Top 10 lithium ion battery testing companies in China

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The production of China’s lithium battery detection system has formed a certain scale and independent research and development capabilities, and some product parameters have reached the international leading level.

With the rapid development of Chinese enterprises, coupled with price advantages and service advantages, some Chinese testing equipment vendors have successively entered the supply chain of downstream leading new energy companies. The following is an introduction to top 10 lithium ion battery testing companies in China in 2023.

Top 10 lithium ion battery testing companies in China in 2023


Established date


Global headquarters

Fuzhou, Fujian Province

Company website

Founded in 2005, Nebula ranks first in top 10 lithium ion battery testing companies in China, as a technical company and software companies that specialize in developing and producing lithium battery-related equipment.

At present, the company’s main products are lithium battery packs and semi-finished comprehensive testers. It is suitable for laptop batteries, various portable digital products batteries, mobile phone batteries, power batteries and other battery composition/semi-finished products and their protective board tests.


In addition to existing products, NEBULA can also provide customers with various customized lithium battery industry -related equipment and product test -related database services. Nebula is leading in the same industry, and products have now won many qualification certificates such as ISO, utility model patents and rights. The main customers are CATL, BYD, Watma, Gotion Hi-Tech.


HANGKE Technology

Established date


Global headquarters

Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province

Company website

Hangke Technology in top 10 lithium ion battery testing companies in China is committed to creating the leader of the global charging and discharge industry, becoming a world -class new energy lithium battery equipment solution to the new energy lithium battery equipment solution to the world’s first -class sales, research and development, manufacturing, and service.

For more than thirty years of professionalism, concentration and continuous innovation, Hangke Technology has built a global operating and service network to provide customers with overall solutions of the post-processing system after lithium battery.


Hangke Technology is already the world’s leading lithium battery post -processing system solution provider. The company has core technologies and capabilities in the development and production of the core equipment of post -processing systems such as charging motor and internal resistance tester.

In addition to the post -processing system of lithium batteries, the service range of Hangke Technology also includes automated logistics systems, battery testing systems, software integration systems, and energy storage systems.


Titans New Power

Established date


Global headquarters

Xiangzhou District, Zhuhai City

Company website

Since its establishment, Titans New Power has been developed, produced, produced, and sold for battery testing equipment. Titans New Power battery testing equipment is based on software and hardware combinations. By charging and discharge management of rechargeable batteries, it records and analyzes the performance indicators in various modes of the battery.


Titans New Power adheres to independent innovation, attaches importance to product quality and performance, and uses the production of professional and fine -quality battery testing equipment as the corporate vision. As of now, Titans New Power customers are mainly research and development and quality inspection departments of colleges, scientific research institutes, and battery or material manufacturers, and are used in the R & D and quality inspection of battery materials and rechargeable batteries.

The main customers of Titans New Power include CATL, BYD, Yinlong, Camel, China Aviation. Now developing into top 10 lithium ion battery testing companies in China.



Established date


Global headquarters

Xiangyang High-tech Zone

Company website

TechPow in top 10 lithium ion battery testing companies in China was established in 2001. It is a key cultivation enterprise in Hubei Province and the backbone of Xiangyang New Energy Vehicle Industry Chain. As a leader of high-end equipment in the field of new energy testing, TechPow can simulate the various working conditions of electric vehicles, energy storage power stations, and communication power supply.


Combining with powerful analysis software, the quality and group characteristics of power batteries are comprehensively evaluated to obtain comprehensive and accurate detection data, providing a scientific basis for the research, production and application of power batteries.



Established date


Global headquarters

Nanshan District, Shenzhen

Company website

Repower is one of the top 10 lithium ion battery testing companies in China was founded in 2003. It is committed to providing battery detection systems and battery automation production line design and construction services for global battery factories, new energy vehicle factories, energy storage battery supporting enterprises, national testing institutions, and scientific research institutions.


The main products of Repower are: power battery test system, smart battery test system, high-power battery testing equipment, combined power battery high -voltage large current supporting component, including battery pack energy management and supporting charging devices.

The application areas of Repower products include: test equipment for the battery pack of energy storage power stations, new energy electric vehicle battery test equipment, bicycles and electric motorcycle battery pack, electric tool battery packs, medical instrument battery packs, laptop battery batteries, AV digital products, other mobile energy batteries, other mobile energy batteries, other mobile energy batteries bag.



Established date


Global headquarters

Dongguan City, Guangdong Province

Company website

As one of the top 10 lithium ion battery testing companies in China Hynn was founded in 2006. It is a national high -tech enterprise integrating R & D, manufacturing, sales and service. Based on the new energy industry, relying on high -precision power battery detection technology to provide intelligent production lines and intelligent detection lines for power battery manufacturing.


Hynn’s independent research and development products are: battery composition capacity equipment, battery pack charging discharge circulation equipment, high -power battery pack charging equipment, power battery pack EOL test system, battery post-processing automation system, PACK automation system, etc.

Products are widely used in battery factories, large new energy vehicle vehicle equipment factories, high-end laboratories, universities and scientific research testing institutions.



Established date


Global headquarters

Panyu District, Guangdong Province

Company website

Guangzhou Bule-Key is a private high-tech enterprise mainly produced by the production of rechargeable batteryization. Since its establishment, Bule-Key has been committed to rechargeable batteryization into the research, development and production of testing and experimental analysis equipment.

Bule-Key now products have covered large power batteries and battery packs for nickel-metal hydride, lithium-ions, lithium polymer batteries, digital, toys, tool batteries and electric vehicles.


The full series of product lines including laboratory equipment, quality management equipment, and production and testing equipment are the world’s largest R & D and manufacturer of charging battery detection equipment. Now is top 10 lithium ion battery testing companies in China.



Established date


Global headquarters

Ningbo bonded area

Company website

Ningbo NBT is one of the top 10 lithium ion battery testing companies in China was founded in 2005 and is China’s leading new energy battery testing equipment and technical service provider. The main business of NBT companies covers two major sections of lithium-ion battery and fuel cell testing equipment.

With high -quality product quality and continuous innovation capabilities, provide customers and technical solutions for new energy industry customers from new product R & D, manufacturing and sales services.


The main products of NBT are high-voltage, large-current power battery/capacitor testing equipment, fuel cell test equipment, battery management system (BMS), base station spare power supply, energy storage power station, and new energy project system integration. The company is currently dedicated to the research and development and solution of battery testing equipment, fuel cell test system, and base station spare power management system.



Established date


Global headquarters

Futian District, Shenzhen

Company website

Neware in Top 10 Lithium Ion Battery Testing Companies in China was founded in 1998. It is committed to enterprises such as global battery production, new energy vehicle production, energy storage batteries, and other companies, MES and automated production line projects.


NEWARE The main business scope covers high-performance battery testing system, ultracapacitor testing system, chemical component capacity sorting system, battery environment test box, battery information system (BIS), laboratory management system (LIMS), calibration laboratory (NEWELL) and automated production line.



Established date


Global headquarters

Qingpu District of Shanghai City

Company website

Shanghai Z & H Roboticsh company is a founded in 2014 professional automation equipment automation integration company, providing customers with flexible and intelligent manufacturing solutions with industrial robot technology as the core. Including standardized (or customer customization) automatic robot workstation, flexible robot automatic production line, fixture and process application technology, etc.


Roboticsh The main business is to provide power battery module assembly lines, battery PACK assembly lines, power battery production lines and other fully automated production lines for major battery manufacturers, so as to help customers improve production efficiency and ensure the consistency of batteries. Now it has developed into a top 10 lithium ion battery testing companies in China.


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