The era of electric two-wheeled popularity is accelerating

The era of electric two-wheeled popularity is accelerating

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Currently, electric two-wheelers are becoming increasingly popular all over the world. Electric two-wheeled vehicles include electric-assisted bicycles of various shapes and sizes, electric motorcycles, and electric scooters. Riding electrically is not only a popular fashion, but also a new low-carbon lifestyle. It is expected that the electric two-wheeled vehicle market and related ev battery swapping industry will develop comprehensively in the future.

The new face of the E-bike segment

In recent years there has been a plethora of new e-bike products on the market. Both traditional mainstream bicycle brands, up-and-coming fashion brands and two wheeler lithium battery manufacturers have introduced their latest e-two-wheeled products. Momentum’s new Voya E+, for example, weighs just 18kg, which is excellent considering that e-bikes typically weigh between 25kg and 34kg. Starting at $2,300, the Voya E+ features a battery that runs cooler, lasts longer and is encased in a fireproof gel for added safety, the company said.

“Making the battery safe is a big deal for us,” said a Giant U.S. staffer. At the same time, he stressed in an interview that many of the newer e-bike companies sell directly to consumers, and that Giant is one of the few companies that does not compete with retailers.

For example, American head e-bike brand Aventon sells both through dealers and directly to customers online. At the Consumer Electronics Show, Aventon unveiled the Soltera, a commuter bike with a simple, easy-to-maintain design, the Soltera has both pedal-assist and full-throttle modes, a top speed of 32km/h and a base model starting at $1,299.

Santa Monica-based Bird, known for its electric skateboards that line the city’s sidewalks, announced two new models available for consumer purchase, the e-bike and the electric scooter. The pedal-assisted Bird Bike can travel up to 80km and is priced at $2,299. For ease of maintenance, the bike’s rear hub motor uses a carbon fiber belt drive instead of the traditional chain and transmission combination.

Electric scooter company announces entry into retail sector

In addition, Bird also launched a non-electric three-wheeled children’s scooter Birdie Glow, priced at $99. For adults, the company is offering an electric scooter, the Bird Flex, for $599. Both products will focus on online sales.

Advances in electric-assist systems also bode well for more new products coming later this year. Bosch e-Bike Systems, one of the leading suppliers of e-bike technology to companies such as Trek and Gazelle, won the 2022 International CES Innovation Award for its new full suite of connected e-bike solutions. It includes a mid-motor, battery and controller, all of which are connected via Bluetooth to an eBike Flow app. The availability of this app means that bike manufacturers can customize to offer new digital features such as automatic activity tracking and personalized riding patterns.

Design evolution and innovation of E-bike

E-bike designs are also evolving to become larger and more diverse. Stockholm, Sweden-based Cake, for example, has launched its line of electric mopeds. For example, the company has a smart electric moped called Makka that has a maximum speed of 45km/h and starts at $3,800. The company offers a range of options for carrying cargo and even trailers for its e-bike products, paired with new updates to its Ridecake software, which works with the Cake Connect module on board to provide users with real-time riding information, anti-theft features and fleet management software.

Innovative electric bikes and racing motorcycles

On the other hand, if it’s purely for fun, you can also opt for the Moonbike from France, a French startup that offers an electric bike with a ski device and tractor pedals for hiking in the snowy mountains. The Moonbike, which starts at $8,500 for adventurers in remote areas, has a top speed of 45km/h, a maximum climbing angle of 40 percent and can travel for about an hour and a half on a single battery.

Among the Vespa-style models, Segway unveiled two new electric-assist bikes at CES: the P100S and P60, both of which feature more advanced elements, including turn signals, wider tires and wider pedals to make them more roadworthy. Prior to this, Segway had already marketed an emped C80 electric-assist bike for about $2,200 and a top speed of 32km/h.

Electronicization of two-wheelers extends to race motorcycles

Naturally, the electronicization of two-wheeled vehicles has been extended to race motorcycles as well. The banana-yellow Damon HyperFighter Colossus has attracted a lot of attention. This quirky electric motorcycle has a range of 234km, accelerates from 0 to 60mi/h in just 3 seconds and can reach a top speed of 273km/h, an astounding figure. While the $35,000 price tag sounds expensive, it performs brilliantly at a fraction of the price of a Tesla Model S.

In fact, we can see from the wide variety of E-bikes and related innovative electric transportation options on display: there is still plenty of room for future innovation and growth in electric two-wheelers. This is still largely an untapped market, and the related industries of electric two-wheeler batteries and electric two-wheeler battery swapping stations are all in development.

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