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After five days of exhibition, Eurobike 2023 came to a successful conclusion. Eurobike is a grand event in the global bicycle industry, and it has far-reaching significance under the promotion of global carbon neutrality an the development of lithium battery industry. This article will introduce you to Eurobike 2023,and show you the creative and high performance products.

Introduction of Eurobike

Exhibition name: Eurobike
Event date: June 21(Wed)-June 25(Sun),2023
Address: Messe Frankfurt, Germany (Germany-Ludwig-Erhard-Anlage 160327 Frankfurt a. M. Germany)

Eurobike is one of the three major international bicycle exhibitions. Since 1991, it has been held in Friedrichshafen, Germany every year. It has developed from the initial 268 exhibitors and 3,000 spectators to more than 1,400, more than 60,000 professional visitors from more than 90 countries and nearly 2,000 professional media participating. It is the most popular bicycle exhibition in the world today.


The Eurobike 2023 exhibition is even bigger than last year, and the Eurobike 2023 exhibition area has expanded to 150,000 square meters. More than 34,750 traders participated, and 31,780 consumers visited the exhibition, which shows its influence and popularity.

It is an important international event for manufacturers of bicycles, electric bicycles, related components, and retailers to communicate the latest trends in the industry. It also provides a powerful platform for global buyers and sellers to discover new products and manufacturers, and to publish new products.

Exhibitors of Eurobike

Relying on the world’s largest bicycle market, Eurobike has strong professionalism and great influence.

As a representative exhibition platform for the international bicycle industry, the latest products and the most advanced technologies of the industry are displayed here, and the mobility of the global two-wheeler field trends began to spread in Europe, so the trends revealed at the exhibition are the focus of industry professionals. Exhibitors from 62 countries, European buyers and industry observers gathered here.

At Eurobike 2023, Chinese rookie manufacturers BATTLE, JAVA, LANGTU, MISSILE, ofo, Qicycle, SAVA, SKYEE, TRINX, Golden Wheel, XDS, etc. appeared at the exhibition, and received unanimous recognition and praise from the industry. Doing high-end exports and connecting with international standards is the current development trend of Chinese bicycle manufacturers.


Range of exhibition products

Bicycle types: off-road bicycles, mountain bikes, sports bikes, children’s bikes, BMX bikes, racing bikes, electric bicycles, electric tricycles, electric scooters, various bicycle parts and cycling tour bikes.

Others: sports clothing/bags/tools and other products, related auxiliary products (helmets, locks, etc.), safety warning products, etc.

Highlight products

DAHON’s latest foldable freight tricycle CARGOE T5 has an inverted three-wheel structure, which is safe and reliable. The front wheel adopts a large-diameter 24-inch wheel set, which significantly improves the passability. After folding, the volume is 35% smaller than that of unfolding, which is convenient for storage and can easily be brought up to the elevator. The cargo capacity is more than 50% more than that of bicycles of the same level, and the cargo capacity is strong.


Blubrake‘s e-bike anti-lock braking system takes safety to a level comparable to cars and motorcycles, and one of the key innovations is the frame-integrated ABS design. This allows the hydraulic actuators and electronics to be hidden inside the frame tubes, maintaining the bike’s sleek look.

CaGo showed off their latest electric cargo bike, featuring a mid-frame design that concentrates weight when loaded, allowing for a more stable ride even when the bike is fully loaded.

CaGo electric cargo bike

Thule launched The Thule Bexey which is aimed at the pet transportation market. It uses a trailer-type carriage, which is stable and comfortable for pets.

Thule Bexey

Orange‘s Msisle electric hardtail offers an agile and stable ride on off-road trails.

Riese & Müller launched a lightweight urban bike with a girly and cute appearance, which not only has a simple urban style, but also is more lively and romantic in shape and color design.

Mustache‘s new Model J, key features include a new two-part aluminum frame that eliminates the need for welding while also integrating the battery, motor and suspension.

Mustache model J

Asfalt‘s electric bicycle series have a metal icy texture, use the MAHLE Smart Bike System motor and battery.

Thok brings its latest e-enduro bike, released in March, called the Gram. This is their first eMTB made of carbon fiber and uses a Shimano EP8 motor with 85Nm of torque. Equipped with the Thok’s T-rib, T-front and T-bolt frame features, priced at £6,990 and the Gram RC at £8,990.

Bergamont E-Cargoville’s Roof Bike Concept builds on their popular E-Cargoville model and adds a weatherproof riding roof.

BergamontE-Cargoville roof bike

STREEK cargo tricycle adopts a hollow frame design. The cargo box is placed in front of the handlebars to form a fully enclosed hollow frame design. It is also equipped with four backpack hanging parts, and other items can be placed underneath, so that the cargo capacity is larger.

STREEK cargo tricycle

GLEAM ESCAPE puts two wheels on the rear and achieves a tilting action with a long trailing swingarm. Combined with conventional front suspension, they claim that it provides good obstacle clearance and a smooth cargo ride.

STREEK Active launches a new cargo tricycle SBLOCS which is equipped with a simple center pivot parallel arm system with center steering (“cart steering”) and no suspension, to tilt and rotate the cargo box.


Ducati‘s brand-new limited-edition Powerstage RR eMTB was launched in 2023. Its livery is inspired by MotoGP links. The design strengthens the connection with Pirelli tires and Öhlins suspension. This model is powered by a Shimano STEPS EP801 paired with a 630Wh battery that provides plenty of mileage range.

Stoll Bikes’s full-suspension frameset weighs just 1950 grams, plus Stoll offers different layup options so it’s possible to build a bike that’s perfectly suited to a rider’s weight and riding style. The M2.2 XC features a 120mm SID SL fork, new Sram XX SL gearbox, Yep XC Podio dropper post, Trickstuff Piccola HD brakes, Bike Ahead “The Unit” handlebar set and Bike Ahead BiTurbo wheels. It is powerful and weighs only 9.9 kg.

Stoll Bikes suspension frameset

FUELL has brought two new long-range models this year, among which Fluid-2 is even known as an “ultra-long-range power source”, equipped with two removable battery packs with a total capacity of 2 kWh.

Tern has updated the models, launched a new generation of HSD models, built a diversified series of heavy-duty cargo bikes, and introduced mid-priced cargo products.

Igus Bike launched a bicycle totally made of plastic.

Igus Bike plastic bike

Delta tx e-chopper electric tricycle is designed to resist tipping, is built using an aluminum frame, and each seat is available in two heights and widths, with Orthoflex padding technology for extra comfort.

Delta tx e-chopper electric tricycle

Inflabi’s inflatable helmet was developed by a German start-up company, uses a TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) air chamber covered with seam-welded wear-resistant fabric. It can be used after inflating for 20 seconds. It has the advantages of light weight (140 grams) and high shock absorption. It is expected to sell for 150 euros.

Inflabi inflatable helmet

Mahle has launched a smart bicycle system and a range-extending battery. The new e185 range-extending battery is used in conjunction with the system to increase the cruising range of the bicycle by up to 60 kilometers, but it weighs only 1.1 kg, which is about the same as a one-liter water bottle.

Mahle range-extending battery

In this exhibition, most of the products launched by exhibitors are developing in the direction of intelligence, portability, and safety. With the in-depth development of the industry, intelligence has become an irreversible trend, which is also the future development direction of the bicycle industry. At the same time, new brands, new products, and new lithium battery technology are constantly emerging, and technological reforms and innovations have pushed the industry forward.

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