The influencing factors of 50ah battery price

This article offers an introduction about 50ah battery, also the the normal price range and the factors influencing the 50ah battery price, to give you some reference on choosing a proper battery.
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The meaning of a 50ah battery

A 50ah battery typically means that the overall capacity of the battery is 50 amperes-hours. The battery’s capacity indicates a battery’s total current storing and delivery capacity at a particular time. Thus, a 50 Ah battery discharged with 50 amps will provide one hour.

The 50ah battery widely offers various applications. It is a common current-delivering source in most electric vehicles, solar, and backup power systems. It also provides a wide range of marine and automotive applications.


The influencing factors of 50ah battery price

Several factors greatly influence the 50ah battery price. These involve the battery’s voltage, the material used to manufacture the battery, the types of cells present, and battery components. Let us discuss in detail how they are affecting the battery’s cost.

Battery voltage:

The voltage of the 50ah battery highly affects its price. 50ah battery price is affected by voltage, the higher the voltage, the more expensive the price. High voltage requires a more complex battery management system for efficient charging and discharging than those with low voltage.

High voltage 50ah battery may also require more complex material to handle high voltage safely. A 50ah battery price with low voltage is cheaper than a high voltage one because of a less complicated battery management system and material.

Battery material:

The material of a 50ah battery is among the dominant factors that affect its cost. A 50ah battery manufactured with high-quality material costs more than a low-quality one. For example, a 50ah battery with lead-acid chemistry is less expensive than a 50ah battery price with lithium-acid chemistry. 50ah battery manufactured with lithium-ion cells and nickel-metal hydride cells is costly compared to a 50ah battery manufactured with lead-acid cells.

Type of cells:

The type of battery will also affect the price of 50ah battery, divided into cylindrical, prismatic, and pouch battery cell. From the price point of view, pouch battery >prismatic >cylindrical.

Battery components:

The components of a 50ah battery significantly impact its overall price. The battery’s main features include its casing, cells, wires, battery management system and other insulation components and so on. A battery with a durable case is more expensive than a less durable one. Similarly, the 50ah battery with a more reliable battery management system is less budget-friendly than the battery with a less reliable one.


What is the motorcycle lithium 50ah battery price range?

The motorcycle lithium 50ah battery price varies depending on the battery component, features, quality, and brand. Different brands offer varying qualities of 50ah batteries at different prices.

TYCORUN motorcycle lithium 50ah battery has 48v 60v and 72v specifications, price ranges from US $599.00-799.00(Prices change in real-time according to the situation, if you want to know the specific 50ah battery price can contact us). TYCORUN ENERGY motorcycle battery is lightweight, explosion-resistance, maintenance-free and offers high-temperature performance.

Lithium 50ah battery price vs lead acid 50ah battery price

When compare lead acid battery vs lithium ion, lithium 50ah battery price is higher than the lead acid 50ah battery price. The main reason is that the cost of lithium materials is much more expensive than that of lead-acid materials.

In China, most lithium carbonate materials are purchased from other countries, in addition, the manufacturing of lithium batteries is complicated, and the cost is two or three times that of lead-acid batteries. Besides original material, the lithium 50ah battery has a longer lifespan and runs for a long time. Additionally, the material of lithium 50ah is expensive, which makes it more costly than the lead acid 50ah battery.


How to get the best motorcycle 50ah battery price?

Proper searching is the only ideal way to get the best motorcycle 50ah battery price. You can get a 50ah battery at a reasonable price by comparing battery prices from different online stores and retailers.

You can also search for various promotional offers and discounts from companies or brands. Try to get the battery from a reputable manufacturer or brand well-known for manufacturing the best motorcycle battery. It is the best way to get a high-quality 50ah battery at a reasonable price.

The more quantity the purchase, the greater the discount. If it is like the changing cabinet operator, then the battery volume required is relatively large, so the unit price of the battery will be much cheaper.

What is the TYCORUN ENERGY motorcycle 50ah battery price?

The price of the battery changes according to the production cost and so on, so the following battery price for your reference, please contact us for the real-time price.

48V 50ah Battery Price

The price of 48v 50ah battery is $599-699. The TYCORUN ENERGY 48V 50ah battery is a smart choice for a one-stop motorcycle battery swap system solution and has more than 90% DOP(depth of discharge). It ensures high efficiency to meet the range of configurations and high safety standards. Its BMS system makes it possible for real-time monitoring and protection. It is suitable for e-bikes, electric motorcycles, and scooters.

TYCORUN 48V 50ah battery

60V 50ah Battery Price

The price of 60v 50ah battery is $650-730. The safe storage, charging, specific features, and characteristics of TYCORUN ENERGY 60 v 50 Ah battery make it suitable for e-bikes, scooters, robots, and other two or three-wheel vehicles. It has over 1000 charge cycle times and can be customized per client requirements.

Battery health can be diagnosed, and it is water and dustproof. It is the best replacement for other traditional and lead batteries. Smart control system and lighting protection make TYCORUN Energy 60 V50ah battery worth buying.

TYCORUN 60V 50ah battery

72V 50ah Battery Price

The price of 60v 50ah battery is $790-830. The 72 V 50 Ah TYCORUN ENERGY BATTERY has a maintenance-free operation and inbuilt BMS security protection. It has a long lifetime, is more rechargeable, and is perfect for e-scooter, e-bikes, and e-scooter. The power is very suitable for the daily motorcycle users who need to climb the hill.

TYCORUN 72V 50ah battery

FAQs about 50ah battery

The life of the battery is mainly related to the material of the battery and the production process. If it is a lithium-ion battery, then the life of the battery is generally 2000-5000 cycles, and if it is a lead-acid battery, the life of the battery is about 300-500 cycles.

The exact runtime of the 50ah battery mainly depends on the application type and other factors. These factors include battery age, temperature, and the amount of current delivered from the battery. These factors affect the battery's runtime and mainly decide whether a battery will last from a few minutes to several hours.

It means that the runtime of the 50ah battery varies. It may deliver current for a long time for some applications or stop giving it within minutes for applications requiring high power. The battery's runtime starts decreasing with repeatedly charging and discharging with time.

Generally, a higher battery with a higher price offers more performance and work long-lasting in contrast to a battery with a low price. A high price battery is also known for having more durability and reliability. The same is the case with a 50ah battery.The 50ah battery with a high price may have better performance, longer life, durability, and reliability than the same 50ah battery available at a low price.

Thus, the higher the price of a 50ah battery, the more it proves beneficial. The higher the brand awareness of a good quality battery, the price is high, also has quality guaranteed, so choose batteries according to your own budget and actual requirements to choose expensive batteries.

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