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With a firm grasp of advanced battery swap technology, backed by a solid 16-year history in power battery production, TYCORUN is capable of delivering a comprehensive suite of solutions – battery swap cabinets, batteries, motorcycles, software and platforms.

TYCORUN China's Leading Manufacturer

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Empower your electric motorcycle with TYCORUN’s advanced battery swap cabinets. Simplify operations, boost efficiency, and redefine the future of mobility. As the earliest expert to enter this industry, TYCORUN has developed a complete set of profitable battery swap system with years of technology precipitation and successful operating experience.

TYCORUN energy electric motorcycle battery swapping battery system and lithium battery
+ cycles
Extraordinary Long Life

Professional Power Battery Factory Quality

Exceptional Battery

Specially Designed for Battery Swapping
Extended Range, High Velocity, Prolonged Life, Super Safe

+ km/h
High Speed & Boost Efficiency


Best battery swap solution


Born in a Battery Factory, TYCORUN batteries employ Grade A cells and Tesla aluminum wire welding technology, undoubtedly surpassing the quality of peers.


Leading intelligent cabinet control system, powerful management platform, TYCORUN paving the way as a technological vanguard in the battery swapping industry.


Offering a complete customized solutions and mature business model to help tailor operational plans, constructing a local battery swap network based on specific needs.


Providing end-to-end professional consultation, technical guidance, maintenance training, software upgrades, equipment procurement, and other services.

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TYCORUN Battery Swap Cabinets

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Why choose TYCORUN

RICH Experience

TYCORUN stands as one of the earliest entrants into the industry, having successfully implemented projects in over a dozen countries, this extensive experience empower us to offer you more professional battery swapping products and tailor solutions. This is why we can better understand and satisfy your requirements.

HIGH Technology


Throughout years of practical operation, TYCORUN has continuously refined, accumulated, upgraded and optimized our battery swapping technology to the highest level. Our advanced technology ensures a rapid and intelligent battery swapping user experience, coupled with efficient battery cabinet management.

specialty Team


Years of development have enabled us to establish a strong team. Not only do we own factories capable of mass-producing, but also have engineers to customize product designs and functionalities. We are dedicated to providing comprehensive answers and services at every stage of building your local battery swap network.

Our Clients

What Our Clients Say

TYCORUN's battery swap cabinets revolutionized our fleet management. Fast, reliable, and game-changing!
Bridget Faulkner
Operations Director, India
We have encountered almost no issues when operatting TYCORUN's battery swapping cabinets. And I appreciate their management system, incredibly user-friendly and easy to manage.
Supatra Sornchai
Marketing Manager, Thailand
TYCORUN provided excellent customized designs based on our unique requirements, assisted in training maintenance personnel, and developed software functionalities tailored to our needs.
Ahmed Al-Maktoum
Technical Department Supervisor, UAE


Build your own
battery swap network

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Customized Battery Swapping Solutions Based on Local Realities, Maximizing Benefits

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Consider the diverse needs, and habits of users to guarantee the best battery swapping experience.

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Extensive operational experience, enabling us to provide optimal solutions and effortlessly address any challenges.


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Comprehensive Battery Swap Solutions

Beyond cabinets, explore TYCORUN’s complete battery swap solutions, including software, management systems, and customizable ODM/OEM services.

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