8 slots battery exchange station and motocycle

8 slots battery exchange station and motocycle

Today we will show you our new products it’s 8 slots battery exchange station. We will introduce the software and system of TYCORUN ENERGY’s 8 slots battery exchange station and how to operate the motorcycle and charging steps.

TYCORUN ENERGY battery exchange station introduction

So let’s turn to our first part, this part will show our battery exchange station. As you guys can see it is about 168cm high, 60cm long and 56cm wide, and this swapping station is about 6.2 kw, each of these slots is about 900 watt.

How to charge motorcycle by battery exchange station

First let’s turn on our app. You can see here is the Tycorun energy app, and we scan the QR code here, choose the getting battery. You can see that our battery box is empty now, and now we put this battery in our battery exchange station. Let’s turn on the motorcycle. There’s a screen on it, the screen will display the number of the batteries, with remaining battery capacity, and the current speed of the motorcycle.

You can see there’s one battery in it, we can turn the handle to speed up the motorcycle. If we want to return the battery back we need to scan the QR code and put in the battery, battery returned success, and the battery return success.


Introduction of swappable motorcycle battery

Our motorcycle advantage is it can parallel connection two batteries, and we can see the motorcycle inside have two batteries, the battery is NMC. These battery have small size and lightweight, so we can easy change batteries, and the swappable battery below have hot plug. That’s why it can take off one of battery still run. This motorcycle although have two batteries, but its discharge rate just not more than 1.5C, the low discharge rate can protection the battery, so it can make you have more use life in this motorcycle. If you are interested in TYCORUN ENERGY motorcycle battery, you can click to check the 60v 30ah lithium battery

How to use TYCORUN ENERGY battery swappable motorcycle

We turn the key, the motorcycle is turn on. From our motorcycle screen, we can see the battery State Of Charge and motorcycle speed model. If you want to use this motorcycle, you need turn the motorcycle handle first. And this motorcycle have three speed model.

Now is second speed model. We click this bottom change speed model,We can see that this motorcycle speed model have 100 km per hour. We click the bottom again, now its first speed model. We turn the handle, the first speed model is sixty km per hour. We click again, now is second speed model ,Its seventy km per hour. We click again change three speed model, it is 100km per hour. And this screen we can see inside have bat1 and bat2. Because our motorcycle inside have two batteries parallel connection.

Now we take off one of battery out. Now we take off battery, we can see the screen. The screen bat1 is 0%, because we wake off one battery. We turn the motorcycle handle, we can see the scree the motorcycle also have use.


System of 8 slots battery exchange station

Everyone can see here are too many cable in battery exchange station. We got 1 2 3 4 5 6 fans here to run out the heat, and we also got 8 controller here cause we have 8 slots and 8 batteries. Every controller they work separately, which means when the one of the battery is out of work, the another battery will keep working.

As you can see from battery exchange station we got the air switch, and here is the master code. So we can just turn on this code, now you can see the battery is out of work right now, if you turn on, you will see the battery is back to working right now.

And look here. We got the boil here, this setting is to prevent when there is too many raining the boil will float, and when the water is over the boil, and you can receive the message from this battery station, and the battery exchange station will turn off by itself.

And I know there are too many people worry about how to repair our battery station. And don’t worry about it we have a user manual to guide you. How to repair our swapping station. Such as we will write on the manual about, What is the meaning of this line. And what is the meaning of this plug.


And in the future we will setting a water box inside our station, and if the station is fire, the water box will let the fire down. If you have any other questions, or want to know more about battery exchange station, you can comment below or contact us.

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