EVE releases the electric bicycle large cylindrical battery pack

2023 is expected to be a turning point for the large-scale application of cylindrical batteries. On June 21-25, EUROBIKE 2023 European Bicycle Exhibition was held in Frankfurt, Germany, EVE Lithium energy with cylindrical battery comprehensive solution appeared, and released the first 46 series large cylindrical light battery pack, which attracted the attention of customers on the scene.
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The European Bicycle Show (EUROBIKE) is one of the top three major international bicycle exhibitions. The exhibition gathered more than 1,400 exhibitors, 60,000 professional visitors from more than 90 countries and nearly 2,000 professional media to discuss the development of the industry.

Eurobike 2023 The exhibition is even bigger than last year, 2023 EUROBIKE exhibition area expanded to 150,000 square meters, accommodate more than 1900 exhibitors and tens of thousands of visitors and bicycle enthusiasts, the influence and heat can be seen.

EVE 46 Series large cylindrical light battery pack

This battery pack uses a cylindrical cell of 46, adopts full pole ear process, fast heat dissipation, fast charging, and is equipped with the latest “π system”, which effectively matches the light power demand.

EVE first released 46 series large cylinder light battery pack, using EVE gauge 46 big cylinder cell, using full pole ear process, cooling fast, charging fast, and carry the latest “π system”, with high energy density, smaller volume, lighter, ultra low internal resistance structure, reduce heat, high speed more powerful, matching light power demand.


EVE locks on the large cylindrical battery

“EVE firmly takes the big column, big and lithium iron route.”EVE chairman Liu Jincheng had previously said publicly.

Previously, EVE has been pursuing the concept of parallel development of square battery, cylindrical battery and pouch battery.

However, in the past two years, the 4680 wave initiated by Tesla has brought the Tesla 4680 battery pushed to the edge back to the front. The number and sales of electric models with large cylindrical batteries continue to increase, and EVE has gradually shifted its focus to large cylindrical batteries.

In fact, EVE started the layout of cylindrical batteries as early as many years ago, and it is also the first Chinese enterprise to announce the construction of a large-scale cylindrical production line, with a first-mover advantage compared with Chinese battery enterprises.

In December 2022, EVE released a new generation of 4695 cylindrical battery samples with an energy density of 350Wh / kg and can achieve 500-1000km range. Subsequently, the large cylindrical battery in the hands of EVE to achieve “advanced”. EVE has released the first generation of large-cylindrical sodium ion battery with an energy density of up to 135Wh / kg.

In addition, it is worth mentioning that EVE also mentioned in the report that in the two major fundraising projects, the 46 series of large cylindrical batteries plan to add 21 GWh of production capacity.

Battery companies have laid out large cylindrical batteries

In addition, as car companies more and more large cylindrical battery orders, battery companies have also laid out large cylindrical batteries.

In September 2022, BMW shocked the market with a huge order. BMW Group announced that it will take the lead in using cylindrical cells in the “new generation” models from 2025. Two Chinese suppliers are EVE and CATL, both the top 10 global installed power battery companies, with a total order amount of a staggering 10 billion euros.

To this end, CATL and EVE have announced the establishment of production bases in Hungary to achieve the nearby matching of the factory. Just a month after the release of the 10 billion RMB order, Vision Power, another Chinese battery enterprise, Vision Power, also received an order for BMW large cylindrical battery.

Under the agreement, Vision Power will build a zero-carbon battery plant in the United States with a planned capacity of up to 30 GWh to supply BMW’s products. In addition to BMW, many other oems including Tesla, JAC and Nio, an ev battery swapping company, have said that their models will be equipped with 4680 large cylindrical batteries.


At present, among Chinese battery enterprises, CATL, EVE, Gotion High-tech and other companies have continued to carry out large cylindrical battery layout, LG New Energy, Panasonic, Samsung SDI and other national leaders are also stepping up the construction of 4680 battery production line. Also, You can click to check more information about top 10 4680 battery manufactureres.

Some institutions said that the current global car companies and battery factories will follow the trend of 4680 battery structure innovation, and it is expected that 2023 is expected to become a turning point for the large-scale application of cylindrical batteries.

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