How is motorcycle battery fast charger function – pros and cons

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Usually charged motorcycle battery time at least 7-8 hours, sometimes can not wait that long, most people will use fast charging to shorten the charging time. So what are the specific features of the battery fast charger, how it works, and motorcycle battery friendly? Let’s read on to the specific answers.

What is a battery fast charger?

Fast charging is a fast full charge. So what determines fast charging? The principle of fast charging is to shorten the charging time by increasing the charging power, so as to achieve the purpose of fast charging. Fast battery charger can be increased the voltage of the charging, reduce the current or increase the current, reduce the lithium ion battery voltage. fast battery charger has a broad and complex circuit to control the charging watts and voltages to charge your gadgets.

Are fast chargers better for motorcycle batteries?

Yes but not recommended if you want to extend your battery life as much as possible. Using battery fast charger for a long time, the temperature of the battery is easy to rise, leading to overheating to affect the health of the battery and shorten the battery life. Quick and fast charging can prove damaging if your motorcycle battery is incompatible with the charger.

You must follow the instructions for battery charging and not use high amps to charge your motorcycle battery; it’s good not to take risks and use a standard charger.


How does battery fast charger work and why is the fast battery charger so fast?

The essence of Battery Fast Charger and ordinary charging is to allow the active substances of the battery anode and cathode to lose electrons or get electrons under the action of electrical energy to transform material conversion.

In short, the process of charging is a chemical reaction. This process is faster, it is called fast charging, slower, it is called slow charging, but there is no difference in electrochemical changes during the period.

Some battery fast charger use Mas charging mode, in the high efficiency charging area using high current pulse charging, in the high voltage area using pulse + intermittent charging, finally enter the power replenishment stage, can increase the charging speed by more than 3 times, but also can effectively protect the battery, will not bring harm to the battery;

A charger output is measured in voltage and amperage, and the multiplication of voltages by amperage is wattage. Battery fast charger manufacturers vary the voltage or boost the amperage to increase potential energy.

What is the difference between fast charger and normal chargers?

Some main differences between a fast charger and a normal charger are as below:

Fast chargerNormal charger
Charging time is short, 3-5 hoursThe charging time is longer than 6-8 hours
The charging process is divided into three stages: at constant current charging, then constant voltage charging, and finally trickle chargingThe charging process is divided into four stages: trickle charging (low voltage pre-charging), constant current charging, constant voltage charging and charging termination.

Over 15- 65 watts chargers are categorized into fast chargers.


A charger having minimum watts of at least 15 is called a normal charger.
More expensiveCheap
High charging voltage or high charging currentThe voltage is less than that of the battery itself


Advantages and disadvantages of battery fast charger

Advantages of battery fast charger:
Let’s have a look at how battery fast charge is helpful:

1. The Battery fast charger offers quick and fast charging and proves more convenient.

2. It can reduce the charging time, reduce waiting time

3. It offers less downtime for working.

Disadvantages of battery fast charger

1. It can cause reduced battery life due to more heat-ups of the battery during fast battery charging.

2. The battery fast charger can damage your battery on a long-term basis.

3. Battery fast chargers are more expensive than other standard chargers.

4. If the choice of bad battery fast charger use, it will cause safety risks, and fast charging is easy to have virtual power.

How to choose a motorcycle battery fast charger

Make sure to choose a suitable motorcycle battery fast charger for your motorcycle to enjoy the long life cycle of your battery. While selecting a charger, you must remember that all chargers are not the same; each battery requires a specific charger that should be compatible.

● Select the battery fast charger of the brand genuine;

● Choose a battery fast charger with a thick and uniform metal contact with a thick and uniform metal contact

● Choose a battery fast charger that meets national standards

● The content of a qualified charger contains the rated voltage or rated voltage range, AC or DC power, rated frequency or rated frequency range, rated current, manufacturer name or trademark, model, 3C certification symbol, security description, etc.

While selecting a motorcycle battery fast charger, follow the manufacturer’s guidelines and instructions. After selecting a charger, you should be careful about battery maintenance and care.


What is the fastest motorcycle battery charger ever?

A float battery charger is similar to a trickle charger and one of the best chargers to charge your motorcycle charger. It can turn off after charging, delivering a consistent and slow electricity voltage stream. The constant current charger is the fastest, and the first stage of the battery fast charger is usually the constant current charging.

Whether you choose a float, fast or standard battery charger, all these depend entirely on your manufacturer’s recommendations. If they do not suggest using a fast battery charger, it is best not to use it as it may damage your battery. The best thing is the slow charging of your motorcycle battery, which offers more safety.

Large batteries are more compatible with tolerating high amps, while a motorcycle battery may not be compatible with charging on the fast battery charger. So you need to avoid these chargers. A standard charger is good for charging your motorcycle battery, but its voltage should be maintained; otherwise, your battery can not tolerate it and may be damaged.

Battery fast charger vs battery swap station?

When we compare a battery-fast charger and vs battery swap station, we learn that both methods are the same and have various applications for different consumers. What to choose for your battery depends entirely on your specific needs, and you must remember the requirements for its proper functionality. Charger use is common, and many companies and motorcycle holders use these chargers. But a battery swapping station is safer and the latest way to charge your battery.

These stations allow you to return and replace the discharged batteries with charged batteries. People do not need to wait for charging, and battery-swapping stations offer a more cost-effective solution for charging motorcycle charging. People do not need to pay for gasoline and new batteries. You can choose a verified swapping station to meet your needs, saving you time and money.

In terms of the time and efficiency of getting a full battery, changing electricity is more convenient than using a fast charge. TYCORUNENERGY offers the best battery swapping station and provides high-tech lithium motorcycle battery products globally to serve its commercial customers.

Fast charging will use a large current and power, which will have a great impact on the battery pack. When charging too fast, the battery will also be formed. Over time, the life of the power battery will decrease, so the slow charging mode will be preferred when the time allows.

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