery whose cost matches its durability to get the best value for your spending money.

How to find a motorcycle 48v lithium ion battery manufacturer?

Finding the best motorcycle 48V lithium ion battery manufacturer is crucial for a high-quality battery. Initially, you must search for the company that manufacture this battery. Then you should check their customer reviews to get an idea about the quality of their manufactured product. More positive feedback means the manufacturer provides high-quality products, and you can invest in them.

Secondly, you can contact the business people providing high-quality batteries manufactured by specific manufacturers. The manufacturer must be authentic, have social communication skills, and provide your product on time. You must communicate clearly with the manufacturer before investing your money to make the best investment.

TYCORUN ENERGY motorcycle 48V lithium ion battery

TYCORUN ENERGY is a lithium-ion batteries manufacturer which has been manufacturing high-quality 48V lithium-ion batteries for 16 years. We manufacture a wide range of 48V lithium-ion batteries for motorcycles. For more professional information, you can contact us.

Our batteries are specifically designed to offer high performance. They have fast charging capabilities, safety, long cycle life, high power output, suitable temperature, and high energy density. We are also optimizing the performance of our batteries by providing our customers with additional accessories and battery management systems. If you are interested, you can click on the product chart below for more details.

TYCORUN ENERGY 48v 50ah motorcycle battery

48V lithium ion battery swap stations

What does a 48V lithium ion battery swap station look like?

48V lithium ion battery swap stations may differ based on their locations and manufacturer. Commonly, it contains the following components for quickly replacing a battery.

1. Weatherproof, safe enclosure in which battery is replaced.

2. Robotic arms for removing and replacing a charged battery with a depleted one.

3. Charging tools to charge the depleted battery.

4. Security measures to ensure a safe process.

Advantages of Charging a 48V lithium-ion battery in a battery swap station

Charging a 48V lithium-ion battery in a battery swap station can be advantageous in the following ways.

● Have charging safety guarantee, do not worry about overcharging.

● No longer have to consider the temperature of the charging environment.

●Allow the fast charging of batteries compared to traditional charging stations.

● Allow easy and quick replacement of a battery.

● Enhance battery lifespan by preventing it from premature wear and tear.

● Time-saving because of eliminating the need for a recharge battery.

TYCORUN ENERGY 48V lithium ion battery swap station

Are you finding the best and most reliable battery swap station? TYCORUN ENERGY is solving traditional charging methods and offering the best and complete solutions for your problems. You get OEM, ODM services, and an exclusive charging system providing a great charging experience. We have more than 16 years of industry experience and an extensive record of successful projects of battery swap station services. Let’s explore and find the best for you to contact TYCORUN ENERGY.

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