Background management system of the battery swap station

Background management system of the battery swap station

This video will show you how to use our back-end system, and to search the information of our battery swapping station and battery. From the left sides here is the navigation bar, and from the right sides, here are some generation information, such as the revenues how many users today, and what kind of packages the user pay and other information.

As the operation, we can setting the deposit amount according to the capacity of the battery, there are three model battery here, 72 voltage 60 voltage and 48 voltage. And we can collect the packages money for a month/a years or per week, we also can collect the deposit according to other ways, If the user want to run for 10 km, then he can only pay 10 km money; And if the user only use our battery for 2 cycle, then he can just pay the money for 2 cycle.

About agent management, if you put a battery swapping station in place where it’s very far from your company, then you can ask someone to be your agent, and your agent will receive the feedback from the battery swapping station, and once your station is connect with the WiFi/internet and when the station is broken, your agent will receive the feedback, and then he can go to the station and check the detail.

Recording the user usage, we will set up the assistant according to different policies of different countries, such as the identity authentication/payment term and others, and each user must be authenticated by the real name before using these functions.

We can see what kind of service they have bought, every battery swapping station has its own number, called SN and every stations you can change their name them. You can see whether the station is offline or online, if you want to see the detail information, you’d better confirm that your station is online.

You can find out how to view more information in the video

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